Your True Being


35 Minute long MP3 File can be downloaded to your computer. (~43MB)


As we have journeyed through the cause and effect of our lives, we have naturally taken to ourselves different manners of being, different aspects of our own personality, so that we could function better in the world.  And, as we grew and matured, we discovered that some of those ways were no longer useful, no longer appropriate for our current journey, and we changed.  We continued in this way, discarding what no longer worked for us and choosing new ways, but what happened to those old patterns, old ways of expressing ourselves?

Your True Being guides you to clear away all of the old ways and patterns, and then most powerfully brings you to the core of your being where your true self resides, where your divine beingness holds within it all that you are… and more.  Experience with clarity, the messages from your true self, the real you, the you that you were always meant to be.

This advanced meditation is the second in our series and is progressively deeper, preparing you for the final, third meditation.

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