Deep Teachings for Awakening Beings

The Mystical Gold Classes offer deep and profound lessons that can help you experience your next level of consciousness, develop your unique hidden abilities, and live abundantly in all ways.

We live in a turbulent world and the journey can feel exhausting

These advanced classes can help you to know who you really are and fulfill your purposes for this lifetime.

Have you ever wanted to:

  • Discover, develop and use your unique Inner Abilities?
  • Learn real creation and manifestation practices?
  • Learn practical magical tools for living in this world?
  • Know who you really are and fulfill your infinite purposes in this lifetime?
  • Expand your own conscious knowing and assist mass consciousness to awaken?
  • Live abundantly in all ways, including ever-increasing financial abundance?

Keep reading to learn more about the powerful teachings available to you right now.

A message from Miriandra


Dear friends,

In 2010 I had a goal. I wanted to channel classes that would really help people, really help each of us to live the life we are meant to live, to use our inner talents and abilities to their fullest and to open our next level of consciousness.

Miriandra RotaA little about me. For more than 30 years I’ve been channeling and helping others to open themselves to guidance and expand their consciousness. I’ve been featured in numerous books on psychic teachings, channeled more than 3,000 private soul sessions, taught workshops to hundreds of people and published 9 books and dozens of audio programs. Helping others achieve the greatest realization of themselves has been my life’s work.

These classes are one more way I’m working to help others.

The teachers who come forth to speak within our advanced classes are giving us more than we ever expected. Each month we explore a topic brought forth by our spirit guides and each month we are encouraged to change our manner of perceiving life and recognize its cause and effects. We are truly challenged.

For example, with Teacher we continue to discover new ways to participate within our journey and discover deeper fulfillment at a soul level. From Divine Mother we experience the most expanded truths held within the love that only she can give. And with Merlin, the Ancient Ones, Representatives of Earth, and more we continue to be delighted and humbled by what is given each month.

Our class has been growing and working together for almost 10 years. And along the way the teachings have become more experiential with each speaking. You might say we are in the thick of it! The thick of an uplifting and fulfilling experience each and every month.

Recently a class member asked why we haven’t had any new participants. The truth is that I closed the class to new members during a particularly profound and insightful series that didn’t lend itself to starting in the middle. That series completed itself (and can be found in my latest book, Secrets of the 7 Teachers) and so it seems like a good time to open the class back up.

If you’d like to join us sign up today. I look forward to your participation on this shared journey.

With love,

P.S.- I originally planned to limit this to just 3 new members but after an email from someone saying she didn’t think she had a chance with so few slots, I’ve opened it to as many as want to join: everyone is welcome. Join us!

What you will receive each month

  • Your Channeled Class for Mystical Gold Members Only
    • Downloadable recording of the channeling, recorded in Miriandra’s professional studio (MP3)
    • Downloadable transcript of the channeling (PDF)
  • A Bonus Channeling often expanding this month’s class.
  • The opportunity to pose questions to our spirit guides and teachers (this is special – see below!)
  • The option to have a CD mailed to you with the audio recording (you still download the transcript)

In addition to our monthly channeled session, class members get the opportunity to ask questions of our teacher or guide. The questions can be about what was shared in class or just about anything and our guide’s responses are delivered in the monthly bonus channeling. This has been incredibly powerful—both for our group and for individual class members.

Not sure?

I understand. You don’t know me. And you might not be confident you’ll see any benefit, or you might be concerned you won’t engage with the teachings. I completely understand.

That’s why I’m offering a 30-day free trial. When you sign up you’ll be charged absolutely nothing. As soon as I receive notice of your trial membership, I’ll send you the links to download the most recent lesson. PDFs, MP3s and the most recent bonus session. Just like long-term class members receive.

(If you choose to receive a CD, your first CD will ship after your trial period ends.)

If you decide it’s not for you, cancel and it will cost you nothing.

But, I think you genuinely want to be your absolute best self—just like the rest of this incredible class. And I know you believe in your ability to grow and you’re going to love these classes!

Not sure? Hear from current class members:

The wisdom from the Mystical Gold Classes is profound! The teachings reinforce the core concepts of spirituality, of Truth, of who I really am.

I use this understanding in my life every day. But there is so much more to it than just the words. Everything is frequency and the frequencies that come through in the sounds of the recordings are so expanded. Typically after listening to one of the recordings I have to lay down for a while to process the frequency vibrations I have just experienced. Everything in my life has elevated and people notice my high energy.

Blessings and gratitude to Miriandra, she is the Real Deal!!


Nearly 8 years ago, I was divinely led to Miriandra and her sacred Truth channeling. These recordings are, without doubt, the highest and purest Truth teachings I have ever had the pleasure of hearing or reading in my 40 plus years on this sacred path of Ascension.

The teachers she channels, whether Merlin (my personal favorite!), Ancient One, Mother Mary, Teacher or Pretty Flower (others as well!) have a way of stripping off the complicated definitions, labels and ensnaring words that otherwise conceal and cloud the deepest truths from our eyes and ears.

Every month I get my heart filled with Divine Grace and my awareness of and connection to Love grows bigger and brighter because of it. I am eternally grateful for the joy and deep level of understanding I have gained through the years.

Kathy D.

I have been studying with Miriandra for the past 12 years.

The teachings are profound and empowering, causing major shifts in consciousness. The deep love embedded in these messages makes acceptance and assimilation easy.

Many of the teachings bypass the critical mind going directly to the core of the Being causing lasting positive changes (the audio part is very helpful here). From improving the relationship with yourself and with others to creating abundance and wellbeing in your life these teachings cover all aspects of creation.

I highly recommend the Mystical Gold Class to any seeker who wants to consciously create a fulfilling life that reflects the oneness of all.

Daniel M.

How much?

When I first started the Mystical Gold Classes in 2009 I was coached to charge $50 – $100 each month. My team of advisors (I call them my ‘Kitchen Cabinet’) saw the value in the classes and couldn’t understand charging less. But, I wanted this to be affordable for as many people as possible.

So I set membership at $49 a month (slightly more if you want a CD produced and  mailed).

No up-front cost

Your first month is absolutely free.

No long term commitment

If you decide the Mystical Gold Classes are not for you, cancel at any time with no further obligation.

Ready To Begin Your True Journey?

Choose Your Membership

If you choose to have a CD mailed to you each month, the first CD will be mailed with your second month of membership. CDs will not be mailed during the trial period.