August 2022 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Aug 2022

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

I’d like to talk with you about freedom, personal freedom with regard to who you believe you are, how you experience your journey and more so, how your choices can deliver to you the kind of freedom that your spirit has been longing for.


“Greetings! I am Teacher and I come forth to have a little chat with you lovely lovely beings. I’d like to talk with you about freedom, personal freedom with regard to who you believe you are, how you experience your journey and more so, how your choices can deliver to you the kind of freedom that your spirit has been longing for. So let’s begin, shall we?

“Now all beings have the knowing that those who held the position of power over them during childhood had a way of determining belief systems and behavior patterns. And when I say “power over” I am not referring to anything negative at all. It is just that as a parent or guardian or teacher, there are certain beliefs that those ones held from their own life’s journey, perhaps from their own parents or others who guided them, and they believe to the core, perhaps, that those beliefs are the correct beliefs. And again, if they have those attitudes, then they were given those attitudes, perhaps at a young age.

“So, here we are recognizing that at the beginning of your life’s journey you were given certain parameters within which to reside.

“Now some of these parameters you discovered, perhaps at an older age, were not for you. Perhaps you found them to be too restrictive, as most teenagers feel about their parents’ rules. And perhaps also you acted out your disapproval and found yourself floundering a bit to discover what was right for you. You had some ideas, some thoughts, but you didn’t quite know how to put them into your daily cause and effect. What occurred next? Oh you are going to love this!

“You began to develop a different part of your persona and also you began to allow your spirit to emerge just a little. You see, all feelings of being held back, of being told what to do when you have your own ideas are actually the feelings of wanting a freedom to be who you really are. Yet at those early years, there wasn’t really a clue about who you were or who you would become.

“And now, here you are, residing in your spiritual journey and you are discovering different teachings and concepts that feel so very right to you. You might find yourself trying to make yourself be a certain way, a way that fits those that you have read about. And you might do this for a while, perhaps even for a few years, until. Yes, until. Until you discover that you are residing in a pattern that has no vitality to it. You might even feel a little bored, even though you judge yourself for that feeling. You might try to make yourself feel the old feelings that you had in the beginning when you felt the spark of truth in the teaching or reading.

“And it is then that you also discovered that there was something else waiting for you. What was that something else? Truth. You searched for truth in books, spiritual books, history books, biographies and autobiographies. Still, you were searching for something deeper. What was the deeper? Truth. And now you are continuing to discover that truth isn’t in words but is a frequency, a frequency that resonates with your inner being.

“Perhaps you have also discovered that you can’t control that frequency, you can’t make it be stronger, perhaps to reside within your heart because you want it there. And you find that to be a mystery. How can you cause that frequency to become more?

“The answer to that question or questions like it is this. Remember that All is One. In this instance, this means that all frequencies reside. And to experience the more of who you really are, there is simply a manner of letting go of who you have been and allowing the next phase of your journey to emerge.

“Now this might feel a bit frustrating because human beings are wanting what they want right now. But the spiritual journey is always in the moment. There is no hurry up. There is no fast or slow. It simply is… and all of the frequencies of totality reside within that moment of emergence. Then what’s the answer?

“You probably won’t like it. Your thinking mind might not like it because your thinking mind is accustomed to being the boss about deciding… everything. But here’s the answer. The answer is to let go of your plans for who you are, who you would like to become, affirmations and positive thoughts that are created against the seeming ever- present negative thoughts especially about self. The answer is to let go of trying to control the journey. Yes, you have work or actions in physicality that you must do. That is understandable Yet if you reside in the moment and proceed, you will discover that those actions take on a different meaning. They are simply what you are doing in the moment. They are all part of physicality and its calling you to participate.

“Yet there is also occurring your emergence, your emergence into that of you that is truth itself, your emergence of that which is you that is a frequency. And, my dears, the more that you let go of setting parameters for your spiritual journey, the more that you are free to experience the totality of your own beingness as it resides as the All.

“Now the thinking mind mostly likely is going to have some “what-abouts” with all of this, but you can easily set those aside. Why set them aside? Well, my dears, they don’t exist. They are the scenarios that your mind is accustomed to creating either to support or negate a possibility. Yet residing in the moment allows your fullness of being to emerge. You won’t know what that is simply because your fullness of being, the truth of who you are, is emerging. You have never been that which is emerging right now. And of course this means that you are brand new. And being brand new means that the old parameters, perhaps given at an early age as we have spoken about, no longer fit…at all.

“So then the question arises, how can I get to know that which is the real me as it is emerging? Ah! And that’s the delightful experience. You see, in the moment, you are as fresh as a spring flower or the morning dew. Getting to know who you really are, getting to know the totality of who you are requires one simply dedication. Oh it’s not that simple to do, but it is a manner of discovering the truth of who you are. The manner or action is simply to recognize your take, as you have the word, to recognize your take on who you are. To sit back and look at who you have created yourself to be, asking yourself what has been your goal during the previous journey, the journey before this moment.

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“Perhaps you were efforting to become successful in business. That’s all right. But you are asking who is that person? How have you created the you who is wanting success and what has he or she been doing to accomplish success? Perhaps you have been creating, creating a painting, a book, a project and you are wanting it to be complete in the best way possible. That is all right as well. But again, ask yourself who you have created yourself to be, to be that creative being? What have been your expectations, your effortings, your own parameters. In all of these instances of taking a look at what you have been efforting within, take a moment to look at the persona you have developed within this purpose. This persona is how you experience your journey while you are incarnate.

“Now the good news is that you can change your experience, your persona any time you wish to. You can set different parameters for your journey. You can decide that your efforting is perfectly dedicated or you can decide that your parameters or efforting is not quite what is right for you, for your spirit.

“You might discover that your current journey seems to uphold your spiritual journey… or not. But the truth is, my dears, the real you can go forth and participate in anything. The real you is a frequency, remember? Then, as you emerge from that which is creation itself, you can choose to expand your consciousness in a way that allows. There it is again. Allowing. You are already the fullness of truth itself, the fullness of love as it is made manifest. Then what is there to do to create yourself be lesser than that? Ah! Now you see, don’t you. Now you get it, don’t you.

“When you determine, instead of allowing, you are creating yourself to be lesser than the fullness of that which you are. Yes, it is a process, this emerging. Yes it is seemingly slow. But it is only slow because you have established yourself to be an observer of your own emerging. What would occur if you were to place your consciousness right within that unknown, that you that is emerging, the you that you don’t know how to relate to yet. What if you were to place your consciousness right inside that frequency, right inside the totality of your own beingness? You won’t know until you do it because there is no description that your mind can grab on to and decide if you’d like it or not. Everything is experiential in this journey of emerging and being the truth of who you are.

“Then how do you do that? How do you reside right in that emergence? You probably won’t be able to figure out how to do that, but your spirit already knows. How? Well, my dears, your spirit is already incarnate and this emergence is the totality of your spirit. When you sit quietly and bring yourself to peace, when you go within your being and be still, when you set aside all of your worries and concerns and find that moment inside where you are at peace and there is nothing else that is important… when you proceed in any of those ways or in a way that is deeply familiar to you, then you are doing just that. You are placing your consciousness within the emergence of the truth of who you are.

“Now this is similar to meditation, but it isn’t quite the same. You are simply being… and you are allowing that emergence of your totality to fill you. You might find that in one moment or another you are feeling a type of expanded consciousness. That is, you might feel a bit what you call spacey. You might feel a bit as if you are in a trance. What is that? Those are the more expanded frequencies, the higher frequencies that you are now incarnating. And if you continue and do not try to interpret the experience, your being, your spirit-being will adjust and align itself and then incorporate into its incarnate beingness, those frequencies.

“Now if you let your mind think about that for a moment, you might be surprised to discover that your thinking mind concludes that this is doable. Ah! Of course it’s doable. It’s one of the most familiar experiences to you as you continue to reside incarnate. You see, my dears, you are simply placing your awake consciousness into an experience that is ongoing, that has been ongoing ever since you began your conscious spiritual journey. Once there is an awakening, then the frequencies of totality flow forth to become more and more incarnate. That’s the spiritual journey, you see. And it is within this journey that you experience many different awakenings, many different wondrous discoveries, and perhaps many different letting go’s of who you have expressed yourself to be, discarding what is now complete and discovering what is new and calling you to explore.

“Yes, you will explore and create and discover and then perhaps discard and begin again. This is the play. This is the play that you came her to express and to experience. A continued discovery of who you are. A continued discovery of the frequencies that comprise your spirit-beingness. A continued discovery of truth as it is made manifest. Truth. You. Frequencies. Totality. The All flowing forth to take form as you… in the moment, right here and right now.

“You are amazing beings and I am most pleased to be able to come forth to have our chats every once in awhile. You are the ones who call forth the topic of our chats and I am most pleased to oblige that calling forth.

“Then until we speak again, I am Teacher and I speak the words so be it.”

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