Mystical Gold!

The Next Phase in Profound Channeled Classes With Merlin, Ancient Ones, Teachers, Expanded Consciousness and Special Guest Energies!

You’ve worked on yourself… you’ve had sessions, studied, and participated in intensives…

And now you want the next phase of your spiritual unfoldment. You are ready to take the next step in your journey. Of course you are!

Who else??? …wants to

  • Go to the Next Spiritual Level of thriving, not surviving?
  • Discover, develop and use Inner Abilities?
  • Learn Real Creation and Manifestation Practices?
  • Learn Practical Magical Tools for living in today’s world?
  • Live Abundantly in All Ways, including ever-increasing financial abundance?
  • Know who you really are and fulfill the purposes of this lifetime?
  • Expand your own conscious knowing and assist mass consciousness to awaken?

Sound like a lot? It is!

Our channeled classes have been ongoing for three years now… new subscribers each month. Nearly all of the original folks are still subscribing. Wonder why? These classes are changing lives! Don’t take my word for it:

“I am so grateful that I did not hesitate to sign up for these extraordinary classes because my life is changing magically and miraculously. What I noticed right away is my rising energy level…physical energy level in daily living. I feel more enthusiasm and creative in work that used to be drudgery. At almost 70 years old, I have more energy than when I was a thirty year old runner. (I breeze through a Kickboxing Challenge that those half my age cannot complete). My body is defying the limits we in the medical world know. And that’s just my body. My mind is not the same mind at all…it is so much more. Now that I am daring to follow Merlin’s suggestions, I find life is so much more fun and even money drops into my lap when I least expect it. I can’t thank you enough for the gift of these classes. I look forward to soaking up more magic to share with others.”

— V. Baron, M.D

Doesn’t that make you wonder what these Classes are about??

Let’s talk about the real truths, the real magic, and the most beneficial way to use the olde traditions in mystical living.

Let’s talk about why you are stuck in the cause and effect of yesterday’s unfulfilled hopes and dreams. Let’s get right down to it and then… let’s talk about how to change all of that.

Let’s talk about how to recognize your own special abilities and how to use them.

Let’s get real about the money issue and discover not only what is keep you back from your own riches, but let’s also discuss what you can do about it.

Let’s talk about manifesting a healthy body! When you know the Real Truth about your own physical body, you’ll be able to mold it more to your own liking,to call forth synchronistic wholeness of being.

Let’s talk about real mystical tools and how to use them! Yes, they exist and no, you haven’t heard of them before!

“Thank you for bringing the Gifts of all the Mystical Gold to us!!!! When my E-mail delivers each lesson, I experience the shift and releasing of daily tensions and a deep satisfying new breath throughout the reading and reading of each page. Thank you to each entity speaking to me through these classes!”

— JO Whitney, Evergreen, Colorado, USA

“I am so grateful for all who come through during the classes and to you! Some months things happen and then I receive my lesson and I have a better understanding as to why. The energy of the information rings true to every fiber of my being.The knowing in me knows that everyone should hold on because the Grandness of the knowing is coming……. Miriandra, Your classes are awesome and I’m not sure if sometimes all my wonderings aren’t getting caught up in it all! I’ll be thinking about something and wondering and next thing I know it’s in the class the following month…LOL Of course after class I’m saying I knew it, I knew, I knew!!!!!”

— Rhonda Ferguson, author, I Promise to Isaac

“Words simply CANNOT express the depth of feeling and remembering I have received from these teachings!!! I am forever grateful.”

— Anonymously, USA

“Awesome class!!!! Thank You!”


How Mystical Gold Works!

Each month you will receive Your Channeled Class for Mystical Gold Subscribers Only:

  • Your downloadable Channeled Class Audio!
  • Your downloadable Class Transcript!
  • Downloadable Channeled Bonus Audio!
  • Downloadable Bonus transcript!

How can you receive Mystical Gold Treasures?

Simply subscribe to Mystical Gold Monthly Classes!

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My advisors suggest the investment of $50 for each month’s channeled class, recording, and transcript. I thought that was a little too steep.

I wanted as many people as possible to have the opportunity to receive these special consciousness-expanding monthly channeled classes…You Can Subscribe to Mystical Gold Classes for Only $29 per Month!

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“I was really excited when I first began opening to these Teachings. Each month I continued to be amazed at the depth, caring, and transformational opportunities each class provides! It’s my great pleasure and honor to channel for you in this way.”

With Love,

PS — We have a New Sound Room, assuring high quality recordings!

PPS — I love you and I trust that your inner guidance will tell you if these classes are right for you.

“You might call them Secrets Revealed, yet we say to you, these topics and these answers are not secrets. They reside within you! That which you have called secrets, the hidden, the great unknown, become known to you now!”

— Expanded Consciousness

As always, I am honored to participate with you in this very special way,