The Divine Mother’s Messages of Truth

Transforming, Uplifting and Deeply Meaningful

Hello Friends,

Something wonderful has happened! It all began last spring when a soft voice came into my consciousness, a voice that I knew well. The Divine Mother said that she would like to speak a book. She wasn’t kidding!

I began channeling the Divine Mother’s book that spring. As her words flowed forth, I came to realize that this would be no ordinary book. The teachings were deep, meaningful and entered into unexpected topics like the DNA of the Time Stream, the Whys of War, Challenging Illusion, as well as guidance for personal deep inner journeys. In the end, there were thirty-two speakings!

I am excited to announce that The Divine Mother’s Messages of Truth is now available!

Here’s what this amazing book includes:

• Thirty-Two deep and meaningful original teachings

• Eleven never-before-released Mystical Gold Classes with the Divine Mother

• Seven Reflections-Over-the Years with the Divine Mother

Friends, The Divine Mother’s Messages of Truth is an amazing volume of over 400 pages filled with your adventure into some of the most expanded truths you will ever find. This is your opportunity to enter into a spiritual evolution, a pathway into the deeper truth of who you really are and who we are together!

I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to offer this volume with love and best wishes for your continued fulfilling journey,