February 2023 Daily Reflection with Divine Mother

by Feb 2023

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

I, the Divine Mother come forth to speak with you, my children, for the love of you and for the urging of you to uplift your consciousness…

—Divine Mother

“Greetings! I am the Divine Mother and I come forth to speak with you, my children, for the love of you and for the urging of you to uplift your consciousness in a way that will free you from the grasp of the illusion, which is daring to present itself in what could be called blatant ways.

“Just as did long ago in the journey upon earth and its physicality’s expression of the illusion of separation from the whole, there resides upon the earth currently the evidence of that distortion to such a degree that many are pulled into participating within that illusion, proving that they are right and others are wrong. There were long ago battles to try to gather beings to certain rulers so that there would be more power demonstrated in the conquering of the beings’ souls and minds.

“This now is occurring, my dear children. You are aware of those who are battling to be the most blatant and in so doing, they are puling many, many who believe that daring to be so blatant in the demonstrating of the illusion of separation from the whole will give to them a place to reside. And that is what I would like to speak about.

“For, there is a seeming need in all humans to be part of something, something that gives them a feeling of comfort. And this is most natural, for that wanting to be part of a whole is just that. Wanting to be part of a whole, whether it is a gathering that resides in peace, whether it is a gathering of blatant distortion, or whether it is a gathering of beliefs, is all part of the truth being made manifest…everywhere. Truth says that all is one. And physicality has become so very distorted that it is quite difficult for many to understand that truth.

“Yet here you are, my children, receiving my words for you, my frequencies into the heart of your being that you might feel the comfort in knowing that you reside in the heart of my being. Yes, this is quite true. You always reside in the heart of my being. Now this does not only mean that you are loved. It means that you are actually residing in the heart of my being. And it is your projection into physicality that resides incarnate… incarnate in the form that you have chosen to reside within, to go forth within to experience this particular journey. Yet you are a projection from your own beingness, which resides in the heart of my being

“You see, you are truth itself. There is no personality, no purpose, no need, no requirement while residing as truth within the heart of my being. It is when you take form in physicality that there comes to the journey those opportunities to develop a personality, a manner to reside within while journeying forth. And though this is seemingly necessary within this incarnate journey, the truth remains that such forming of the personality is but a manner of experiencing the illusion.

“Now I wish you to understand this more clearly. When you flowed forth and projected your spirit into the physicality of human, you determined a purpose and the purpose…for all beings… was and continues to be an awakening to the truth of one. Now the truth of one can be made manifest in many ways. Part of a way is that longing to be of the whole, to find comfort in the gatherings of which I have spoken.

“Now there is nothing wrong with participating within a gathering. Yet I ask you to reflect upon what is the purpose of the gathering? Is the purpose to reside in peace? Is the purpose to reside in battle? Is the purpose to reside in love? In hate? In control? What are the beliefs of the gathering? Do those beliefs match your inner spirit? Do the beliefs resonate with who you know yourself to be…a spirit-being of love, a spirit of oneness? Do the beliefs fit or match with your purpose, your divine purpose?

“When you ask yourself these kinds of questions, then you are residing on a powerful frequency. It is one of truth, it is one of daring, and it is a frequency of choice. The frequency of choice begs you to make those decisions according to the inner knowing of who you are.

“When you choose to make a choice from the inner knowing of who you are, then that opens the portal, the avenue to that you that resides within the hart of my being. Then there is a flowing forth of that truth from you, the real you, flowing forth into the projection of your spirit and into that physicality. This is a most powerful flowing. It is of the whole…and my dear ones, it is what your human has yearned for.

“Your yearning is for your own beingness. You are a holy being. Now that does not mean that you must walk on what is called eggshells to maintain that you are holy. No. More so, it means that you are daring to be, to be the real you incarnate. And your holiness of being calls forth the need to have some time to yourself, to reflect upon all that I have spoken upon, to truly ask of yourself, what is the purpose of that which I am participating within? What is the real purpose? What is the truth within that which I participate within? Can I participate within anything and still hold love in my heart? This is the real asking.

(continued below)

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“The New Realm is one of relief from efforting. Now the thinking mind may have entered into the realization that this is possible, yet even the thinking mind doesn’t know how to move from one realm to another. And that is why I have created this course. It is an avenue to move from the realm that no longer suits those ones who are not magnetized to physicality’s play, the play that says more is better and being better is more. I have created that avenue so that the journey is easy and the letting go is automatic.

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“I, your Divine Mother, invite you to sit quietly, bring yourself to peace, and then journey your consciousness upon that pathway to my heart, where you truly reside. Return to me, return home and reside therein ,even if it is for your timekeeping of a few moments. For when you proceed in this manner, you are nourishing your spirit, you are giving to your incarnate projection that fulfillment of being that seems to be illusive in physicality. When you proceed in this manner, you are residing in love itself, you become love itself. And those frequencies of love itself flow forth to reside incarnate and that residing of love incarnate augments the life force.

“Augmenting the life force means that the physical vessel is replenished in many ways, in ways that allow for a balancing and alignment of being, which of course means that there is a greater opportunity for the physicality to heal its distortions. When you also release certain beliefs which seem to hold the essence of the untruth, the essence of separation from the whole, then releasing those beliefs allows the physical to be balanced, to be representing truth as one, to heal itself in ways that the mind or physicality cannot comprehend, yet the healing does occur.

“In these ways, while choosing to reside in the heart of my being, as I said even for a moment, gives to you a breath of truth for your spirit incarnate, a breath of relief from the struggle of the chaos that reside upon earth, a breath of peace within the heart of one that refuses to battle but is tempted to battle even if it is with words. Residing in this choice to flow forth your consciousness to the heart of my being, to love itself, gives to you that strength of one, the strength that develops within you the ability to hold compassion for those who are so very asleep to these truths, those who are still my children as are you, and to have that compassion then frees you from the battle. Do you see?

“When you observe those ones who are battling, who are residing in the chaos and perhaps promoting it, there is a temptation to try to change all of that chaos. Of course there is that temptation because you are awake and you are knowing of the truth of wholeness of being. Yet when you hold compassion, when you allow all beings their choice, then you are able to let go of trying to manipulate physicality’s untruth which is manifest in survival. And then, my dear ones, you are able to be who you really are incarnate.

“It is not that you refuse to assist others. More so, it is that you can assist others without the underlying need to control the results, to control the others’ journey. This will only pull you back into survival’s grasp. When you assist another, it is because your inner being automatically reaches out to love. And it is upon love’s foundation that you can determine what you would do, how you would go forth…or not.

“Remember, my dear ones, this is your journey. It is the journey of all beings as one journey. If you sacrifice the peace of your journey for the chaos of another’s in order to assist that other, then you have forgotten wholeness of being. You have determined that you are not important enough to, in this lifetime, be who you really are. To be who you really are incarnate means, my dear ones, that you are able to reside in truth, in love of self, in love of the journey, and in the knowing that who you are is not your personality or your journey. Who you are is the essence of being residing in the heart of your Divine Mother. And it is there that you can flow forth truth itself.

“Remember too, that truth itself is not understood with the intellect or the mind. Truth itself is known. It is the essence of who you are. It is the life force that flows forth within your beingness and within all that is incarnate.

“My dear ones, raise yourself up! Breathe deeply of peace! Know of the love that takes form as you. Pause for a moment or a few moments and let go of struggling, let go of trying so very hard to be that which you already are. Take a few moments to bask in the powerful frequencies of nature that will embrace you as a demonstration of that which my love does flow forth.

“You are ever holy. You are ever one. You are ever more than physicality can deliver to your knowing. You are being made manifest in many many ways, not only in physicality upon earth. Know this to be true. There are so many journeys within which you reside. Free yourself from believing that you must make this current journey upon earth one that you believe will fulfill you. In the stead, allow the journey to unfold before you. Yes, this take a certain courage because you have invested so much in forming this journey. Yet now is the time to step from the chaos and to allow your beautiful journey to be made manifest for you.

“This does not mean that you do not participate. More so, it means that when you bring yourself to peace, to love, to Divine Love, then you can participate in ways that are of the wholeness, of the celebration of truth, and the knowing that your fulfillment in all of the stories within which you reside, even of this physicality, are but a great gift to you…and to the whole.

“I am your Divine Mother and I hold you, uplift you, invite you to bring this love to your conscious knowing.

“Then I believe I have spoken all that I would for this moment. You are the gift which you seek.

“Then until we speak again, I, the Divine Mother, speak the words so be it.

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