July 2020 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Jul 2020

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“I would like to speak with you about the grand plan, but it is not about this current cause and effect; yet because all is one, then we will be speaking of this current time and much more.”


“Greetings! I am Teacher and I flow forth to speak with you all, all who receive these words and also those who will not receive these words directly but will feel the vibrational frequencies flowing forth for the purpose of uplifting the consciousness of humanity. For, there is much that is and has been occurring upon this earth and within the lives of the multitudes. And many have been so very focused on what is right and what is wrong, who did the right thing and who did the wrong thing, and further trying to figure out how each one fits into the grand plan and perhaps even wondering what is the grand plan.

“Then, I would like to speak with you about the grand plan, but it is not about this current cause and effect; yet because all is one, then we will be speaking of this current time and much more.

“You see, my beloved ones, you have been journeying upon this earth for many many lifetimes. Though some of you believe you are new and perhaps view others and think that they are either old souls or new souls, I say to you each and every being has resided upon this earth many many times. Now what does that mean and what does that have to do with this topic, the grand plan? This.

“There is a reason that you and many others do not have a remembrance of previous lifetimes lived upon earth. And though some of you have been able to access previous times within the cause and effect of the time stream, still, there are many more that you do not remember and will not remember. Why? You are here to fulfill a purpose. We have spoken of this topic many times as well. You are here to hold the frequency of truth and love incarnate… consciously. Now that word consciously is what you all the biggie. You see, you are automatically holding truth and love by the very fact that you are divine essence taking form and residing within a vessel, the body-physical, the human nature and its persona. Yet it is the purpose of the journey to awaken and to continue to awaken, ever expanding your capability to remain incarnate whilst consciously residing in truth and love.

“Now as you are well aware, if you have been receiving any of the speakings or teachings that I have had the pleasure of speaking, that the truth of who you are is not the human or that personality but is the life force essence of being. That is you. You might call it by any other name, divine essence, spirit of one, the one being; yet I say to you without your presence, then there is no residing for that human or its personality. You are indeed and in truth, the life force racing through that body-physical.

(continued below)

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“The New Realm is one of relief from efforting. Now the thinking mind may have entered into the realization that this is possible, yet even the thinking mind doesn’t know how to move from one realm to another. And that is why I have created this course. It is an avenue to move from the realm that no longer suits those ones who are not magnetized to physicality’s play, the play that says more is better and being better is more. I have created that avenue so that the journey is easy and the letting go is automatic.

“When a child is holding on to something that he or she likes, when the real thing is placed before them, their hands automatically let go of that something and they reach out to the real. That is what this course is all about. It is very real. The frequencies and invitation are real and will assist those who choose to participate to enter into the New Realm. The New Realm is comfort, home and more…much more.”


“Yet that is not exactly what I am asking you to be more conscious of. I am inviting you to become more conscious of the truth that you are participating in this grand plan and the plan is to fully incarnate truth and its vibration. Now you know that truth is neither right nor wrong, we are not speaking of an intellectual truth. More so, we are speaking of a vibrational frequency, one that includes totality of all that has been and is being created.

“And as you have resided in those many lifetimes, you have had the opportunity to dare to step from the expected manners of being, especially within the ancient histories where those who dared to step from the established beliefs were not only persecuted but were tortured and put to death. And yes, you have experienced those times. Yet in the many lifetimes, you did dare and you did begin to have an inkling that there was something more to this journey that moving around physicality, more to the journey than manifesting external fulfillment—not that either of these explorations were wrong; but that you discovered and are continuing to discover that there will always be that calling in physicality. It is unending; there is no end goal within the physical satisfactions and creations.

“And you did then ask where is the peace? You did ask, where is the love? You did ask, where is the wholeness, that which binds us all together as one being? And when you asked yourself the question, where is the one being and there was no answer, you eventually came to know that you are that one. You are all that one; you are all the one being taking form in a myriad of ways in order to experience truth incarnate consciously and to further hold those frequencies for the uplifting of the consciousness of the all who are floundering in the midst of great suffering simply because they are not quite ready to awaken.

“You might think that something should be done about this. You might even have your own meditations to assist the mass consciousness and I say that is most admirable and I am proud of you for participating in this way. And then I will say, the most important action that you can do is to love yourself, deeply, unconditionally. To cease form blaming yourself for something that happened in the past of this lifetime , or to cease from reasoning that if you are having a difficulty in this lifetime that you are being punished for something that happened in a past lifetime.

 “The most important action that you can participate within right now is to forgive yourself for any and all action or inaction, to love yourself as you are right here and right now; and then to breathe forth that love and forgiveness yes, into the masses. But let us all remember. To intellectually recognize that this is a good idea, that this is a beautiful way to reside is not the same as dong what I have suggested. Action in this instance is not in the mind but in the depths of your being.

 “How do you do that? Well, my dears, it is easy. If you can sit quietly, away from anyone or any influence such as the sounds of the news or the talking of others; if you can sit quietly by yourself undisturbed, and take some deep breaths and relax. Now this might sound so very simply to your thinking mind, yet if you begin to participate in is manner, you might find that your thinking mind is still very busy, even when you don’t want it to be. We’ve spoken of this little tool that seems to work with that thinking mind. You can simply say to your mind: first I want to have this experience and then I am going to want to think about it. Until then, you can rest.

“Then when the thoughts come to you, you can further say, I’ll think about this later. If you continue in this manner, you will eventually find yourself at peace. Ahhh. Wonderful peace. Now some of you might be adept at meditating and be able to set aside your thinking mind easily. Then you can continue with this suggestion.

“Now if you are not adept at setting aside that active mind, this doesn’t mean that you are less-than. It simply means that you haven’t practiced it… yet. But if you continue, you will be able to easily enter into a peaceful manner of being, a quiet manner of being, where your inner self is whole and at rest.

“Next, ask yourself if there is anything or any one or any circumstance that you still blame yourself for. Oh don’t worry, when you ask that question, there will be an answer, perhaps several answers. Just take a moment and allow the information to come, perhaps it will present itself in a memory of the past or words that you had with someone. Just write down on a paper two or three words to remind you of what you are remembering. Continue in this manner until there are no more memories flowing forth.

“Next, ask yourself what are the reasons you have believed you are unlovable. Now you are not focusing on any other person, place or situation in this instance. You are simply asking yourself why you believe you are unlovable. This might take the form of listing what you believe are imperfections. Now don’t hesitate to do this, my dears. Stay with me on this and you’ll see why I am suggesting this action.

“Again, write down the few words tp remind you of these beliefs, these parameters around being able to be loved.

“All right now. Take some deep breaths and just be. Now I’ll bet, as you have the phrase, I’ll bet you thought that I was going to guide you to attend to each and every one that came forth in both instances, the forgiveness and love. But I am not. This is not a counseling session, after all. Just sit quietly and rest. Don’t be in a hurry to continue.

“When you are ready, recognize that each and every item that you remembered or called forth in both instances, forgiveness and love, have nothing to do with you and everything to do with your human nature and its persona or personality. Remember, you are the divine, you are the essence of being, the life force. The cause and effect and its judgments and tuggings are part of the journey of your human, your vessel.

“Then you can perhaps see ahead where we are going with this. Take a moment and remember this truth. All of the cause and effect, the judgments and praisings, the forgiveness or non-forgiveness, the loving or unlovable, all is part of your human’s journey. This does not make all of the ingredients of this journey inconsequential, of course not. Yet.

“Yes, there is a yet. You are here to experience the truth of who you are consciously whilst incarnate. This means that it is up to you to assist your human nature to awaken, to allow you, its expanded consciousness, to flow forth and to be the determining factor in the journey. In order for your human nature to do that, there must be forgiveness, selfforgiveness, and love, self-love. And that comes from you. The human is truly not capable of forgiving him or herself completely simply because there is the absence of truth whilst incarnate. Why? The absence of truth is a direct result of the illusion of separation from the whole, that which physicality tends to promote by the simply nature of physicality.

“Then, I ask you to speak to your human nature. Now some of you might find this to be a bit odd. That’s all right. Over the many lifetimes you have certainly participated in what could be considered odd. Just take a daring step and participate. You will see that the results are deep and meaningful.

“Take a moment and speak to your human nature, your vessel. Tell that human nature that you are present, that you are the divine essence and are present to care for him or her. Then, speak the truth. Tell your human nature that he or she is forgiven for any and all actions or inactions, for anything that was said or done that he or she regrets or wishes never happened. Tell that wonderful vessel of yours that you totally and completely forgive everything in the past, the present and even in the future. Then pause for a moment and allow those frequencies to flow though that human nature and its personality. Allow the truth to reside.

“Next, continue in a similar manner, telling your human nature that he or she is totally and completely loved, that there is nothing that he or she could do to cease that love. Tell that human that divine love has no boundaries and that you breathe forth that love now and evermore, during this journey and during all journeys. Whisper: you are loved beyond the words; you are loved always. You are loved ever more. I, your divine essence, do love you now, right now. Then again rest and allow those frequencies to flow through that human and its personality. Just allow.

“Now you might think that you have to repeat this action, but the truth is that if you continue to allow that human to be, to forgive all actions or inactions, to love that human regardless of what he or she thinks, concludes or opinions; then there is no need to repeat anything. You have taken the leap of faith whilst incarnate. You have begun to further merge your consciousness within that human and its personality, and that, my dears, is truth consciously incarnate.

“Do you see? Now you are participating in a next level of your journey within the cause and effect in this present lifetime. And the good news is that the more that you reside in this manner, the more that all of your previous lifetimes begin to hold the same frequency: awakened consciousness incarnate.

“As you are perhaps aware, all lifetimes are truly occurring right in this moment and it is the stretching of time that gives the illusion that everything is past and futuristic. But this moment, right here and right now, is the pulse beat, the creative force taking form and releasing form. You are that force. You are the All taking form, flowing forth in a myriad of ways. You are the One Being taking form and flowing yourself forth in a myriad of ways. You are truth incarnate. You are love incarnate.

“You are the answer. The answer to any and all questions. All else is the mind’s need to understand the illusion of separation from the whole. Now the mind does a very good job at all of this and that is perfect for the mind. Yet you are a consciousness and though the mind has its functions within the cause and effect certainly, the truth remains that your conscious awareness is the guiding factor to the mind’s making good decisions, choices or non-choices. As Truth flows forth within your incarnating, then the mind begins to receive that guidance and allows itself to become more, more of the totality and less of the illusion.

“Do you see? This is the continuing awakening. Your journey. And it is just gloriously wonderful!

“I am Teacher and I am most pleased to be speaking with you in this manner. Then until we speak again, I depart with the words so be it.

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