Miriandra Rota

Miriandra Rota

While I was channeling one evening, Teacher said, “I would like to speak concerning a better way to live and not be vulnerable to the cause and effect that seems to be growing in harshness and insanity. I believe there are those who would enjoy the teaching.”

I agreed and for several evenings I sat and received Teacher’s words. Honestly, everything flowed so easily that I left the manuscript aside for a while. Then, one day I read the words. Wow!

I was deeply touched by not only the wisdom, but also with the powerful guidance and deep caring that seemed to surround me, while I couldn’t put down Teacher’s words. Leave the Insanity Behind is his title.

Teacher says:

“Perhaps you feel that something, you don’t know what, is missing?

“You have tried all your ways to do your best, I have seen that.

“You have given…

“You have learned how to discern truth from untruth…

Yet. Yes, there is that yet.

“I am here to tell you that one of the primary reasons that you seem to be still unfulfilled is that there is a great occurrence upon the earth…and it is not going to go away any time soon.

“I am here to deliver into your hands ways that will help you remain clear of the insanity.”


  • I want you to be able to live in a way that refuses to allow that insanity to enter your being, not even for one moment.
  • I want you to be able to continue in your lifely journey free of the attachments that lash out of the insanity, trying to bring you back into the fold of the sleeping masses.
  • I want you to be able to live free of your own fears that rest within the foundation of survival.
  • I want you to be who you really are, incarnate, and filled to the brim and overflowing with your own light, your own inner knowing; so that wherever you are and whomever you are with, you will be free and unaffected.
  • Oh I want so much for you!
  • So then let’s begin learning about how to go forth in this manner, shall we?

Leave the Insanity Behind

Dare you?

Dare you give your aching heart a chance to be delivered?

To be freed of its own suffering?

Dare you give yourself a chance to really live?

To really be who you are, the real you?

The real you, able to part the seas of insanity and leave it behind?

This Teaching is designed specifically for you.

“I have come forth to speak to you, for you. I am reaching out the hand of love, offering you a rescue, a rescue from succumbing to despair over what resides in the battle, in the suffering.

“It does not mean you will not care…that the insanity will lessen.

“It does mean that you will be free to change the way you are living so that you can be free.”

You are going to love this book!

Praise for Leave the Insanity Behind

Just wanting to say that this topic is so right on. I am, and many like us are, working hard to stay ‘above the fray.’ I can do it much of the time, but it is heavy heavy work. I feel that uniting with other souls who are on this difficult path is certainly one important way we can feel lighter and well supported. Thank you, Miriandra, and Teacher, for communicating this. I will really look forward to reading more.

– I.R., Vermont

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Praise for Access Your Clear Guidance Anytime, Anywhere!

“When I read Access Your Clear Guidance-Anytime Anywhere, I felt it was written to me and for me. I have read books, in the past, on how to meditate and how to connect with one”s inner self, but Miriandra”s book gave me a step-by-step outline of what I need to do to access my own inner guidance. Her insightful stories were entertaining and thought provoking. This book will be a handy reference guide for me from now on, and one I will read many more times.”

–Donna K, from Amazon

“Wow! Miriandra/Teacher teaches a great way to improve our lives.”

— Janet Lee, from Amazon

“Now let’s speak about going forth into the fray. How do you best do that and remain free from the magnetic effects, the density of depression, anger, fear, hopelessness. How do you go forth and not be affected? That is what this is all about. This is how you leave the insanity behind.”