April 2023 Daily Reflection with The Light Beings

by Apr 2023

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“What is the whole truth that others believe is too much for you?”

—The Light Beings

“Greetings! We are the Light Beings and we come forth to speak with you of earth. For there comes upon your earth those causes and effects that call you to participate in ways that are detrimental to your awakened state of being. Now this is nothing new, but during this current time, there seems to be from our observing an increase in the attempt to capture your frequencies. This is what we are speaking about.

“You are most courageous beings in that you have been held prisoner for a very long time, a prisoner of the untruth that says that you are lowly and not worthy of even the slightest relief from the untruth that efforts to hold all beings prisoner for the benefit of those who believe they are in control. The truth remains that you and the life force that resides within the core of your being, you are in control of the cause and effect. This has always been truth. You have simply forgotten.

“And now is the time of your awakening and many of humanity are stretching their wings, so to speak, in the discovery that no one can change the nature of who they are, no one can diminish the life force as it resides as the core of your being, and no one can diminish truth. Yes, there are those who can speak out untruths in abundance, it seems, yet the untruth is so very obvious to those who are awakening. You. You know when the words are distorted. How do you know? You feel the distortion within the fabric of your being. And that is most admirable by many.

“You are emerging. You are daring to recognize who you really are… and are not. You are taking the moments for yourself, to replenish your spirit, to reside in nature, to find water so that you can gaze upon it or submerge yourself within it. You are daring to communicate with creatures. And you are daring to admit to yourself that perhaps you do not know who you are, simply because you have been living in a way that was expected. And much to your credit, you have begun to feel detached from that way of being. And that is your signal that you are not only awakening, but that you are awake. You are awake to truth and you are simply opening your being and your mind to the possibility of what is the real truth.

“Some have come to you or placed in books and recordings and delivered portions of truth, lest the full truth be too much for your human nature. But we, the Light Beings, do not believe that truth is too much for you. On the contrary, we have every faith in your ability to recognize truth and to embrace its presence in your journey.

“So then, what is truth, what is the whole truth that others believe is too much for you? It is that you are continually being created in the moment. That creation takes form and releases form and you reside within the flowing forth of creation itself. You see, at the core of your being is the spark of creation. Then how can anything concerning creation be too difficult for you to know? It comprises you.

(continued below)

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“Long ago you did journey to earth. You, most of you who receive these words, have been upon all of the earths that have been destroyed. This is the fourth earth and we of the Light have come forth, as have many others of truth and light, to assist in maintaining the integrity of not only earth but also of the beings who reside upon her as humanity.

“Now is the time of your emergence. Now is the time of your remembering, remembering the truth of who you are. Now is the time for your frequencies to adjust to the truth that begs you to let go of limiting beliefs, despairing beliefs, and to ways that continue to cause you to be as a slave to the attempts to control your own journey. Your journey is yours to have. It has been, you might say, divinely given.

“Breathe deeply of truth. Breathe deeply of your own freedom to be. Breathe deeply of peace, inner peace, and reside in this one moment, here and now. Allow your consciousness to embrace the most expanded frequencies that flow to you, for those frequencies invite you to participate in a way of being that is most advanced with regard to residing in truth.

“Many beings are about you, declaring for you and with you that you are and have always been the pulse beat of creation itself. Your mind might not know what to do with those words, but your spirit revels in those words. Now is the time when, through the expanded frequencies, you begin to recognize your capabilities, your abilities, your right to know… to know it all. And you can. Daring to let go of the seeming comfort of the old ways is a good beginning. Daring to take a step back from participation in what has called you to participate in order to entice you to enter battle. Stepping back and residing in peace is a powerful residing. Much more powerful than battle.

“You are ready. You have always been ready. Now, when all else seems to be increasing in distortion, you are ready to refuse to accept the distortion, refusing by residing in peace. In this moment, take a deep breath and reside in peace, right here with us, the Light Beings. We are with you and will continue to assist you… always.

“Then until we speak again, we are the Light Beings. We thank this vessel for allowing us to speak through her.

“Until we speak again, we speak then the words so be it.

“So be it.”

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