What's wrong with this picture?

You are trying to do everything right

Maybe you are meditating, practicing spiritual principles, studying teachings

Maybe you can expand your consciousness

Maybe you are fulfilling your purpose

And still you can't seem to feel fulfilled deep inside.

Joy seems to allude you

You keep trying harder, practicing methods and studying teachings.

And you find yourself wondering, “Is my life supposed to be this hard?”

Why do I feel so blah most of the time?

When I see others laughing, I wonder if it’s real because I don’t laugh that easily.

I know I have a purpose and I feel like I am fulfilling it.

But… what’s wrong with this picture?

There has to be something better.

If you are feeling this way, I know just what it’s like.

A while ago I felt dull and actually I felt joyless.

I continued channeling beautiful sessions for everyone, channeled the amazing classes; yet inside I seemed to be empty, lost.

I thought it was because I was getting older, maybe I needed to retire from this work. But I was still called to continue. I just didn’t know what to do.

It was Teacher who came forth and spoke with me.

I channeled a session for myself.

Teacher was gentle and kind… and then gave me good solid directions on how to heal my own inner being and how to nourish my own spirit.

I know many of you have heard those words before. I have channeled them before! Yet it was time for me to take the next step in my own spiritual evolution.

I listened.

Some of the directions tested my fears of security. Some of the directions asked me to stop doing my most familiar work, and other directions asked me to start taking different actions, some actions I’d been putting off and others I’d said, “No never.”

I dared.

I know you might think that because I channel, everything is just perfect. Well, it wasn’t all that perfect. Something needed to change.

I dared to follow Teacher’s suggestions.

After a while, I actually began to feel a little better. I began to feel like the person I’ve always been… but more. I began to feel an inner strength.

It worked!

I can truthfully say that today I do feel inner joy, a deep peace that stays with me all of the time, and more so, I am daring to go forth in a new way so that I can continue to be the more of who I am. I really love my life… and I don’t only say the words, I feel that truth deep inside. You can have this too.

That's what this session is all about!


I asked for the most helpful session, personally assisting people to experience that deep inner joy, real fulfillment, and a foundation that they can always trust. This is that session. It’s made just for you.

I haven’t offered channeled verbal sessions in a long time and you are the first to have the actual speaking of Teacher and the guidance, suggestions and perhaps even participations – in the moment – dedicated to you and your needs. Teacher has been known to guide a person to a deep level and proceed with amazing experiences!

Each spoken recorded session will be approximately one hour – or more! However long Teacher chooses to speak to you, I will remain open and channel just for you. You will receive your recorded personal session as a downloadable mp3(s) or cd(s) (you choose)! This format will allow you to listen to your guidance again and again, gleaning something new each time.

“You know life is better, but still there is a heaviness, something within that doesn’t seem to glow with joy. What’s wrong with this picture? Everything!

“You are here to fulfill a purpose and maybe you are. Yet I, Teacher, say to you, if you don’t know what real deep inner joy feels like, something is missing. Let’s do something about that.”

A Way Out!

Your personal channeled session!

Teacher speaking directly for you!

Your Audio Recording of Teacher!

“I will speak with your inner spirit and call forth the changes, dissolving patterns of difficulties, heart pain and more!

“Yes, we can do this together, my dears!

“You are a treasure upon earth and now is the time for you to sparkle—even to your own self.

“Firstly, there IS a way out!

“Secondly, I will participate with you directly so that you can emerge from your old patterns and be free to go forth in the way you have always meant to be—gloriously free and fulfilled!”

A testimonial from an “A Way Out” session recipient…

“Thanks again for my amazing session – still ‘taking it in’ so to speak, yet it was just as amazing as I was truly hoping for.

It also gave me some very deep awareness & insight in a different way than other sessions have…So thank you dear friend.”


You will receive an audio recording – downloadable mp3 or cd – of Teacher’s speaking directly for you! Each session will be approximately an hour (or more) in length!

Yes! I want this session!

How to proceed:
1. Schedule your session
2. Email Teacher what is occurring in your life, what are your difficulties or struggles, what seems to be lacking.

Because this is a deep and intense channeling, I will be scheduling a limited number of sessions. If you feel that Teacher’s speaking especially for you is exciting and more so, that you would like to receive this deep inner guidance, schedule your session right away.

Your investment in yourself for this session is $327.

I am honored and delighted to channel for you in this deep and powerful way!

P.S. This session will be as advanced as you can receive, whether you are a beginner or someone who has been in the spiritual field for a very long time.

All images courtesy of UnSplash.com
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