Miriandra Rota

Internationally known author, lecturer, and deep-level channeler

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There are no words to express how grateful I am to you for giving me one of the most profound gifts of my lifetime.


...It really moved me and uplifted me

— Canada

I did not believe that it could be this simple. This was food for my soul


Thank you so much! It's a most wonderful message!

— Singapore

Thank you so much for the session. The information was extremely helpful.... It was very interesting how I felt as I read and paused to integrate the information. I am in the process of reading through a second time. Thank you for the work you are doing to assist us in remembering.


You’re giving wonderful guidance for many of us on our path. Thank you!


Thank you so much for your wonderful gift that you have that provides insight for people like me.


I just wanted to say Thank You for the channeling. They help a lot. I also wanted to Thank You for my soul reading. Some things took me awhile to fully understand. I understand it and also I see it.


Oh, thank you ever so much for this session. I cannot find the words to express my gratitude. Blessing to you. Thank you again. I am overwhelmed with emotion and it is all wonderful.


I am so grateful! The session was more than I hoped for or even expected!!! I shall contact you again once I have permeated in this current session. Thank you so much, Blessings and love


Very freeing information for me.


Thank you for such an inspirational session. I read and re-read it and like your last session, it is sinking into my consciousness slowly, but powerfully, with long-term effects.


Just wanted you to know how deeply touched, moved, seen, heard and loved I feel. Thank you so deeply from my heart.


Know your work has meant much to me, and has provided me with many insights.

— Canada

Thank you SO MUCH Miriandra! This is wonderful. I am so so glad I reached out to you. it’s quite overwhelming ! I will cherish this guidance always. Thank you so so much for the work you do. You make a huge contribution via the Sedona Journal, and in all of your work—especially touching us in this way, like I say it’s overwhelming and wonderful!!---- and I am deeply grateful that we shared this. All the best!


Thank you so much for my session! It put my mind to rest so many niggling 'loose ends' of my old life; I see much clearer why things happened the way they did...and I know I was whining about it! So, enough of the whining and on with the journey.... You're the best.

— Washington, USA

I have received my session. I want to thank you soooo very much for sharing such a gift with me. Merlin brought me to tears, I am feeling blessed and comforted. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Sending you blessing, light and love, all the way from BC : )

— Canada

Thank you, thank you. I read the session with a smile through most of it, with a tear toward the end. You readings are so wonderfully positive, and inspiring, and yes, I recognize the truths in it. I wish I had the opportunity to know you, I am sure all those you read for feel the same way -- heartfelt love


About Miriandra

Internationally known as one of the clearest channels on the planet, author, lecturer, and deep level channeler, Miriandra Rota has been working in the field of spiritual exploration for over thirty years.

Her experiences as a psychic child were explored in the magazine Venture Inward published by the Association of Research and Enlightenment. Her channeling story is told at length in Henry Leo Bolduc’s book…

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