Deep Inner Peace


30 Minute long MP3 File can be downloaded to your computer. (~37MB)


It was the Divine Mother who advised us in this manner:  “Even though your mind cannot understand how reaching inward and residing in that peace could possibly solve the issues that are so depleting and debilitating within your cause and effect, I your Divine Mother, say that the answer to all of your issues resides within your continued establishing a real residing within that inner peace, your real foundation for residing incarnate.” 

Deep Inner Peace easily and powerfully guides you to that very special inner dwelling to which the Divine Mother refers, bringing you to the deepest of our Advanced Meditations, and assisting you to develop a clear avenue to the depths of inner peace. Experience the full knowing of your deep inner peace, your resting place – a respite from the storm, where you can reside in the present moment called eternal inner peace.

This advanced meditation is the third and deepest journey, guiding with gentle but powerful ways to easily flow into your real destination: inner peace.

(Due to a limitation imposed by Apple, files can not be downloaded directly to iOS devices. iTunes is required to transfer music files to iOS devices.)

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