Get from Here to There!

I will be channeling this Here to There Session for a limited time only.

You know where you are at…you know what you like…and don’t like about it.

In fact, maybe you could write a long list of what you don’t like about where your life is at right now.

You have an idea of what you’d like to be doing, what you’d like your life to be like.

In fact, you might have a long list of what you’d like to happen and where you’d like to be… right now!

Those two lists are all the ingredients you need for this Get-from-Here-to-There Channeled Session.

Plain and Simple. But…powerful, result-producing, practical…you name it…

OK, I’ll name it: Practical Guidance for Getting from Here to There.

Yep. I think you are going to like…strike that…LOVE this!

Get-from-Here-to-There Session Description:

A channeled session with Teacher, an energy who has presented “himself” in our Mystical Gold Classes. His speaking is clear and direct, powerful yet practical as well as loving and kind. In the short, we really like him.

About this session, Teacher says:
“My dears, I would like to offer you a helping hand…so that you can lift yourselves up out of any drudgery and into a way of living that you were meant to live. It’s not a pipedream, you know. Fulfillment in your journey is the real thing. I believe we can together, find that journey and place your feet upon it. What do you say? I’m ready and waiting… right now!”

This channeled session is designed to give you practical solutions and real-life direction to help you get your life on track and to arrive at the place you really want to be.

Sound inviting? Sound wonderful? I hope so. My intent is to offer a channeled session that would be really helpful to everyone.

I asked and Teacher agreed.
This is it!

What do you need to do?

  1. Request a session (continue reading to find out how!)
  2. Send two lists
    • First, a list of where your life is right now and what you like and don’t like about it.
    • Second, a list of where you would like your life to be and what you like about it.

    Include a description of what you are doing now, what work, what activities, and what you like and don’t like about them. Include your hobbies and play. These two don’t have to be a biography. Just send what you think, what comes to you. If I think you need to send more, I’ll email you and help you along with that. 🙂

Does this sound like something you’d like?
Yes? OK… then continue reading!

What You Will Receive

Your channeled session will be in transcript form, approximately 10 pages in length and filled with direct, practical guidance fromTeacher.

You can receive your session as a PDF file, emailed to your chosen address, or you can choose to have your session printed and US Mailed.

Please let me know which you prefer, when you schedule your session.

Free Bonus Gift!

You know the phrase “change is an inside job”? To give you a boost head-start for the guidance that you will receive with this session, I am going to send you this bonus gift:

My Dynamic Change Audio is a great tool to help you to change your inner messages, to get out of a rut, and be ready to live your best life possible!

When you order your From Here to There Session, I will send you your free audio mp3 link.

Begin to listen to it right away so that when you receive your guidance, your inner self will be really ready to receive everything that is given.
FREE: Your Dynamic Change Audio!
Here’s the link to find out about this powerful, foundational audio! Don’t purchase it! I’ll be sending it to you for FREE! 🙂

To Sign Up for a Get-From-Here-to-There Session

  1. Email me that you would like to schedule a session.
    I am scheduling only 20 sessions so that I can give my full attention to each session. Scheduling will be first-come-first-serve. Spaces usually fill quickly. If this guidance calls to you, don’t wait! Act now!
  2. Receive confirmation that your session is scheduled.
  3. Email me your two lists: one, your list of what your life is like now and what you do and don’t like about it; and two, where you would like your life to be and what you would like to be doing and what you like about it, include your hobbies or enjoyments.
  4. Make your payment. I am only scheduling 20 sessions and I’m not sure I’ll be making this offer again. But right now I want you to have clear guidance just for you.
  5. Or, you can send a check or money order payable to M. Rota, mailed to: P O Box 81, Troutdale, VA 24378, USA. Please be sure to email me FIRST to be sure your session can be scheduled. Thank you!
  6. Receive your free Dynamic Change download and begin to prepare your inner self for positive change.

I love you and wish you the very best in your spiritual journey!

PS You might know a friend who would like to know about this opportunity.

PPS You can meet Teacher through the Daily Reflections channelings…They are general, however, and your personal session will be filled with information specific for you and your journey! Check out those channelings here.

PPPS My schedule for newly offered sessions fills quickly! Be sure to let me know that you are interested, so that your name can be added to my list! 🙂

Read what others are saying about Here to There Sessions

Miriandra, the personal session I received from Teacher was spiritual but it was, most importantly to me at this time, a practical step by step to see me through this journey on to a new adventure. &There is no fooling Teacher! Teacher pegged it right to the bullseye and gave me specific actions to participate in to help me create a more full life, a life in a new direction…

and Miriandra there was nothing wrong with the present direction at the time, nothing that needed to be fixed, but something inside me knew there was more, I just didn’t know what. Teacher helped me find “the what”.

The session did change the entire direction of my life because it reflected back to me my true self, my possibilities, allowed me to recognize that if I dare to participate in the suggested actions, life would open up in a beautiful way. It spoke to me and there was no guess work afterward. Profound, plain and simple.

Nina O.


Dear Miriandra, thank you so much for my recent session with Teacher, along with the other wonderful guides.

I feel that through the session, I was being gifted with a loving, committed and deeply supportive spiritual partner to help guide me forth with my current life and spiritual awareness & challenges.

I am so grateful for the clear, easily understandable & manageable (although of course not always easy!), suggested actions & steps to take in order to best support my current life journey moving forward. I have already worked with some of the suggestions and put them to immediate use in my life already!

I also feel I can call upon Teacher to assist me when I’m feeling challenged with putting the suggested steps into action as well. I have actually already done this, which has been a big help and relief too.

I am grateful for my wonderful session and the support and guidance from Teacher!



Miriandra ~ Teacher, I am sitting here with chills, in awe of this Speaking. I express my Whole ~ Hearted Gratitude.

In Wholeness of Being, Truth & Love & Light,
Janice Sweetwater, Redding, CT, USA

I am once again deeply moved and thrilled… The information given by Teacher is the most inspired, esoteric and meaningful I have ever received… Thank you!!!!

Thank you for bringing this life changing love and knowledge,
G.A. Israel

I received your email and the attached PDF. I read the Here-to-There session and am profoundly moved and encouraged by its very personal message. I’m a little awestruck! Thank you so very much for this! You have a wonderful talent and I am deeply grateful!

Maggie C., Pennsylvania, USA

I want to say to you that my information from Teacher was deeply satisfying. It encouraged me where I needed it, confirmed what I knew, gave me very helpful instruction, and most of all, helped me into the alignment with my own wholeness, after a long hard experience.

I feel I have and am shifting onto a very stable platform from which I can function very well. I knew this help would most-likely be just what I needed, and it was. I already have a big jump in pay and I am getting ready to launch into creation mode! Mostly, I have a greater Knowingness. It is really wonderful, to say the least.

Carol Huntley Cohen, Stanwood, WA, USA

From Here to There, I am actually having fun watching things unfold. I have followed the process outlined by Teacher and have had some new realizations. When I took responsibility for my role in everything, things changed. I realize that there is not a magic wand that will take me from here to there in one swoop, but I/we have every tool we need to get us from here to there. I’m out of survival; the Universe is responding. Doors are opening. Every moment I am grateful, but even more so, I realize the potential we all have. I’m sending buckets of love.

Lorraine, Idaho, USA