July 2022 Daily Reflection with Ancient One

by Jul 2022

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

I’d like to talk with you about love. Now, don’t go turning away from this talk because you think that it’s going to be a little spongy and not powerful enough for you.

—Ancient One

Greetings, I am Ancient One and I come forward to speak with you briefly, to have a little chat as you have the phrase. And I’d like to talk with you about love. Now, don’t go turning away from this talk because you think that it’s going to be a little spongy and not powerful enough for you.

“I’d like to talk with you about how to respond to what’s going on, on the earth, how to respond to what’s going on in the cause and effect. For there have been many, many horrific events. And many feel to be quite in despair. Many are suffering as a result of these events. And there are those of you who have determined, much to your credit, that you would send love to those ones, that you would send love to all beings upon the earth, without exception.

“Now this is an a very advanced manner of being if you are doing this, because why? Because it’s easy to send love to those who you believe are having a difficult time, to those who are suffering. But to send love to all beings without conditions, without exception, means that you are also sending love to those who have caused the difficulties, caused the pain and suffering. And why is this most admirable. Because you have placed your consciousness in the awareness that all beings are one being, that there really is no separation, that the spirit of one resides in all beings, without exception.

“So then, what delineates, so to speak, what is the difference between those who are suffering and those who have caused the suffering is a matter of consciousness. And you have a part in that consciousness. If you are receiving these words, you have a part in the consciousness that is awakening upon Earth, the consciousness that has an understanding and a compassion for all beings. For, those who are causing suffering, my dears, are lost. They are lost to their own truth of being. They are asleep to the truth of who they really are. And it is the same for many, many beings.

“So then, when you determine that you are going to send love to even those who are suffering, and if you have expanded your consciousness to include truth, and you are sending love to all beings without exception, then I, Ancient One, want to ask you how are you doing that? How are you sending that love?

“And that’s what this little chat is about, to understand more who you are, and what that love is about, and how you can actually send that love to all beings without exception.

“So then, the first topic about love is — and you’ll know this, as soon as I say it — is about how you are loving yourself. For, the saying has been around for a very long time, how can you love another if you do not love yourself? And you can say, “Well, of course I love myself,” and that may be very true. But before you determine to send love out from your being to all beings, there is called forth an awareness. And what is that awareness? The awareness is how have you been treating yourself? How have you been speaking to yourself? You call that inner dialogue. How is that inner dialogue been affecting you?

“So then we come to the very basics, so to speak. Have you learned how to criticize yourself for your imperfections? And what does that do? My dears, when you criticize yourself for your imperfections, you are actually denying the truth of who you are. You are believing that you are just a human being, that you are human. And that’s all there is to it. But you know very well if you are receiving these words, that there’s much more to you than being a human being.

“There’s a life force, the divine essence, that flows forth to fill that human beingness. If that life force, that divine essence was not, then you would not be living, you would not be incarnate. So then, when you are in the pattern of denying your beauty, of denying your capabilities, because you have had perhaps some rough times… perhaps you have had beings in your life who tell you how imperfect you are. Perhaps you have suffered in that way, for a very long time. And you have accepted that pattern into yourself. And now you are the one who is criticizing yourself, you are the one who trying to find what is wrong with you. There doesn’t even have to be a reason. It’s an old pattern. And it’s all part of the suffering of survival.

“So then, before you are going to send out love to the entirety of all beings, you are then pausing for a moment. And it does not have to be a full day of meditation. I’m not talking about that. I’m saying you are pausing for a moment. And you are asking of yourself, what have I been saying to myself about myself? Have I remembered to say to myself: I am a divine being incarnate. I am the all taking form. The vibration of totality of being is the vibration of that which I am. I am truly gifted with the divine essence as it flows within me. I reside in a vessel that is a human vessel. But that is my vessel. And I am grateful for it. But it is not the totality of who I am. I am much more. I have been given the gift to reside incarnate to what you call have a life and within this life, then you are saying to yourself, I pause for a moment and be grateful for life itself. Be grateful for being awake, awake enough to recognize that I am much more than that which I have been given to believe. My life here upon Earth is not to become perfect. It is not to find my imperfections. My life here is a journey, an unfolding journey to awaken to the more of that which I am, to reside in the truth that I am a divine being incarnate.

“And then, once you have stated those words or words similar, you recognize that all of the criticism is an unimportant. It is what could be called fake. It’s an untruth. When there have been words coming to you saying you must be this way, in order to be spiritual. You must be that way in order to be holy. You must be this way or that way and you are neither, but if you try very hard, you can get to be a spiritual being. All of those words are not true. You already are the holiness itself. You already are the essence of that which is called love.

“Love resides within the knowingness of totality of being. When there is a separation from the whole in your consciousness, the separation being that I must be this in order to get to be that, that separation… that denies totality of being, that denies that you are already most beautiful. And when you can, for a moment, recognize that you are most beautiful, that your spirit is the spirit of one, and there is nothing that is withheld from you. You are not only divinely loved, you are that love itself. And when you can pause for a moment and recognize this truth, then my dears, you are ready to consider emanating and radiating your love to the totality of all beings. And if you choose to radiate your love to those who are suffering, because of certain event that is alright, of course, it is always your choice. So then once you recognize that there is no need to criticize yourself for being imperfect, then you can proceed.

“Now, how do you actually radiate that love outward? Firstly, you must reside within it. So then how do you reside within that divine love within that totality of being, because totality of being is divine love, the way that you experience that divine love is called an emotional experience. But the emotion of love, the emotion of love, is not the love itself. It is an experience of it.

(continued below)

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So how do we get to the love first, before we decide to experience it and radiate it outward? In this manner, and it is very easy. Firstly, you are sitting quietly, setting aside all of your thoughts just for a moment. And you know how to do that already. And if some thoughts seem to be bothering you, you can say to those thoughts, I’ll think about you later. But right now I am choosing peace, and you reside in that peace.

“And then, from the crown energy center of your being do you place this choice. And how do you do that? Firstly, you can use your imagination, because why? Because an imagination tells your thinking mind that it’s not important. So when you send the message to your thinking mind that I’m going to do something that’s not quite real, because it’s called imagination, then your thinking mind says to you actually, “Oh, alright, go ahead because it’s just imagination.”

“So then, you imagine that you are placing in in your crown energy center, a calling forth. So then you place your thoughts, your imagination in that area at the top of your head where resides your crown energy center. And you are reside there for a moment. You don’t have to do anything or make anything happen. It is your center and it is already vibrating and functioning as the best that it can. So then, while your imagination is placing your consciousness in that crown energy center, then now here are some facts.

“Above that your crown energy center is your auric field energy center. The auric field energy center actually holds the patterns for your incarnating beingness. Above that, energy center is the etheric energy center. The etheric energy center holds what is called perfection of being. As the divine essence flows forth, it flows toward physicality and resides within that energy center above your being, the etheric energy center. And it flows forth the patterns of perfection of being. Now, we’ve already said in these speakings before, but we’ll say them again, the reason that you are not then incarnating perfection of being is that you would have no need to reside here, you would return to one.

“So, then the etheric energy center frequencies of perfection of being flow forth, and enter that auric field energy center. And there, the perfection of being is shifted and changed to accommodate the patterns that demonstrate themselves to you as your incarnate beingness.

“So then, from your crown energy center, as you are imagining that you are residing there, then you are calling forth that called the essence of totality of being as it is expressed as love incarnate. That’s all you are doing. You don’t have to make anything happen because you are who you are. You have choice, then this is the manner that you can choose. Once you choose in that manner, you allow. Now some of you might feel a frequency flowing into your crown energy center and some of you might not experience anything at all. That is not proof in the pudding, so to speak, you are simply calling it forth.

“And then with your imagination, you are then flowing that essence, from your crown energy center, down into your entire being. How can you do that? You are simply imagining it. It is as if you are imagining a golden essence, just the essence of being, sparkling essence. And you are imagining that it is flowing down through your entire being, all the way down through your entire being, through your physicality, through all of the energy centers, you’re just imagining, filling your entire being. Now, then you have the frequencies within your essence, your creative being, that which you are incarnate.

“And then you go to an area with your consciousness with your imagination… You have an area that is your heart energy center. And then above your heart energy center, there is another center, you might say it is in the middle of your the chest of your being. That is another heart energy center. It is one of three, but we’re speaking about this one now. So then, in your chest area, you place your imagination there.

“And you call forth by choice. You’re just choosing, I call forth the essence of totality of being that it might be expressed through the emotions of love. Why do you want to express it through the emotions of love? Because when there is a feeling, then it brings that frequency into the human nature’s experience. Because it is the human nature of you and of all beings that experiences the frequencies of truth, the frequencies of love and many other experiences.

“So then you are choosing to call forth that essence of divine love as an experience and expression within that heart energy center, this second type energy center that resides in the center of the chest of your being. It is above and your heart energy center and it is below you our throat energy centers, it’s right in the middle ,right there in the center of that chest. And you are just calling forth that divine essence of love, that it might be experienced and expressed.

“Then what do you do next? All right, the next using your imagination, you remember a time when you really experienced love. You don’t have to sift through all of your memories, you are just calling forth a memory. There could be many, many, if you are gifted being, but you are calling forth one memory, it will come to you, of Love. It could be that you felt that another was loving you. It could be that you felt that you were loving another. You could be that you were in nature and you felt the totality of love. It could be that you looked at an infant and saw the beauty of the infant. And that was an expression of love. Simply calling forth one memory, that’s all.

“And just allow that memory to fill you. Just remembering how wonderful, feeling it once again, that wonderful love. And when you have that love within that center, then pause for a moment. Remember who you are, a divine being incarnate. And then you are choosing: I breathe forth the expression of this divine love. And then you are saying to whatever you choose, but it is most glorious, to actually reside in totality and to choose: I breathe forth this expression of divine love to all beings without exception.

“And then allow that flowing to go forth. You’re not actually breathing a breath, you are allowing that flowing forth from that energy center, to flow forth. You can choose. You can say, I breathe forth the expression of this love and the essence of this love to those who are suffering from… and you say a certain event if you want to. Yet once again I say to you, you are a divine being and because you are a divine being, you are most capable of residing in the consciousness of totality. And from that consciousness of totality, can you breathe forth the expression of divine love to all beings without exception. And you are simply allowing.

Sometimes, so to speak, when you express love in this manner, you will feel your consciousness expanding. It will be perhaps, that you have entered a deeper meditative state, a more expanded consciousness, to allow yourself to reside in this manner.

“And when you believe that you are complete, then allow that expression of love to turn inward and to filll you, to fill you to overflowing with so much love that it flows upward to that crown energy center and flows outward into your entire auric field. So much divine love have you called forth to be experienced. Or to simply be, just to simply be.

“And when you are complete and you can allow this to then be experienced for a period of time, so to speak, you can decide that you have participated enough, then it is to put the inside of your two wrists together and speak the words, so be it. When you do that, when you place the inside of your two wrists together and speak the words so be it, then you have incarnated that experience, then it is incarnate and real, because you have created it to be so.

“In this manner, my dears, you have participated in a way that parts the seas of suffering and breathes a breath of truth into the untruth. It is part of your journey… to reside in truth and to breathe it forth.

“Then when you are complete, remember you are, that there is no need to criticize yourself, there is no need to find something that is imperfect, find something that you have done wrong, to look into your past and remember an event and see how you could have done it better, so to speak. You do not need to do that. You are residing in the present moment. And within the present moment, my dears, do you be truth itself.

“That is who you really are, the vibration and frequency of one oneness of being. Where there is no separation, there is no need to be better-than or lesser-than. There is only the one breath, the one being that you have breathed forward to take form as the many.

“All right now, I believe that’s a handy and loving chat that I breathe forth to you. Because, my dears, I am most fond of you. I am most fond of you. And I would so very much enjoy seeing you be thrilled and happy with who you really are. And loving your human nature for trying so very hard. And when you love your human nature, you can relieve that human nature from trying so very hard, to just be in this one moment called totality.

“Then, it is my pleasure speaking with you. I give gratitude to this vessel for allowing me to speak to you. And until we speak again, I am Ancient One and I speak the words, So be it.

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