Expanded Consciousness began speaking about Restoration and Regeneration…and at the end of the day, we had been given a Series of Powerful Tones and Vibrations for the Restoration and Regeneration of the Body…focusing on specific areas!

I was humbled…and then excited! You called this forth! Wow!

— Miriandra

The Purpose of this Transformational Journey is to Restore & Regenerate

  • Your Skeletal System
  • Your Nervous System
  • Your Muscular System
  • Your Chakra System


  • To Synchronize and Align Your Entire System!
  • To Re-establish wholeness within your bodies PhysicalMental, Emotional, Spiritual!
  • To Re-establish the full knowing of wholeness with regard to Health and Healing!


Miriandra Rota, a certified hypnotherapist, has been guiding individuals and groups into powerful life-changing journeys for over 30 years.

You always knew Health was supposed to be this easy…Didn’t You??

The Restore & Regenerate Program includes 11 Tracks PLUS a PDF Transcript!

  1. Track One: Introduction and How to Proceed
  2. Track Two: Expanded Consciousness speaking on Understanding Regeneration
    …and you might be wondering, how can these sounds and vibrations do all that we have described?  How can the process of healing be changed by sounds and vibrations?…and we say to you, you are comprised of sounds and vibrations, electromagnetic frequencies!
  3. Tracks Three through Eleven: Nine Series of Amazing Tones and Vibrational Frequencies
    Specific for Individual Systems, each series varying in length from four to twelve minutes! (Total Tones 68 Minutes!) You can begin with all 9 individual series of tones, and then choose to focus on one specific purpose!
  4. PLUS: Your 22-page booklet begins with the transcript of the speaking, “Understanding Regeneration” and also surprises with Merlin’s magical talk on “Health and  Healing!”
You are comprised of sounds vibrations and  electromagnetic frequencies… and we are inviting you to re-establish your health and well-being…
Expanded Consciousness

Your Toning CD has already changed my energy level and I use it almost daily while resting after

-- USA

Downloadable Audio & PDF (no CD will be shipped)

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Read what others are saying about Restore & Regenerate!

The CD message and tones are fantastic!!! I can feel the energy, vibrations and tones throughout
my body in a totally peaceful and relaxing manner. It is like a slow inner “swish” of LOVE. Much
thanks for bringing this powerful message through to us. And, much thanks to Expanded
Consciousness for such a gift!
J. Whitney

Evergreen, Colorada, USA

R. and R. is way cool! I was left with great calm and peace. Every physical area in my body that I know to be troubling me was impacted and I felt it very clearly. The tones were just wonderful. My body was craving them, so I see why you got the response from the person who says they’re going to listen daily. I can tell they will be cumulative. My treat to myself each week!!!
Carol HC

Stanwood, Washington, USA

I received the rejuvenation CD on Friday and have listened to it 4 times since and I love it! How did you make those sounds??? They take me to all sorts of places. I listen before I go to bed and have tried it with and without headphones. You really are miraculous and I wanted to thank you again for being who you are. You have added a richness to my life and a sense of calm that I can’t explain.
Nina Ogaard

Toronto, Canada

You weren’t kidding when you said, “really amazing!” I was completely blown away by the entire series, which of course I listened to the night I received it… Even though I have heard your toning in many sessions, this sustained session is wonderful! It is almost hard to believe the sounds are coming from human vocal cords. I feel like I am drifting away on a sea, carried along by rolling waves, drifts of fog and invisible mermaids. It is very special and I am sure it will help the various layers of my being.

Media, Pennsylvania, USA

Amazing Tones & Vibrations!

Something resides within you… and that is the automatic regeneration of the body physical!

 — Expanded Consciousness

I got my package…thank you…I love tones…

Oslo, Norway