“I want you to be able to live in a way that refuses to allow that insanity to enter your being, not even for one moment.”

“I have come forth to speak to you, for you. I am reaching out the hand of love, offering you a rescue, a rescue from succumbing to despair over what resides in the battle, in the suffering.

“It does not mean you will not care…that the insanity will lessen.

“It does mean that you will be free to change the way you are living so that you can be free.”

Dare you give yourself a chance to really live? To free your aching heart?

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I promise not to share your personal information with anyone. Ever.

Your beliefs determine what you see and what you experience.

You are comprised of such amazing energy and encodings!

Creation itself resides within the fabric of your being.

Are you deciding to live as Awake and Magical as you can?

About Miriandra

Internationally known as one of the clearest channels on the planet, author, lecturer, and deep level channeler, Miriandra Rota has been working in the field of spiritual exploration for over thirty years.

Her experiences as a psychic child were explored in the magazine Venture Inward published by the Association of Research and Enlightenment. Her channeling story is told at length in Henry Leo Bolduc’s book…