Quitting Smoking???

Easy as Forgetting About It!

I’m Miriandra Rota and I really mean the “Easy as Forgetting About It!” This powerful program is designed to build your conscious participation with your innate natural patterns for perfect health. And yes, it’s as simple as that!

You might be wondering how a seemingly simple recording can produce amazing results in your life. That’s the beauty of this journey: you are guided to consciously communicate with what already exists within you!

We’ve discovered that with conscious choice and participation, the floodgates open and the changes we’ve been working toward begin to be made manifest inwardly and outwardly in our everyday world!

Miriandra Rota, certified hypnotherapist, has been guiding individuals and groups into powerful life-changing journeys for over 30 years.

Quitting Smoking?? relaxes with soothing background music, while Miriandra guides you into deep levels and powerful changes!

With this Powerful Program You Can:

  • Stop Struggling with the losing battle of trying to “make yourself” quit smoking!
  • Deactivate the patterns of replacing smoking with anything else, like food!
  • Establish conscious participation with your powerful innate perfect health!
  • Journey into and merge with your deep inner knowing that always chooses the best for you… automatically!
  • Develop powerful techniques that actively participate with your choice to successfully
    quit smoking!
My dears, simply choose to set aside all interpretations of self that diminish your wholeness of being.

Experience your automatic letting go of smoking… until you are totally free…all while you’ve forgotten about the struggle and have already stepped into the success for which you’ve yearned but more so, the success that is yours by your divine right.

As always, I am so very grateful to participate with you in your journey of spiritual unfoldment!


This Deep-Level Audio Program also includes Two Options!

  1. One track ending with guiding you to return to be fully awake (You can choose to begin your day with a powerful focus!)
  2. And a second guiding you into natural sleep (You can listen to your program while drifting off into replenishing sleep.)
  3. PLUS A BONUS introductory track explains how to proceed!

Downloadable Audio & PDF (no CD will be shipped)

Select a downloadable Audio & PDF (no CD will be shipped) for only $5 free for the month of April!
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Now is your opportunity to forget about trying hard, and REALLY quit smoking! Imagine that! Easy!

Know a friend who’s been struggling with quitting smoking?? This would be a powerful gift!

Clearing away olde obstacles and self sabotage

  1. gives your conscious choice free reign
  2. eliminates confusion in decision-making
  3. brings your journey into the powerful present!

The only thing you have to lose is being on-hold!