Communications with
Your Departed Loved One

This session, Communication with Your Departed Loved One, is a gentle session…

And calls forth the revealed journey that your loved one has experienced since departing from physicality.

Some have said that the treasure of this session is that it gave them the opportunity to “send a message” and to “receive a message” from their chosen loved one…

A most powerful session, this calling forth often gives an opportunity to communicate the words that were either forgotten, or were “wished to have been spoken”, and/or to bring a sense of completion.

Many have experienced deep heart healing in receiving explanations for unexpected choices, in receiving words of forgiveness or love, and in receiving a sense of well-being.

Some have said that their session gave them the feeling that they could move on with their own lives.

Information necessary for this session:

Please Send by Email:

  1. Your full name
  2. The full name of your departed loved one
  3. The nature of your relationship with your departed loved one (husband, wife, child, friend, or any other)
  4. Any message that you would like to be expressed during your session…

Please Note: Each session is designed to focus on your communications with one departed loved one. Though you may have a yearning to communicate with many departed loved ones, this session is designed to focus on one person. Feel free to request as many sessions as you would like…

Communications with Departed Loved One Sessions are in Transcript Form!

This means that you receive approximately eight to ten written pages with information and communication between you and Your Chosen Loved One…

I have been gifted with this ability to channel departed loved ones ever since unexpectedly during a session, an elderly Italian woman in New York asked, “I want to speak to Mama.” Little did I know that her request would open the gateway for a new experience for me… and for the hundreds of others who have chosen to have this session. I have then and continue to be grateful for all that I am gifted to do.

With Blessings,