Secrets of the 7 Teachers

How to Develop Your Expanded Metaphysical Abilities

In 2013, Seven Teachers delivered timely and timeless teachings to a select group through Miriandra Rota. When asked about sharing the teachings with a wider audience this was their response:

“As we did reside with those of the classes, we will now reside with those who receive our teachings, for the teachings are timeless and the frequencies always flow forth for the benefit of all who are able, are capable to open and receive.

“We now call them forth, calling all beings to open and receive these teachings from us, the Seven Teachers, teachings that will assist you to live in your world, incarnate and able to proceed in a more complete manner, that you are residing in the truth of who you are.”

Secrets of the 7 Teachers is a powerful look into connecting with your true inner self, realizing your full potential and overcoming the hidden fears that hold you back.

For example, Secrets of the 7 Teachers contains two full chapters dedicated to how to become fully regenerated! Below is a small sample.

From Teacher Four:

“There is one ingredient that refuses you to reside within that eternal regeneration of being. And the ingredient is fear.

“Learn how to stop yourself from living within the belief systems that are generated from the fear of getting older and the fear of dying,the fear of physical disabilities and the fear of not being able to be vibrant and bold.

“Within the second layer of consciousness reside those frequencies of eternal regeneration of being. Participate with the continued cycle of eternal vibrancy of being.

“You are eternal. You can determine how long you will reside incarnate in this body and how long you will regenerate this current physicality, just as does nature.”

These is just one of the incredible secrets revealed in Secrets of the 7 Teachers!

But, don’t take my word for it. Hear from those who received these incredible teachings.

The Mystical Gold Classes are a wonderful and real gift to me and continue to be invaluable in helping me stay aware, balanced and aligned in my daily life and spiritual practice as one path. The insights and journeys they provide help me stay clear around my life, my deeper purposes and assist to deepen my experience of my daily spiritual purpose and connection in a way nothing else I’ve experienced does.

Richard J.

Participation with The Mystical Gold Classes have brought peace to my busy mind, magic to my consciousness and a sense of wellbeing, knowing as I actively participate in this expanded way of being, I am helping earth, helping humanity and fulfilling a purpose. It’s my answer to all the suffering that is occurring on earth, allows me to participate in its healing and go about my day in a more joyful and playful manner.

Nina O.

As an added bonus I’ve included links to a selection of complimentary downloadable audios that support the teachings. A small sidebar prompts the reader when a particular audio is recommended and a transcript is included if you want to follow along while you listen.

Secrets of the 7 Teachers is chocked full of powerful insight from some of the most profound speakers I’ve ever channeled and I’m honored to finally be able to share it with you.

I hope these few words will let you now how deep and advanced are the teachings revealed to us! Now they are yours to have. Get your copy of Secrets of the 7 Teachers at Amazon now!

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