Partnering with Health

While meditating in our sound room, a beautiful journey began to be spoken aloud… a journey down a pathway — perhaps called life — where I met a light being.

I asked the light being to identify itself and it said: “I am the Universal Healer and I am here to assist your body to heal in every way.”

Well, Okay!

The journey continued…it is the same journey that you can experience with Helping Your Body Heal!


This Transformation Health Journey can Assist You to

  • Participate with your body’s natural ability to restore and regenerate itself!
  • Journey on your guided path into the healing embrace of love and light with the Universal Healer!
  • Take positive steps toward participating with helping your body to heal!
  • Develop positive, supportive inner dialogues to encourage your body to manifest whole and fulfilled.
It came to me one day that I would like to feel the hands of healing light on a part of my body that was asking for attention in a most powerful way: pain. And even though I have been partnering with my own body by leaning how to love and nurture myself and my own journey; still I wanted some assistance, something that I could use as often as I wanted.

This guided journey is your invitation to develop the kinds of patterns and experiences that will assist your body to heal. The Universal Healer is waiting to assist you!

There are two tracks, both with the very same guided journey. With Track One you can enjoy your experience with relaxing background music. Track Two gives you a background of what are called alpha tones, a natural brain wave pattern that you already experience at least twice a day: while entering sleep and while awakening from sleep. Alpha tones encourage relaxation with an internal focus.

As always I am grateful to participate with your in your lifely spiritual journey,
Miriandra CHT, ASLS


Miriandra Rota, a certified hypnotherapist, has been guiding individuals and groups into powerful life-changing journeys for over 30 years.

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