January 2024 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Jan 2024

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

I am inviting you to participate with me, Teacher, in something extraordinary. Right here and right now.

—Divine Mother

“Greetings! I am Teacher and I come forth to speak with you, beings of light and love and all the good stuff! Why? Why do I come forth to speak with you? Well, mydears, the truth is that it is time to join together and participate in something that will have an effect upon this great earth and upon the beings who reside upon her. You.

“You see, it doesn’t take a genius to know that there are great issues upon the earth, that there is great conflict and that it is a time of great change and transformation. And as we go on with our day-to-day living, there comes that moment when we are called to participate in something extraordinary. This is that moment. And I am inviting you to participate with me, Teacher, in something extraordinary. Right here and right now. This is it.

“Let’s talk about a couple of what-ifs. What if what we do together shifts the entire frequencies manifesting upon earth? What if those who are observing and also those who have determined they will participate with us to assist us during this time of chaos while the entire manifesting of earth and it’s cause and effect is daring us to pay attention, what if our participation tells those ones, radiates out to those ones that we are taking an action to uplift the entirety? What if, when we participate together, there is a spark of light so bright that the battles upon earth pause for a moment? What if our participation together calls forth the seed of peace that it would sprout and grow and grow so big that the battles would have to pay attention to truth instead of the illusion of control and power and the false belief of separation from the whole? What if… what if… what if.

“You see, my dears, there is no limit to what we can do together. And yes, there might not be the kind of demonstration we are seeking. But another what if, what if how we participate together changes the way that our own inner spirit resides? What if what we do together brings us, our spirit, to a more expanded frequency and for that moment and moments to come, we are residing in the beauty of peace, in the wholeness of love, and in the truth of one, one being, one breath, one heart, one.. totality? Huh?

“So. After saying those words, how about it? How about we participate together right here and right now. Oh, you don’t have to dedicate hours. Jut these few moments. Up for it? I am. You see, I, Teacher, care deeply for you and about you. You are here to be magnificent beings. And my dears, you are here to live, to love, to laugh, to dare to be real, even when the illusion calls you to be depressed, to be fearful, to be… forgetting who you really are. So then, I invite you to continue with me, to participate in this manner. It’s easy, my dears. And it’s lovely. Just for you.

“So then, now you know the beginning… Take a few nice deep breaths and relax, setting aside all concerns and setting aside all worries, and setting aside everyone but you. Just you for this moment. Just begin, breathing inward and then breathing outward… knowing that you are totality breathing inward and breathing outward. Just do that for a few breaths.

“Next, together, let’s imagine that we are floating in a lovely frequency, one that holds us safely and at the same time nourishes our spirit. It is as if we are just resting our spirit in this lovely lovely essence. You created this essence long long ago. You created it for the love of those who resided upon earth. And now here you are, residing upon earth and you are benefiting from this creation, one that holds you and loves you and allows you to rest within and upon it. Just allow that to happen, my dears. Just allow yourself to just be and to be held in this beautiful frequency of love and caring, one that you created long ago. Just be with that for a few moments.

(continued below)

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“The New Realm is one of relief from efforting. Now the thinking mind may have entered into the realization that this is possible, yet even the thinking mind doesn’t know how to move from one realm to another. And that is why I have created this course. It is an avenue to move from the realm that no longer suits those ones who are not magnetized to physicality’s play, the play that says more is better and being better is more. I have created that avenue so that the journey is easy and the letting go is automatic.

“When a child is holding on to something that he or she likes, when the real thing is placed before them, their hands automatically let go of that something and they reach out to the real. That is what this course is all about. It is very real. The frequencies and invitation are real and will assist those who choose to participate to enter into the New Realm. The New Realm is comfort, home and more…much more.”


“Next, now here we go, my dears, I invite you to place your focus upon your heart energy center. You know all about this and have done this many many times, I am certain. But for this moment, jut place your focus upon that heart energy center and breathe through your heart. How do you do that? It’s easy.

“Firstly imagine. Imagine that you are breathing inward through the top of your head, through your crown energy center… and that breath flows all the way down to your heart energy center. Breathing inward… all the way down to your heart energy center. And when you breathe outward you are breathing outward though that heart, that beautiful heart energy center.

“So then I will breathe with you now… breathing inward… and then flowing down to the heart and then breathing outward. Let’s do that together three times.

“Breathing inward… and then outward through the heart…

“Breathing inward through the crown energy center… and then breathing outward through the heart.

“And one more time, breathing inward… And then outward.

“Now rest for a moment. What we have done is activate that flowing and that manner of breathing.

“Now we have a pathway for our participation together. The participation is this.

“Firstly, imagine. Imagine that there is a frequency that resides within your being, a frequency that is so very beautiful, so filled with the ingredients of peace, the ingredients of love, the ingredients of wholeness of being… and that is of course the essence of who you are incarnate.

“So then we are calling forth the essence of that which we are to form as a pyramid at the top of our head, resting right in that crown energy center. And how we do that is by speaking and intending these words:

“By my divine right, I call forth the essence of the truth that I am, the essence of peace, the essence of love, the essence of oneness of being… to form itself as a pyramid in the crown energy center of my being.

“So then, go ahead and speak those words and allow that forming, my dears. I will assist you. Just take your time and speak the words and breathe forth from your very core of your being, that essence and allow it to form that pyramid at the top of your head, resting upon you crown energy center.

“All right now, together, if you choose, we are going to breathe that pyramid into our crown energy center and then downward, as we have created the pathway, downward to our heart energy center. We will do this while breathing inward, as we have practiced together.

“Then we will breathe outward, intending those frequencies to flow outward and to embrace all beings, all creations, all formings and unformings, that there be within the flowing forth, the also calling forth from all beings the very same frequencies, that they are vibrating in such a manner that totality breathes itself awake. Ah! Now you see how magnificent our participating can be!

“So then, now let’s do that together. You have created your pyramid, you are now breathing it into your crown energy center…. Do that now… and then you are flowing that breath downward to your heart energy center. Breathing inward and following that breath all the way down to your heart energy center, bringing in the frequencies of your pyramid down into that heart energy center. Pausing for a moment.

“And then breathing outward those frequencies, allowing all that you are and have brought to consciousness to flow outward to all beings, to all that is incarnate, to all that resides, that the truth of totality, the truth of wholeness of being calls forth the awakening of those frequencies.

“All right now, let’s breathe this way three times together…. Berating inward all the way down to the heart energy center… breathing outward those frequencies that you have created and called forth. And the same once again… And the same once again.

“All right now, just rest for a moment and allow. What are you allowing? Well, my dears, you are allowing the divine essence that forms as you to flow forth, to reach out to all beings that they remember, that all beings have the opportunity to awaken to the truth that all beings are one being, that all breath is one breath, that peace resides, that love resides, that joy resides, that Truth is…ever more. Yes.

“Now pause for a moment once again, and I, Teacher invite you to participate once more with me. This is just for you, for the incarnate you who dares to be present during this time of great shifting and change. I ask you to now breathe from that pyramid into your entire being, to allow the essence of that which you have called forth, the pyramid of essence of being, to flow downward through all of our energy centers, to balance, to align, to love, to hold as treasure the truth of that which you are. Just breathe downward now and then allow… and when breathing outward, you are speaking the words:

“All of totality resides as One. I am One. I am the divine essence taking form in this moment called eternity.

“Let’s do that now, my dears, gifting yourself a clearing, an alignment, and a loving embrace. Allowing all Ancient Ones to hold you in the love of the universe, allowing all angels to breathe a breath of joy and delight into your frequencies. And allowing the totality of creation itself to rest within the lovely lovely beingness that forms as you incarnate. You are most magnificent, my dears. You are the shining light. You are the breath of peace. You are the joy of love expressing itself in every manner possible. You are the flowing forth of healing as distortion is dissolved and truth remains. You are the fulfillment that has yearned to express itself upon earth. You are the sigh of relief, that all is well, that all is manifesting perfectly and as it does, truth remains and the distortion dissolves, revealing paradise once again. This we do together, my dears. This we do together.

“Then take a few moments to rest, to allow, to bask in the expression of divinity taking form.

“I am most fond of you, my dears, most fond.

“Then until we speak together again, I am Teacher and I speak the words so be it.

“So be it.”

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