• Been Feeling Stuck?

  • Don’t know what to do next?

  • Feel like you are on-hold??

  • Can’t put your finger on what’s holding you back???

These powerful effective techniques guide you to clear the way for your next phase of living!!


Miriandra Rota, a certified hypnotherapist, has been guiding individuals and groups into powerful life-changing journeys for over 30 years.

Your Dynamic Change relaxes with soothing background music, while Miriandra guides you into deep levels and powerful changes!

My dears, all change-made-manifest begins inside! You are familiar with the phrase ‘it’s an inside job’… begin there and watch your Magic unfold!

Powerful Proven Techniques!!

  • Get “unstuck” from the muck and mire of old patterns that have been keeping you on-hold!
  • Prepare your inner self for change by replacing old restricting fears with a strong foundationfor choice and action!
  • Create the foundation for any change, including career, attracting love, abundance, or quitting smoking, losing weight, ending writer’s block, or learning anything!
  • Consciously participate with your innate abilities to create and succeed!
  • Discover freedom from the past and delight in easy, effective techniques for fulfillment in the present!

This is a powerful deep-level guided journey! I really believe this particular program prepares the foundation for everything else!

 — Miriandra

This is like taking the brakes off! My friend begged for my first copy before I could open the package!
J. Galax


This Deep-Level Audio Program also includes Two Options!

  1. One track ending with guiding you to return to be fully awake (You can choose to begin your day with a powerful focus!)
  2. And a second guiding you into natural sleep (You can listen to your program while drifting off into replenishing sleep.)
  3. PLUS A BONUS introductory track explains how to proceed!

Downloadable Audio & PDF (no CD will be shipped)

Select a downloadable Audio & PDF (no CD will be shipped) for only $5 free for the month of April!
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We’re all entering this new phase of living with hopes, dreams and daring to choose our greatest fulfillment!

Clearing away olde obstacles and self sabotage

  1. gives your conscious choice free reign
  2. eliminates confusion in decision-making
  3. brings your journey into the powerful present!

The only thing you have to lose is being on-hold!