This lovely and fulfilling session focuses upon your living pet and gives you the opportunity to establish an avenue of communication!

Your statements, questions and/or topics are offered to your pet… and your pet’s response is usually easily received!

Long ago when I began channeling sessions for friends who had wonderings about their pets and the problems that were occurring, not only did the pets give clear answers and solutions… but we also began to learn within the records that were revealed, that animals had previous lives as humans. This was quite a surprise!

Since that time, the sessions for Beloved Creatures and Pets and Their Humans have continued to reveal

  • The Akashic Soul Histories of your Pet’s Journey upon Earth, including any other lives that might have been shared between you and your pet
  • Surprising communications from your Pet – sometimes including the offering of loving advice!
  • Answers to questions like, “What’s wrong?”, “What can we do to help you?” or, “What would you like to tell me?”

This session offers a unique understanding of the nature of your Beloved Creature!

Information necessary for this session:

Please Send by Email:

  1. Your full name
  2. The name of your creature/pet
  3. The type of animal; for example, horse, cat, dog, bird, etc.
  4. Any specific message or questions you would like to have conveyed to your beloved creature/pet during this session
  5. If your pet is having some physical difficulties, please feel free to state what they are and to ask what your pet desires for treatment, if any.

Please Note: Each session is designed to focus on one beloved creature/pet. Though you may have (as many of us do) a number of beloved pets, this session is designed to focus on one. Feel free to request as many sessions as you would like!

Communications with Beloved Creatures/Pets are in Transcript Form! This means that you receive approximately eight written pages filled with not only the history of your pet’s journey, but also any communications or messages to you from your pet!

You can choose to receive your session via Email in a document file, or Receive printed pages through the US Mail to an address of your choice.

As always, I am honored to participate with you in this very special way,