July 2021 Daily Reflection with the Light Beings

by Jul 2021

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“We are inviting you to know these truths about yourself so that you can, in the face of life’s challenges, discover an easier way to flow through that which comes to you.”

—the Light Beings

“Greetings! We are the Light Beings and we come forth to speak with you, humans who reside upon earth, to deliver to you truths that will uplift your spirit and will open an avenue for you to understand more clearly not only who you are, but also why you are present upon earth. We recognize that many have spoken with you upon these topics and our speaking is not to negate any of those speakings, but is meant to augment what you have discovered about yourself.

“It is not important who we are yet we will say, for your comfort in receiving these words, that we journey forth from the light of creation itself. We have been observing earth and its inhabitants and have seen the suffering and the efforting to uplift from the suffering. We have seen many try to assist the many, to reach forth into the conscious- ness to release false beliefs and control, to deliver to all those truths that can perhaps little by little establish a frequency of freedom, freedom from the oppression that seems to be residing upon earth.

“This oppression tends to be blamed upon beings, upon governments and perhaps upon extraterrestrials. Yet we say that the oppression is totally due to the frequencies that are residing now upon earth. These frequencies are in chaos. Why are they in chaos? There is a change occurring and you are well aware of this change. Many of you have begun to celebrate the truth that the consciousness upon earth is awakening. This is true. Yet there is also a holding on to the old beliefs. Why is this holding on occurring? It is resting upon fear, fear of loss of something that has given many a feeling of security and safety. Yet now that safety, inner safety, is being challenged and this is causing chaos within, which is demonstrated by chaos without.

“Now we would like to speak with you about the emerging truth and the releasing of this chaos so that earth and its inhabitants can begin to reside in peace. And you might have the thought that peace seems to be so very distant, that there is the opposite occurring upon earth, across the entire earth. Yet we say to you that there is more occurring. Even those who receive these words are beings who are choosing to reside in peace; who, even when there is a challenge and an opportunity to battle even with opinions, are refusing to enter into that battle. There are many many beings upon earth who are choosing to breathe forth love to all beings. To all beings.

“Now these participations are not in the news and are not broadcast outward for all to know, to participate within. There are many theories about control, about conspiracies and it is not that this information is right or wrong. We simply speak that there is something better to focus upon. And it is your part in this process upon earth.

“We are not speaking of heavy responsibilities, those manners of being that feel to be too much to you simply because your lifely journey is already filled with the cause and effect that seems to take from you your energies, your thoughts, your happiness. More so, we are inviting you to know these truths about yourself so that you can, in the face of life’s challenges, discover an easier way to flow through that which comes to you. Some of what comes to you is difficult and some of what comes to you is a challenge; yet also some of what comes to you is loving, kind and generous in comforting manners of being. And it is these latter that we would deliver to you for the benefit of your journey.

“Firstly we would speak of who you really are. Now you have had many speakings upon this topic and we would simply add and not challenge those speakings. We, the Light Beings, say to you, you are holy beings. You have journeyed through many life- times. You have lived many causes and effects. And now you are at the peak of your residing. You are now being invited to emerge from the old ways, from the survival ways, from the fear of what will occur next in your journey. Now your human nature has every reason to be concerned about what will occur next. It is your human nature that has been efforting to do its best with every circumstance. And now we say to you, you are more than this.

“You are more than your human nature, though your human nature is the treasure of your manner of incarnating during this time of great light and truth as it is made manifest upon earth. You are more than the personality that you have been led to believe is the real you. You are more than your journey upon earth. You are more than this lifetime. All of these ways of experiencing and expressing who you really are, are valid of course, yet they do not define who you are. They are simply avenues upon which you can discover the truth of who you are in every circumstance. You see, every circumstance gives you the opportunity to awaken to your own frequency as it flows forth to meet those circumstances… as you did in many lifetimes before this lifetime.

(continued below)


The Divine Mother’s Messages of Truth

Transforming, Uplifting and Deeply Meaningful

Hello Friends,

Something wonderful has happened! It all began last spring when a soft voice came into my consciousness, a voice that I knew well. The Divine Mother said that she would like to speak a book. She wasn’t kidding!

I began channeling the Divine Mother’s book that spring. As her words flowed forth, I came to realize that this would be no ordinary book. The teachings were deep, meaningful and entered into unexpected topics like the DNA of the Time Stream, the Whys of War, Challenging Illusion, as well as guidance for personal deep inner journeys. In the end, there were thirty-two speakings!

I am excited to announce that The Divine Mother’s Messages of Truth is now available!

Here’s what this amazing book includes:

  • Thirty-Two deep and meaningful original teachings
  • Eleven never-before-released Mystical Gold Classes with the Divine Mother
  • Seven Reflections-Over-the Years with the Divine Mother

Friends, The Divine Mother’s Messages of Truth is an amazing volume of over 400 pages filled with your adventure into some of the most expanded truths you will ever find. This is your opportunity to enter into a spiritual evolution, a pathway into the deeper truth of who you really are and who we are together!

I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to offer this volume with love and best wishes for your continued fulfilling journey,

“And now you are or have been subject to reaction, the reactions of your human nature and its instincts. That is not a crime, not horrible. Yet in this being subjected to the emotional journey, you have forgotten your own choice, the power of your own choice. There are frequencies upon earth now that envelope all who fear, all who react and all who determine that life is a struggle. Those frequencies are captivating the many. Yet you do have a choice. You do not have to be captivated by what is occurring within these frequencies. There are other frequencies. What are they?

“The other frequencies upon earth are vibrating in such a way that they invite you to remember, to remember who you are. What are you remembering? You are calling forth those frequencies from within your own beingness, the frequencies that have birthed themselves in many many lifetimes, the frequencies of truth, of light, of love, and of awakened incarnating of the essence of creation itself. You are that creation taking form in the moment, in this moment. That is what you are remembering and these frequencies of Light and Truth are calling forth as a magnet those within your being, to invite you, to encourage you, to call you forth to remember that you are in this moment and in every moment creation itself. What does this mean?

“It means that you are now residing upon an earth that holds those frequencies that are most compatible to the real you. These frequencies are currently vibrating for your benefit. And while you can feel the frequencies of survival, of difficulties, and of the many challenges within the cause and effect, you can also feel and recognize these frequencies that are a match to your beingness incarnate. Do you see?

“You are here to incarnate the frequencies of creation itself, that which you are. And now, especially now, there are those frequencies to match that of you. We are most certain that you have not felt a match to the frequencies of difficulties and perhaps at times you have said, “Life is not supposed to be this way. My journey and all journeys are not supposed to be this way.” We say, how did you know that? You knew it for certain, within the very substance of your beingness, that there is something that is you, some- thing that is true, something that is light and wanting to be made manifest, pushing aside the difficulties and harshness that has been developing itself. You knew and you know now this to be true.

“And it is your very presence upon earth, within this moment, that you are not alone. There are many as you are, many who know that there is supposed to be some- thing different, something holy, something filled with light and love, something that is comforting and joyful; and you also can know now that there are frequencies that are supporting this knowing. These frequencies vibrate even whilst we speak these words to you.

“We say, uplift your spirit, do not allow yourself to become downtrodden by the frequencies of the cause and effect that propagate the untruth, the untruth that all are separate and alone and have a reason to fear. Do not allow yourself to be captivated by those reports that tell you of how horrible everything is. Instead, go to nature, walk in nature, go to flowing water and observe the beauty of the waters, go to a quiet place and bring yourself to peace and within that peace, within that observing of water, within that residing in nature… in all of these ways, allow yourself to feel the frequencies that are a match to your beingness, to perhaps your hopes and dreams of peace upon earth.

“Allow yourself to awaken more and more to these frequencies. They will bring you to a greater awareness of who you are. You will begin more and more to feel it. Even if you know these words and truths to be true to you, still dare to experience more, the more of who you are. And when you do, then the frequencies of truth and light will cover the earth more and more. This is not your responsibility as in a job. More so, it is your gift to yourself.

“You are then choosing the earth and the world that you know to be correct, the earth that you have said “It is supposed to be different than this.” This is the different. The frequencies that are a match to the truth of who you are, the different frequencies, that which creates truth incarnate, love incarnate, peace incarnate, comfort incarnate, a big sigh of relief incarnate, a weeping for the validity of that which you know to be true…incarnate…because you are incarnate and that is who you are…all of that and more.

“Then we, the Light Beings, are most pleased to be speaking with you in this manner for this brief speaking. And we give gratitude to this vessel for allowing us to flow forth to speak with you, the holy ones residing upon earth. Then we are complete for this moment. So be it.”

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