December 2021 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Dec 2021

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!
“I am Teacher and I come forth to speak with you on a topic that you  already know so much about…”


“Greetings! Greetings to all who receive these words! I am Teacher and I come forth to speak with you on a topic that you  already know so much about. Now don’t roll our eyes when I say the topic. I have much more to share with you than the beautiful knowing that you already have. The topic is gratitude. So then, let’s get started.

“Now I know that many upon this earth are having a difficult time of it. There has been and seems to be a lot of suffering, many levels of suffering if there can be such a thing. Some are suffering grave loss and others are physically sick, while others are trying to hold off worries in many areas, especially financial. And at times, it’s a real effort to muster up some gratitude when all of those challenges are occurring. But here’s the trick.

“But before I get to the trick, so to speak, I want to mention something. It’s this. When you are suffering, when you are worried, when you seem to be stuck in a way of life that doesn’t quite suit you or your fulfillment of real happiness, then that frequency holds you. Now some might say that they have tired to uplift themselves and move out of those challenges but still can’t seem to move the mountain, and that might be very true. But why? Have you asked yourself why? Of course you have and it’s not a blameful thing that you haven’t been able to do that.

“Yet. Yes, there is a lovely lovely yet in all of this. When you feel stuck, then the real reason is that those old patterns own you, those old frequencies are so accustomed to your interacting with them that they have made a home in your consciousness and your subconscious. So then when a challenge occurs, the old survival ways of worry and trying to move the physical around are activated and take over. It’s as if your efforting is really residing in the old “nothing seems to work” patterns. And yes, you have tired and tried to get out of those patterns, much to your credit. But now here’s the trick coming along, the one that I mentioned.

“One of the most powerful ways to break that frequency’s hold is to insert right in the most difficult experience, just a little gratitude. And I’ll tell you why this is powerful in a moment. That little bit of gratitude is an uplifting frequency because it tells your entire system that there is something that you enjoy occurring, something that is beneficial, or something that is just plain out necessary and is occurring. What happens then? The system and the frequencies shift. Why?

“Well, my dears, you are residing as light beings, you are truth itself, and when you focus on anything with gratitude, that frequency of gratitude spreads through your entire system. It cannot be denied… even by those old patterns. You are in effect taking control of the old patterns and breathing a dissolving breath upon them.

“Now I know this seems like it won’t do a thing and that the worries will continue, the cause of the worries will continue, but you won’t know the truth of that until you give this a try. Now I don’t mean giving it a once in a lifetime try. I’m saying that a pattern of gratitude changes more than you can imagine.

(continued below)

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“Here’s an example. Right in the middle of worrying or feeling defeated because your life is not taking the turn that you’d like, stop for a moment or two and simply give gratitude that you are alive. Give gratitude that you can breathe, can see, can feel, can love, can allow yourself to be loved. Stop for a moment and give gratitude for the trees, for the waters, for the sea, for the birds, for the creatures, for the fact that you have enough food for the day. You get the picture. Find something and keep on finding that something until you have moved from worry or despair and into gratitude. You will feel the difference, I am certain.

“Now when the old worries or despair return, and they will just to see if you still want them, then it is time to walk in nature, to participate in any activity that has nothing to do with that survival and its grasp on your old patterns. What are you doing with all of this? Giving gratitude and getting into a movement that has no purpose except to nourish your being? You are emerging. What does that mean? This.

“You are emerging from what was and has been holding you. It’s the past actually that has built and built itself into something major or seeming major. Yes, the sadness is there in your heart perhaps, yet you can be grateful for what is, for those who are still in your life. It doesn’t mean that you are not sad perhaps for the one who has passed from the physical, yet it does mean that you are remembering that you are present in this lifetime and it has much to give to you, when you are ready to receive.

“So then, when you give gratitude, you are giving the message that you have received and you are ready to receive more. You don’t need to write down what you want to receive. That’s not what this is about actually. It’s about shifting your consciousness, your focus, so that you can emerge from those troubles and begin a new breath of freedom. And freedom is what is calling to you isn’t it. It’s the freedom to enter into a new manner of being.

“The new manner of being begins inside of you, right in that beautiful heart of yours. And when you enter into gratitude… for anything… and keep on focusing on that gratitude, then that heart of yours begins to open and to allow that flowing of love’s frequencies to fill your being and then to flow outward around you and then further. But you aren’t focusing on where that love is going. More so, you are simply recognizing that your heart is filling and when you keep on practicing your gratitude, then that heart fills and fills and soon you begin to feel some relief. Relief from the past’s holding of the downward slide into despair.

“You are not here to experience despair, my dear ones. You are here to thrive. And in truth, now hear my words, your thriving begins with shifting your consciousness, of expanding your consciousness… perhaps beginning with gratitude. Gratitude is most powerful. It just might be your saving grace, but you don’t know until you give this a try…more than once, more than ten times, more than fifty times. Maybe you will make giving gratitude a way of life? You can’t do worse, as the saying goes.

“I am Teacher and I breathe a breath of gratitude for the very fact that you are incarnate and are holding truth within your frequencies. Remember that you are an amazing being and that you are here to dance and to play. You might not feel like dancing or playing in this moment, but you will my dears, you will. Just begin. Maybe begin right now. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and allow one tiny thing to come to you that you are grateful for. Don’t let your old patterns refuse you to do this. Just set all the worries and concerns aside, breathe deeply and allow one thing to come to you that you can be grateful for… and then another… and then another. You might call this the practice run.

“I’ll be with you, assisting you to uplift and emerge from that which no longer has a purpose in your journey.

“Until we speak again, cal upon me and I will assist you.

“I give gratitude for this vessel who allows me to speak through her. Thank you, my dear.

“I am Teacher and speak the words: so be it.”

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