Your Personal Channeled Soul Session!

You are invited to schedule your own Personal Channeled Soul Session!

Your Powerful Personal Session can

  • Give you guidance on your own topics
  • Answer questions on major – and minor – issues
  • Call forth Expanded Consciousness Truths that apply to your Personal Spiritual Journey
  • Help you to understand your personal journey within today’s world Guide you to a new way of fulfilled living!

Your Personal Soul Session offers clear, helpful information on your present journey

Your Personal Soul Session can guide your toward deep understanding of your current issues and decisions.

Some simply ask, “I am open to whatever is the best for me to hear at this time,” and receive deep guidance and practical teachings for daily living; while others have enjoyed the opportunity to ask about specific topics or life challenges. Scroll to the bottom of the page for some helpful hints for Your Soul Session!

Personal Soul Sessions are in Transcript Form!
This means that you receive from ten to fifteen written pages overflowing with your personal guidance!

You can choose to receive your session via Email in a document file or receive printed pages through the US Mail to an address of your choice.

As always, I am honored to participate with you in this very special way,

Helpful Hints for Your Soul Session!

Here are a few suggestions to help you have the best Session possible:

  1. Sit quietly for a while and ask your inner spirit what are the most important topics for your Soul Session.
  2. Write your questions or topics in order of importance to you.
  3. Keep focused on you. Soul Sessions usually will not answer questions about inner issues of others, even if they are your family or friends. Spirit usually says to questions about others, “This information is not available.” The only exception seems to be if your children are 12 years or under; yet even in this instance, your child’s personal information is not revealed. Sorry about this, Spirit is pretty particular about this. However, you can ask how you can be a better parent , partner, friend, or son/daughter.
  4. When asking questions, be as specific as you can. For example, one person asked the general question, “Tell me about health.” The answer that came was an in-depth teaching about health. However, what she really wanted was help with her own personal health issues.
  5. While many ask the general question, “I am open to whatever I am supposed to hear at this time,” a list of topics and or questions always helps to direct your session in the best way possible. Either is ok, of course!
  6. Don’t worry about the exact wording of your question. Spirit seems to have a way of knowing exactly what guidance you are calling forth. Remember, as the saying goes, the only foolish question is the one unasked.
  7. Email me your questions/topics the week before (or sooner) your session is scheduled. Thank you!
  8. Upon receiving your session, sit quietly and prepare yourself to receive the guidance you have called forth. You will perhaps discover that each time you read your session, your guidance will speak differently; this usually occurs as the layers of inner understanding become conscious. Some have said that they have re-read sessions they have had in previous years and found the information to be as if new and helpful in the present.
  9. Take time to allow your guidance to settle within your consciousness.
  10. Remember to give thanks to your own self for being open and ready to receive the guidance that you have called forth.