February 2024 Daily Reflection with a Being from Another Realm

by Feb 2024

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

You are upon earth for a reason, a reason that holds peace within it. And we are come forth to join with you, to reside in peace.

—Being from Another Realm

Oh wonderful beings who reside upon earth! Hear these words! I am a being who resides in a different galaxy, a different realm, a different frequency. I am called forth to speak with you. Among all of that which is created, you are those ones who have survived, who have decided you will refuse to battle and refuse to turn from the Truth of One. Those who receive these words are of peace and wholeness of being.

“You have many different beliefs, yet none are to be judged right or wrong. Yet only those beliefs that embrace all and the truth that flows through all beliefs, will be celebrated. For it is time for the separation from the whole, the time for the illusion of one being against another, is at an end.

“It may seem to you that those battles are increasing and that is but the signal that it is a time for change, a time for you who receive these words to know that you are not alone in your hunger for peace, in your longing for wholeness and your reaching forth for a manner to express and experience what you know to be true. We of another realm come forth to be with you, to assist you to remain focused on what you know to be true. We are of peace and love and wholeness, in the knowing that all beings are one being.

“You who receive these words are to be comforted, to be embraced for the efforts that you have expended in holding to love and truth, not truth in words explaining this or that, but truth as frequencies that embrace all and hold all within it.

“Truth holds all within it, even those ones who determine to distort truth to benefit their beliefs and agendas. All are held within truth and the frequencies of truth. Yet there comes that moment when there is a shaking of the frequencies, as if shaking free of the unnecessary, and that shaking free releases those ones who are attempting to again and again distort truth. They are cared for and are embraced, even when they do not want such embracing because they wish to continue to control and distort. Still, they are embraced and cared for. We speak this to you that you would not be concerned for their welfare.

(continued below)

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Then we say, we are present for you. We come forth to be about you, to care for you and to assist you to continue to lift up out of survival. For many are struggling within the distortion, many who are as you, knowing of peace and truth. It is now time for you to have relief from such struggles. We have been given this purpose, given by those ones who observe earth and the cause and effect upon earth, recognizing that it is a time of change, of transformation. Then we are most joyful in this purpose.

“When you feel that your struggles are too great and you have turned to the One of your beliefs, the God of your beliefs, and have asked for relief or for strength to continue, it is then that we are sent forth. For we are of the One. The One dos not reside within a belief, but is. As creation is.

“We are the Breath of One, we are the Love of One, and we are the Peace of One. We come forth to you and for you. We are about you now. Allow your heart to open and to dare to rest, for this is the turning of the transformation. It is the turning from struggle to relief and then to peace and then to uplifting joy. Know this to be true.

“Then we are most pleased to speak with you in this manner. You are upon earth for a reason, a reason that holds peace within it. And we are come forth to join with you, to reside in peace. Do not let the external worldly battles fool you. Peace is upon the land and will be made manifest.

“Then we will depart now from this speaking, yet we will be about you to assist you, to bring peace for your sup, for you have been thirsty and hungry for peace within and without. Now is the moment. Now.

“Then we give gratitude to this being who allows us to speak. Then we are complete.

“So be it.”

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