Communications with
Departed Beloved Creatures and Pets

A popular session that offers you the opportunity to communicate with a departed pet and to receive a return communication!

  • Many folks are surprised by the soul histories of their pets and are enriched by the message that their pet sends to them.
  • It was believed that in another time, as in another lifetime, an animal could never be a human and a human could never be an animal or creature. The many hundreds of sessions have proven differently!
  • These special sessions have overflowed with the soul histories of each beloved creature or pet and have included both lifetimes as humans and lifetimes as other creatures. Often during a session’s communication, a pet will reveal his or her favorite form!
  • We have continued to be amazed at the information that is revealed within our channeled sessions! But more so, many have felt their heart fill with the beautiful love that continues to flow… beyond physicality.

Information necessary for this session:

Please Send by Email:

  1. Your full name
  2. The name of your departed creature/pet
  3. The type of animal; for example, horse, cat, dog, bird, etc.
  4. Any specific message you would like to have conveyed to your beloved creature/pet during this session

Please Note: Each session is designed to focus on one beloved departed creature/pet. Though you may have (as many of us do) a number of departed beloved pets, this session is designed to focus on one. Feel free to request as many sessions as you would like!

Communications with Departed Creatures/Pets are in Transcript Form!

This means that you receive approximately eight written pages filled with not only the history of your pet’s journey, but also any communications or messages to you from your pet!

You can choose to receive your session via Email in a document file, or Receive printed pages through the US Mail to an address of your choice.