When everything else is…. not!

Wish you could stay calm, especially when everyone else is…running around like…chickens?

Wish you could stop the frantic feeling that seems to build when there is just too much to do?


This Transformational Mini-Program Guides You To

  • Develop a new way of calmly responding instead of reacting to external circumstances!
  • Build a relationship with your inner wisdom!
  • Easily discern what needs your action… and what does not!
  • Discover freedom from harried, energy-zapping running from one situation to the next!
  • Delight in easy, effective techniques for enjoying your naturally nourishing calm state of being!
You might be wondering how a fifteen-minute meditation can change the way you relate to your life. The secret lies in knowing that we all change from the inside out. That is, once our subconscious mind “gets the message”, then our conscious mind and actions can begin to follow that message.

The message within this meditation is simple: how to remain calm and focused. You hold within you a natural pulse beat, and within it lives that calm that is so very nourishing and enjoyable. It’s already yours… already exists… yours to experience… always.

After the brief introduction [track one], there are two tracks, both with the very same meditation. With Track Two, you can enjoy your meditation with relaxing background music. Track Three gives you a background of what are called isochronic pulse beats, which hold the purpose of reducing anxiety and increasing concentration. I suggest alternating between the two when you listen to your mini-miracle at least once per day.

As always, I am grateful to participate with you in your lifely journey…
— Miriandra, CHT, ASLS


Miriandra Rota, a certified hypnotherapist, has been guiding individuals and groups into powerful life-changing journeys for over 30 years.

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