August 2020 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Aug 2020

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“I am inviting you to participate in something that is totally for the benefit of your being. So, tune in, my dears!”


“Greetings! I am Teacher and I come forth to speak with you during these difficult times upon earth. Now there have been many teaching that have flowed forth, yet in this speaking I would like to get practical. Let’s talk about what you can be doing to give yourself not only relief from the difficulties many of you are facing, but also what you can be doing to take better care of yourselves.

“You see, you are Light Beings and it is your tendency to focus on the needs of others. You are what could be called “a natural” at this. And of course you will continue to proceed in this manner. Yet. Yes, there is a yet that I will speak of. You might think that the yet is that I am going to tell you that you need to take better care of yourselves and while that is true, I am here to speak with you about something much more practical…and deeper. It’s this.

“The truth remains that you are frequencies. Your body is comprised of frequencies and the nature of your human’s persona or personality flows forth to direct much of the frequencies of your body-physical. In addition, the entirety of physicality is comprised of those same frequencies, some in different orders and others in a combination of gatherings of frequencies. Then, what about this stuff, as you have the word? What about this fact?

“One other important fact is that by the manner in which you reside, the manner in which you set your own parameters for your journey, and the manner in which you act or react to what is occurring definitely affects the whole, definitely affects the frequencies about you, and — here it is — definitely determines how you will experience your day, your morning, afternoon, evening and night. Then, the real question that might be rising is, what can we do, what can you do to assure that you will be attracting those frequencies that are for the benefit and fulfillment of your being, those frequencies that will nourish you and not detract form your totality of being? And I am not speaking of magnetizing to you that which you are, which , if course is true. I am speaking of something else.

“Within the totality of all that is incarnate, there resides truth and untruth, truth and distortion, and truth and the manner of being that calls forth destruction. Now you know all of this, yet I wish to continue just a bit more so that you can understand what I am going to invite you to do.

“Of course the physical expression of all of these frequencies moving together, bumping against each other, uniting with some and repelling others, can lead you to believe that there is quite a mess going on out there. Now here is the truth about all of that. While there is the distortion and untruth seemingly — and I repeat the word seemingly — taking over the earth, the truth remains that residing within the totality of the All taking form is wholeness of being. Yes, even in the destruction there is a thread of wholeness of being. Why? Because, my dears, if there was not a thread of wholeness of being, the destruction would not be at all. You see, creation flows forth. Creation is not judgmental, neither is it selective. Creation is. And there are those beings who have discovered that they can participate with creation and what flows forth from their participation, at times, is destruction. Yet, do not dwell upon those words, for I have something else to tell you.

(continued below)

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“Within the seeming destruction of everything, of honor, of caring for and about others, of respect for all beings; there resides that spark of creation. The spark of creation holds truth. Now the truth that the spark of creation holds is not in words, not as a book written upon these are truths and the others are not. More so, the spark of creation holds totality as it resides in total compatibility. Now if you think upon that for a moment, you can know that that which destroys this truth cannot be real.

“Yes, the physicality is real. Yet the frequencies that support the destruction and all that we have brought forth within that description of destruction, are distorted frequencies. That which is without truth cannot hold the life fore within it. What does this mean? It means that the “something else” that is going on, whilst the destruction is made evident, is the reiteration of truth incarnate, the reiteration of the creative force that holds total compatibility with everything.

“Again, what does this mean? It means that the destruction cannot continue. It may appear that it is unending and that it will continue forever. But it cannot, my dears. Anything that does not hold the life force within it, cannot continue. You see, whatever is created without the conscious connection with that spark of creation with the life force, is created out of dust, out of nothing. It cannot maintain itself.

“Now here we are back to what I want to invite you to do. I wish you to cease from allowing yourself to feel desperate because of the destruction. I wish you to cease from blaming and bringing anger to your emotions; such emotions cause you to be unbalanced within your spiritual truth, the spiritual truth that says that you are all beings and all beings are you. Now we of course aren’t speaking of personalities. We are speaking of the essence that forms all beings. And once you have, even for a day or a few minutes, relieved yourself of those reactions, then I invite you to participate in the following way, for the betterment of your being.

“Breathe deeply and bring yourself to a peaceful state. Perhaps you will sigh deeply and let go of everything that concerns you and just reside in this one moment. Next, whisper these words to yourself: Totality resides within the essence of truth. I am the essence of truth incarnate.

“Next, take another deep breath and pretend… yes, you can pretend… to place your awareness in the area above your head. You see there are two energy centers there. One is the auric field center and the other is above the auric field center, and is called the etheric field center.

“I am inviting you to imagine that you can place your focus on that etheric field center and then with your thoughts, call that frequency forth to flow downward, through your auric field and into your crown energy center. You know that the crown energy center resides at the top of your head. And just pause for a moment and allow this to occur.

“Next, just take a deep breath and when you exhale, imagine that the frequencies from the etheric field are flowing down the entirety of your being, within and without, as if a shower of white essence of being, showering itself down upon you, to bring you peace, to being you total alignment of being. Just take your time to do this, my dears. And then just be. Allow this feeling, this light to be about you and within you. There is no hurry to complete this participation.

“What is occurring? Well, here is the great good news! This participation aligns those frequencies within your being and also that which radiates outward from your being. You have then aligned all of your energy centers and are in perfect synchronicity with the truth of All. You are then the one being, incarnate and radiating truth and wholeness of being. Now isn’t that just grand? You bet it is!

“Now just reading these words and saying that you think this is a nice thing, is not the same as participating. When you participate, I will join you and assist you, my dears, each and every time, so that you can be restored to the full integrity of that which you are… incarnate.

“This is your participation for yourself and your participation with the continued establishing of truth incarnate, as the distortion dissolves to nothing whence it came.

“Do not underestimate the effect this can and will have upon you and your experience of not only who you are but also upon your journey.

“Then I am most pleased to be speaking this little chat with you. You do call me forth, after all, and I am honored to respond.

“Until we speak again, I am Teacher. So be it.

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