April 2022 Daily Reflection with Ancient One

by Apr 2022

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“Let’s just talk about you and what’s going on inside of you.”

—Ancient One

“Greetings! I am Ancient One, and I come forth to speak with you, perhaps briefly upon the topic and the topic is you and what is going on. Now, we’re not speaking about what is going on outside in the external world because we all know all about that. We know that there is terrific turmoil and there are also light beings who are doing their best to hold the truth of who they are, and to refuse from getting their thinking mind and spirit into the battle that’s occurring upon Earth. We know all about that already, don’t we?

“So let’s just talk about you and what’s going on inside of you. Because there are many, many teachings. And those teachings tend to tell you how you should be and that’s all right, because all teachings are suggestions, even though they might be presented as something that you call “a must do”. The truth is everything is a suggestion.

“And how do you know if that suggestion is correct for you? How do you know? There are several ways. One, you can give it a try. Give it a try and see how you feel. If you feel like you’re failing, you’re trying hard, you’re doing the same thing over and over again and it’s not working, then what’s the answer? The answer is not that you are failing. The answer is perhaps that is not for you, that there’s something else that’s calling you. And I Ancient One am encouraging you to question this, to question it. Anything that’s given to you and that doesn’t seem to work for you, you might want to say, “This isn’t working for me,” and then find something else.

“And you can keep searching for the something else. Or you can sit quietly and ask your inner guidance , “What is for me?” Now if you have a goal, so to speak, a goal that says I am opening to my highest most expanded consciousness for the purpose of expanding my spiritual journey. That’s a wonderful purpose. How do you do that? That’s a real question, isn’t it?

“So sometimes, as human spirit beings, we seek a way and the way could be learning how to meditate in a deeper way. And you may try it and it may really work for you. And that’s wonderful. Yet there are other ways, and one way even though you have perhaps heard this from other teachers, the truth is one way that you can begin to let go of your attachment to procedures, given procedures… and there’s nothing wrong with them. I’m not saying there is… but one day you might decide to give up procedures. And one way is you take yourself into nature. And the more that you go in nature, the more that you walk in nature, even go and sit in nature, the more that you are able to let go and what are you letting go off? Oh, you’re gonna love this because you’ve heard this before too. You’re letting go of your thinking mind and your thinking mind that says you must do this. You must perform this way. You must follow these steps in order to what? To ascend? In order to be who you really are?

“I will say this once more and then I won’t repeat it because I have something else to say to you. There’s nothing wrong with all of the methods that are given, nothing wrong at all. And you might thrive within them. You may discover a journey this is just filling you was wondrous experiences. And then something else is calling you. And the something else isn’t so much an experience. It’s a manner of being and that’s what I’d like to talk with you about.

“You see inside of you, the spirit of you, is that which is called totality. You know you’ve heard it before. Totality and divinity does not come by the pound. You’re not just a piece of the whole, you’re it. You’re it. Every being is the whole. All together you are the whole, seemingly individual you are the whole. So then, when you decide that you want to discover the truth of who you really are, then one way to do that is to go inside. And you might be a beginner and you might say, “I don’t know how to go inside. What does that mean?” And if you are a beginner congratulations on even asking that question. Admitting that you don’t know how, because a lot of beings pretend. They pretend that they know it all and they know how to do it all and maybe they’ve been doing this for years and years. But the truth is, do they really know who they are inside? Inside?

“So then, here you are asking and you’re saying, ” I don’t know how. How do I go inside?” One of the answers is to learn how to still your mind. You’ve heard that before. How do you steal your mind? One way is to just focus on your breathing, to breathe. Now how are you breathing? This is the other thing. You’re not really breathing through your nose and your mouth. Yes you are but there’s something else going on. There’s something else that begs you to participate with it. And that is, while you are quiet, whether you’re walking or whether you’re sitting quietly, that you are breathing inward yes through your nose but you’re also breathing in when through the top of your head, your crown energy center. That you are breathing in through the crown energy center all the way down to the heart. You know where your heart is. And breathing outwards through your mouth and outward through your heart simultaneously. And if you keep doing that quietly, just breathing… Just breathing… and if you feel your mind starting to fill that space with something, perhaps something that you must do, or something you have to think about, just say, “I’ll think about this later. Right now I’m breathing.” And then returned to that breathing. It might take several attempts but you’ll be able to do it because why? Because you decided, you decided that you want to learn how to still your thinking mind.

“Another way to still your thinking mind is to actually listen to a meditation tape, a meditation recording and in that recording, the recording will guide you and you will begin to let go, as long as you keep focused on what the meditation is saying. And once again, if you find yourself thinking, it’s not what you call a big deal, you’re practicing. So then bring your mind back, bring your attention back and keep focusing on that meditation. And the more that you do this, the more you’ll be able to do it. And one day, you’ll find yourself sitting quietly and you’ll really enjoy it because it’s called peace.

“So then, when you breathe inward through the top of your head, you can breathe in peace and breathe out love. You are breathing in peace and breathing out love and you’re just focusing on that. And why would you be doing that? Because you are actually clearing the channels, because that goes right down that part of your spine. Coming into the top of your head all the way down through your heart energy center and breathing outward. And that helps to align your consciousness.

“So then, as you begin to experience these ways of bringing your mind to a peaceful manner of being, then you can move to another practice, so to speak, another way of being. And what would that be? Perhaps you want to seek a more advanced recorded meditation, one it brings you to a deeper level. You can find that, you have what you call the Internet and that certainly takes care of everything that you’re looking for.

“You can work with someone who will guide you. There are those who will assist you by guiding you to a deep level. If you decide to work with someone to guide you to a deep level, a deep level of consciousness which would also be called expanded consciousness, then you can arrange certain signals, the signals that you’re arranging is that a person will guide you and perhaps you will begin to have vision or some kind of experience and the person will guide you further into the experience. And then when you feel as though you can hardly speak, it is as if you’re deciding to speak and your speaking is takes a distance and that’s all right because the person guiding you will know that. They will be experienced and then they will wait. And after a while, the person guiding you will ask, “Do you have something to share?” And if you do, you can simply raise your finger and then that person knows that you are trying to share something, because why? Because if this is your first time, it takes a little practice to be at a deep level and then to speak the words. It just takes a little practice that’s all. So then once you begin to build an experience with the being who is guiding you, then the experience itself begins to become easier and easier. And that’s another way.

“What’s another way. The other way is in what could be called bringing your consciousness… now you’ve you’ve experienced the other ways and you’re no longer a beginner because you’ve started to experience, you’ve dared to take the steps, you found a way that works for you. And then there is a more advanced manner. What’s the advanced manner? It’s nothing something that you have to get shaky about. It’s not something that you have to try very hard to do. It’s really the opposite. When you are entering an advanced manner of expanding your consciousness, you are simply going within. You’re bringing yourself right inside your spirit.

“And you can say, “Well, how do I do that? How can I bring my consciousness right inside my spirit?” And the good news is, it’s already there. You’re just bringing your focus there. So then you bring yourself to that meditative state where you’re peaceful. You are accustomed to going into that deeper level, and then you’d be very quiet and you choose simply saying, “I’m bringing my consciousness into my spirit being.” And allow that to occur. Just being peaceful and allow the essence of that which you are to present itself to your conscious awareness. That’s all that’s happening. It’s already been there. It’s always been guiding you. But now you are feeling a conscious connection. Remember when you used to say, “I had this little message to go do this? And you either said I didn’t and I was happy or I didn’t do it and I wish I had, but where do you see that little message came from? It came from your spirit, your spirit self giving you guidance.

“And that’s where the real thing resides. The real thing because it’s always an inside deal, my dears. It’s always an inside deal. It may feel that you’re going outward and outward and outward. But it’s really an inside deal. The whole universe resides… You ready for this? …inside of you, the totality. When you say totality, there’s nothing else that exists. And you are that totality. That’s what your spirit is, totality of being.

“So you already have this connection because it’s who you are. So then as you go further inward and you go further inward and you bein to experience that spirit, that essence of that which you are, then you might say the whole universe opens to you. The whole universe opens to you. And many might say, “Oh, I’m going out to this dimension. I’m going out to that dimension and I’m going to this realm and that realm,” but where do they honestly think that resides? If it’s totality then resides within your spirit, your spirit, the essence of creation itself. That’s your spirit, the essence of creation itself.

“So now, let’s speak about the truth of who you are, and what’s going on. Because in your search to be on a more spiritual journey, in this search to discover the more of the totality that you are, there comes that opportunity when your physicality taps you on the shoulder and says, “Well, what about this and what about that? You had all these plans and you had all those plans. And what are you going to do about that, while you’re just sitting and getting to know your spirit?”

“And what is that really that’s occurring then? Because it seems most valid. You know what’s occurring then? Your human nature wants to be part of this deal. Your human nature wants to be part of this expanded consciousness. Because why? Because that’s what it’s been waiting for. So the only way that your human nature knows how to get your attention is to go through your thinking mind. So here you are in this most expanded manner. You’re loving your journey, it’s a spiritual journey. You’re getting messages and you’re following them. You’re recognizing them. And you hear this little thought or you feel this little tap on your shoulder that says, “Well, what about these plans? And what about those plans?” And they are plans and you’ve had those plans and you might still, but what’s really going on?

“As I’ve said, your human nature is tapping you on the shoulder, saying, “Remember me? Remember me? I’m your vessel. And I want a part in this. I want a part in this feeling wonderful.” And the answer, of course is, welcome aboard. Welcome aboard. Because remember, your vessels, your physical body and your human nature are all part of the totality. You know, there used to be a phrase that said, “I’m only human,” and that was an excuse to go and stub your toe everywhere. But now we know that that’s really not an excuse. Because we are waiting for our human nature to give us that signal. We’ve been waiting for a long time, maybe lifetimes and then the human nature says, “What about me?” And that’s a primary primary question.

“And how do we answer that besides Welcome aboard, we embrace our human nature. And how we embrace our human nature is to spread that consciousness all through not only the body physical because we’ve learned how to do that. We’ve learned how to love our body physical by breathing that divine essence through every part of it. We’ve learned how to call forth from the etheric energy center, above our head, above our auric energy center and then above the auric energy center to the the etheric energy center. And we’ve learned how to call from our etheric energy center those frequencies of restoration and regeneration, for what? For our body physical.

“So if you haven’t done that practice, and you might want to sit quietly, you know you have your crown energy center, then above you have your auric energy center. Your auric energy center holds the patterns of the being of that which is forming, your body physical and human nature. And above that energy center is the etheric energy center. And that holds what? Perfection of being, perfection of being And that perfection of being flows forth down through the auric field, the auric energy center and down into the body to take form as perfectly as it can.

“So if you in your meditative state say, “I call forth from my auric field, my auric energy center, those frequencies of restoration and regeneration to flow down and fill my body physical in all manners and all systems, to bring it to its highest fulfillment of being.” So then, you are assisting, then, that body physical. It really wants that. Your body physical really wants that fulfilling.

“And then this is the other part. You know that your human nature has a persona and the human nature’s persona changes. It changes are all along. You have been on a journey and you decide you want to live a different way, you’ve made all different kinds of decisions, and you’ve remodeled that persona. But now your human nature wants more. Your human nature wants its divinity and it can have it. It can have it. You just require yourself to love that human nature.

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Teacher’s Course is a Five-Part Experiential Journey into the New Realm.

“The New Realm is one of relief from efforting. Now the thinking mind may have entered into the realization that this is possible, yet even the thinking mind doesn’t know how to move from one realm to another. And that is why I have created this course. It is an avenue to move from the realm that no longer suits those ones who are not magnetized to physicality’s play, the play that says more is better and being better is more. I have created that avenue so that the journey is easy and the letting go is automatic.

“When a child is holding on to something that he or she likes, when the real thing is placed before them, their hands automatically let go of that something and they reach out to the real. That is what this course is all about. It is very real. The frequencies and invitation are real and will assist those who choose to participate to enter into the New Realm. The New Realm is comfort, home and more…much more.”


“And you you are saying, “Well human nature makes mistakes. The human nature is fallible, the human nature is vulnerable.” And I say to you, why allow it to be so vulnerable? Fill it with your divine essence. Fill that entire personality, that entire human nature, fill it and fill it and fill it, so that it can release the need to reside in vulnerability, because that’s the human nature. The human nature is either going to be vulnerable or is going to be actively going against something. So then we are assisting that human nature to let go of that need because it’s much bigger than what we think, because as we have the slang vocabulary, this is a package deal.

“We are incarnate, my dears. And when we say we are incarnate, we’re talking about our divine essence. The whole thing. Where incarnate. Do you think that our vessel is less than than that? That can’t be. it’s just waiting to move into the frequencies of divinity. And that’s what we’re doing. That’s what this journey is about, is to raise our entire beingness to those frequencies of truth. To those frequencies of light, to those frequencies of total love.

“Now, what does that mean for the human nature? It means that it’s time to start loving that human nature more and more and more. Because a human nature, most human natures have learned how to judge themselves. So to judge themselves negatively, oh, yes, there might be a swing to the other side where the human nature thinks that he or she is just absolutely wonderful, never makes mistakes, but that usually ends up falling down. Because it’s all trying to make itself be something that is not. But that’s the human nature trying and trying and trying. So we, as divine essence, are assisting that human nature to what? To be at peace, to be at peace.

“And how do we assist the human nature to be at peace, but to assist that human nature to reside in this present moment. And that’s what this is about. Because if you think about it, then you know that the past does not exist and the future does not exist. Everything is occurring right now. And you might be saying or thinking, “Well, what about past lives?” And I’m telling you, everything occurs right now. It’s a concept in the linear time that says that everything occurs in the past. And yes, while we reside incarnate, we can look at things that way, we can look at the date on the calendar, we can see what civilizations live then, and we might even have a clue that we live then also, but in the grand picture, everything is occurring right now.

“So then, to assist our human nature to become a piece, we just bring ourselves into this present moment. Present moment. There may be plans, maybe plans are written on paper, but right now, this moment, the plans do not exist. They’re on paper. But right in this moment, we are… what are we doing? We are breathing. We are breathing inward and we are breathing outward. And the more that we breathe inward and we breathe that outward, that love outward through the entire human nature, to the fallible personality of the human nature, that human nature begins to let go of the need to make itself be different. And it begins to live in peace.

“So then when you are walking, there is no concern about what you look like, what others think of you, what you think of yourself, you know, criticizing. You’re just being. And yes, this does take practice. Because if you think of how many years you have resided in that body physical, in this physicality, then you know how many years you have practiced a different way. You know how many years you have practice wondering what other beings think of you. And you see other beings looking at you and you try to interpret what they’re thinking. But you don’t have to do that. You really don’t have to do that. And one of the reasons is you can’t possibly know what they’re thinking about you. They’re thinking about themselves. They’re wondering what they look like when you look at them, because it’s always about you.

“So then, we learn how to reside in that human nature in peace. And then when you go forth and you’re practicing, you can be as thrilled as you are to be who you are, however you are. So then when you go forth and you’re going amongst the populace, so to speak, you are firstly, sitting quietly and remembering who you are. And you are breathing love through your entire system. And then you recognize that all beings are the same being. Yes, there are personalities. Yes, there are causes and effects, but there’s something bigger going on, and then bigger that’s going on is the fact that all beings are one being. And certainly this is not the first time you’ve heard this. All beings are one being. All beings breathe the same breath. All beings reside as divinity incarnate. The personalities might act differently. But inside every being holds divine essence. They must or they don’t exist. You see?

“So then, as you go forth in your day in your moment within the day, you can choose to radiate outward, the truth of who you are. And the only reason that you are doing this is because you love to do it. You’re not trying to make anyone be better or different. You’re not trying to heal the world. You’re not trying to do anything but radiating outward, the love and truth that you are and that’s what you’re doing. Because why? Because you are the joy itself, because you are the love itself and you’re just radiating it outward. Because you can.

“When you radiated outward what else occurs, your pathway presents to you the same. The pathway presents to you peace and love and joy, abundance. Now your human nature is going to act differently when it hears those words. That human nature might even say, “Oh, sure. Abundance right before me. I don’t see it.” That’s okay. That’s your human nature’s thinking. That’s your human nature’s way of saying, “I want proof. I want proof of this.” And that’s all right. Your human nature can want proof. How does it get proof? Through you. Through you.

“It’s not some magic potion that you reach out into the ethers and bring back a big bag of money. That’s not it at all. Remember, everything manifests from within to without. That’s an ancient teaching. You are being who you are. You are residing in the present moment and you are being that fulfillment because you feel it. And so when your human nature says, “Oh yeah, I want proof.” You can say, “Okay, come on. Come inside here with me and reside in this beautiful love. This is the proof.” And the more that you do that with your human nature, the more you’re human nature will cease from looking for the physical to find proof of the abundance is within, and then that gives the opportunity for that fulfillment to manifest externally.

“And it might not be in a big bag of money so to speak, walking down the path in the woods and you’ll find a big bag of money. It might, but it might not. It might be that someone calls you on your phone and asks you would you like to participate in this? I have a little job to do and it pays pretty good money. And you say well sure, because you’re just manifesting your choosing. So you continue to say yes, you continue to say yes to the opportunities and the opportunities begin to grow and begin to fill you.

“What are you doing? You are placing your trust and your awareness and your consciousness within as the source of your fulfillment, the source of your fulfillment, you, because you are that spark of creation. It doesn’t live outside of you. It doesn’t live outside of you. It’s who you are. So the more that your human nature wants to look externally to find the abundance, the more you can say, “The abundance is right here. Look here.”

“It doesn’t mean that you’re not going to do things in physicality. But you are going to hear that message from within and reside in that joy and practice residing in that joy and that fulfillment, breathing in that love, filling your entire being. That’s your job. The rest of the job will fulfill itself. And when something presents itself to you, then say yes and go forth and begin to train your human nature to trust the word yes, to trust, so that your human nature is building trust. When the human nature builds trust, trusting what? Trusting that which is inside that you’ve been inviting you to participate with. And the more that you proceed in this manner, the more that that inner peace, that inner love flows forth and fills your entire auric field and beyond. Because truth is.

“You have heard the words before, distortion cannot stand in the face of truth. So what does that mean? Distortion cannot stand in the face of truth. Those who create with their mind and with physicality, create something in physicality, but the truth is it will not remain. You yourself might have done this. You might have, your human nature might have come up with a great idea. A great business maybe, and you entered into it and you created it. And it went for a while and then perhaps it fizzled out and you wondered what happened. What happened was, you created with physicality, you created with the illusion. In order for something to remain, it must be created with the essence of creation itself. Where does that reside? As we’ve been saying, inside of you, the divine essence.

“How do you create with the divine essence? That’s another phase of your spiritual journey. To create with divine essence means that you reside within your spirit, as we’ve been speaking, bringing yourself to an expanded consciousness, bringing yourself to a peaceful state and then to reside in that peaceful state and allow the messages, the guidance to flow forth. And initially, the guidance might start to flow forth and your thinking mind might just grab onto and create something with it and it still won’t work. Because you didn’t allow the message, the guidance to complete itself. So sometimes you might receive part of an inner message. And you remember that or perhaps even write it down, and then you reside… and it may be a wonderful idea. But you reside then again in peace, and you allow that message that inner guidance to develop itself. And it will if you allow it, if you keep your thinking mind out of it. That just allow that to form itself into form itself and perhaps you write it down again, but you’re still not complete. You will know when you are complete, because your thinking mind won’t have to work the situation. It will not have to try to figure out how to make this happen.

“So once again, you bring yourself to that peace of state and you allow and sometimes you might not get a message. You might not get a guidance for two or three times. Just reside in peace. Because the frequencies are arranging themselves, allow the frequencies to arrange themselves. And then one day when you’re sitting quietly, more will flow forth. And you will begin to have a better picture, so to speak, of what this guidance is about. Continue in this manner, continue in this manner until the entire message has been given to you and you will know because it will radiate light, it will radiate joy, and it will already have been prepared for you. It’s almost as if a blueprint is being prepared for you for your joy, for whatever action you might take in physicality.

“So then you are training yourself. You are training yourself to always go within, to always go within and it’s not a crime to figure out something in physicality and try to make it happen. You’ve created many beautiful things. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that now, as you are residing upon Earth, it’s time for something bigger. It’s time for truth, truth… and that resides within you. And I believe that you would find this a most pleasurable journey and most pleasurable journey.

“So then, how about right now just sit quietly and take a nice deep breath. Just take a deep breath anyway you want… to take a deep breath… and just let it out. Try to not think about anything but what these words are saying. Breathe again deeply and breathe outward. And now become aware that above your crown energy center, there’s an auric energy center and above that is an etheric energy center. And just decide, it’s not complicated. You just decide, I’m going to breathe inward from my etheric energy center. And you just decide. It’s not complicated. It will follow you and you just breathe in all the way into the top of your head and down into your heart. Pause for a moment and breathe outward through your heart. Just breathing out peace and love. And breathing inward again through that etheric energy center all the way down… all the way down into the crown energy center and all the way down to the heart energy center and breathing outward. And you can keep doing this. You can. And this manner of breathing will assist you greatly, greatly. And one day if you haven’t [yet] been breathing this way, one day when you are, you will discover why this is the most amazing and magnificent way to meditate and to breathe, to breathe. Perhaps one day you will be walking in nature and breathing this way, and nature will reveal itself to you. Yes, a great gift.

“I am Ancient One and I am most most pleased to be speaking with you in this manner. And perhaps one day I will speak with you again. And I thank this vessel being for allowing me to speak through her. And I breathe my breath of love upon you all, for you are most wondrous beings, most wondrous beings. Remember that?

“Then until we speak again I speak the words: so be it.”

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