December 2023 Daily Reflection with Divine Mother

by Dec 2023

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“…Participate in an action with your Divine Mother, an action that will assist the wholeness of all to be magnified and to flow forth to all beings, but especially to those who are lost, who are alone, who are sad or depressed…”

—Divine Mother

“Greetings! I am your Divine Mother and come forth to speak with you, my beloved ones.

“For, there are so many beings upon this planet of earth who are alone, who are without family, who are without loved ones, who are in deep sorrow or depression. There are many programs that show families together, show loved ones together, show children happy and delighted at gifts, and there are those ones who see those programs or see those pictures and feel the emptiness inside because they have neither.

“Some adults have not been good parents and wish that they had been. Some children wish they had been better to their parents who are now passed from physical. Some elder beings have found that all of their friends have passed on and the family is too busy to arrange for a gathering. Yes, there is the opposite occurring, where there are happy beings, happy families, happy children and parents, happy loved one. But what about the others?

“It is for this reason that I come forth to speak with you during these holidays. You are advanced beings and that is why I can invite you to participate in something that will not only fill your heart and spirit with joy, but will participate in an action with your Divine Mother, an action that will assist the wholeness of all to be magnified and to flow forth to all beings, but especially to those who are lost, who are alone, who are sad or depressed for all of the reasons I have mentioned and more.

“I am inviting you to join me in this way :

“You are most aware of how to bring your consciousness to an expanded manner, one that lets go of the thoughts and concerns, the lists of things to do, and the worries of many topics, personal and others.

“Then I invite you to set aside all of those and any other that might be in your thinking mind… and expand your consciousness, expanding to such a degree that you bring your awareness to me, your Divine Mother. I will hold you within these frequencies while we proceed together.

“So then, take some deep breaths as you usually do, and reside in peace and allow that beautiful consciousness to expand. I will wait. There is no hurry.

“Now I ask you to bring your awareness to your heart center, that center wherein resides the patterns and encodings of Divine Love, wherein resides the flowing forth of wholeness of being, for within wholeness of being, then, there can reside Divine Love.

“So then bring your awareness to that Heart Energy Center and allow it to vibrate and reside within your consciousness.

“Next, my dear ones, bring your consciousness to the possibilities of the many who are suffering from loneliness, from all of the manners I have described. You do not have to enter into that sadness or depression. Just know and recognize that it does exist. In this manner you are beginning a purpose for our residing together.

“Next, speak softly to those ones in this manner:

“Beloved ones, I know of your sadness. I am a Divine Being and I wish to breathe to you the love that is of the Divine, the caring that is of the Divine, and the warm embracing in the knowing that all past actions or inactions are forgiven, for the Divine holds no purpose for judgment. You are now held in my thoughts and caring. I am a Divine Being. You do not know me, but I do know you.

“Then, my beloved ones, pause for a moment and allow that speaking to flow forth.

“You are now deciding to breathe that speaking outward to all beings, especially to those who are of the description we have shared together. Just take that moment to direct that speaking outward and outward and outward, so that all beings are tapped on the spirit, so to speak, nudged to realize that there is something wonderful about to occur.

“Then allow that flowing. Again, there is no hurry.

“Next, my dear ones, bring your awareness to that Divine Love. Perhaps you will open your heart and consciousness to my Divine Love as it always flows forth to you? Just allow that Divine Love to fill you and your consciousness. Not just a little, but continue and continue to fill your being with the Divine Love that I have for you…always. Allow and allow and allow this filling.

“Then pause for a moment and the pausing will be for the purpose of that wonderful delightful Divine Love to merge together to form a glorious radiating ball of essence of being. You are simply calling it forth to form itself. I will assist you.

(continued below)

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“The New Realm is one of relief from efforting. Now the thinking mind may have entered into the realization that this is possible, yet even the thinking mind doesn’t know how to move from one realm to another. And that is why I have created this course. It is an avenue to move from the realm that no longer suits those ones who are not magnetized to physicality’s play, the play that says more is better and being better is more. I have created that avenue so that the journey is easy and the letting go is automatic.

“When a child is holding on to something that he or she likes, when the real thing is placed before them, their hands automatically let go of that something and they reach out to the real. That is what this course is all about. It is very real. The frequencies and invitation are real and will assist those who choose to participate to enter into the New Realm. The New Realm is comfort, home and more…much more.”


“Next, with your entire consciousness, breathe that ball, that Divine Essence ball of Divine Love outward, breathing it outward to reside about all beings who are as we have described, to all beings who are saddened, who are alone, who are regretful, who are abandoned, who are without family, without friends, without a home. Breathe that Divine Love Essence outward and as you breathe outward speak these words:

Go forth and embrace all who have not been embraced by love for a long time. Go forth to surround those ones who are hungry for even a small part of love, a small part of warm embracing, a small part of that which is so very abundant in your own lives.

“Direct that Essence of Divine Love to go forth, to flow and flow and flow from your being.

“Next, allow. Allow the flowing. Allow that Divine Love Essence to reach each and every being.

“If a memory comes to you of a time that has been wonderful with your own family, friends, and loved ones, breathe that memory outward also. Breathe it outward and allow it to fill the empty spaces in the hearts of those who have not had what you are remembering.

“If you have a memory that gives to you the feeling of the absence of that love, then allow My Love to fill you, as the flowing goes outward, allow My Love to fill you so that the memory can be resolved within your being. For you are my beloved ones. And I am your Divine Mother.

“Next, place your consciousness as if you are observing earth from a distance. And within this observing, breathe a breath of white essence, the breath of white essence that contains what is called peace, wholeness of being, the consciousness of One. Breathe it forth upon the entire earth and allow that white essence to cover the entire earth. There is no hurry. Just allow.

“And next, my dear ones, bring yourself to peace and know that you have participated with your Divine Mother, as she has invited you to breathe your Love, your Peace, your Warm Embracing to those who are hungry for all of those gifts and more.

“Remember, my dear ones, you are most capable of participating in this manner at any time of your journey. You are the Holy Ones after all. You have much much power to flow forth the essence of that which you are. You are never depleted when you breathe forth in this manner. You are, in truth, also augmenting that which forms itself as you.

“For, when you are participating in sharing, in giving, in breathing forth, you are residing in the totality of being. Totality of being is without words, yet we can know together that it holds within it the fulfillment of all seeming absences, all seeming lacking, all seeming loss. For, Totality is the All taking form and not taking form. Totality.

“Then now I, your Divine Mother, flow forth My Love for you. Pause for a moment and perhaps recognize and feel that Love as it reaches your being, your spirit, your inner sacredness. There, in that sacredness, resides the sanctity of totality, the holiness of that which you are and the core of Love, Divine Love as it resides, pure and unending. Yes, my beloved ones, I, your Divine Mother, hold you so very dear within my own heart of hearts.

“You are magnificent beings. Know yourselves more and more. Dare to reflect upon these words about you. Dare to remember that you are a Holy Being, that your steppings upon earth within this journey are steppings of a Holy One, bringing love and peace within physicality, bringing Truth of One, bringing Peace. For this earth upon which you reside is begging for that peace and you are the deliverer of such peace. It is in your very nature to flow forth that which is an answer to such hunger. You are the Holy Ones walking upon the earth now. Know this to be true.

“And my dear ones, if there is one space, one moment within your heart of hearts, within your own memories that brings you pain, then send that pain to me, your Divine Mother. I will transform it for you. You have carried that burden long enough. Give it to me. I am, after all, the great transformer of pain and suffering. Hold onto it no more. Send it to me now. Send it to me any time. Send it to me as many times as it takes to clear your entire being of that pain, of that sorrow, of that memory, of those frequencies that attempt to determine you as less than a Holy Being.

“I will receive all and place it within the Divine Essence that forms itself about my being. For, about my being reside those sorrows that others have prayed to be released from. I have taken that suffering from them and transformed it into that golden essence that radiates from my being. Give me more and I will radiate more to you, for you. Do not underestimate that which I offer. Lift up your spirit and allow my light to shine upon your being. Doing so brings joy to my heart of hearts. For you are my Divine Ones. Do not hesitate to accept my invitation.

“Then I believe we have participated in a glorious manner. Repeat such manners as often as you choose, yet with each participating, with each repeating, know that I am breathing My Breath of Love and Peace and Joy upon your being. It is my continuous gift to you.

“Then my beloved ones, I believe we are complete for this speaking. I am your Divine Mother and I speak the words so be it.

“So be it.”

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