June 2022 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Jun 2022

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“I would like to see you recognize a choice, a choice for how you will experience the difficulties as well as the pleasures of your lifely journey upon earth during these times of great change and perhaps challenges.”


Greetings! Greetings, my dears! I am Teacher and come forth to what you might call “have a little chat” with you. Why? I would like to see you recognize a choice, a choice for how you will experience the difficulties as well as the pleasures of your lifely journey upon earth during these times of great change and perhaps challenges.

“You see, my dears, the past has a way of delivering to us those frequencies that tend to capture us and hold us within them. Now why would that be happening? You might have decided that you are complete with certain memoires, certain cause and effects that occurred in the past and yet… yes, and yet they come around every once in while to not only tap you on the shoulder, but also to hold you within them. Why? And perhaps a better questions is, how can we together change that experience? So then, now you know what this chat is all about!

“There is not one being who doesn’t have something in the past that is difficult to deal with or was at the time and there seems to be left over frequencies that want to be lived again, leftover frequencies that demand an emotional participation, whether that participation is anger, sadness, pain, sorrow or despair and the likes of depression. That’s the full gambit of what the difficult past experiences call forth. There’s no denying them when they float forth, those memories, perhaps even during a wonderful time a little slip or slice of the past dares to present itself to you.

“Now let’s understand the reason for this before we learn how to change that experience. As you are well aware, this journey resides within cycles, as if one is residing within a vortex that is expanding and allowing new expressions and experiences to create themselves for the fulfillment of the journey’s purpose. So then, let’s look at those words “for the fulfillment of the journey’s purpose” shall we? What is that all about?

“While you have perhaps stated a purpose for this journey, either stated that purpose before you incarnated, or perhaps stated a purpose during the journey itself, the journey itself also has a purpose. What is it? Well, the journey resides within the histories of long long ago when the density of physicality captured the consciousness in a sleep state and beings forgot who they really are and were. The purpose of the journey then flowed forth from the totality of all. The totality of all called forth what has been called “the return to one” and with that calling forth, there holds within it the truth of taking form and releasing form. So then, within the physical journey, there is embedded in the expression of the taking of form and the releasing of form, that called the return to one… all nestled within the releasing of form, which is in effect the return to one as there is nothing prohibiting the experience of oneness of being.

“Then to keep this more simple, we could say that the purpose of the journey is to consciously return to the truth of one. And the word consciously is a key word, now isn’t it. Why? One might be thinking that we are all one anyway, so why is there a need to return to one? Yet the sleep state to that truth has led to some distortions and consequences, much of which has affected those past occurrences that are now insistent memories. So then, the purpose of the journey itself is to consciously reside in the truth of one, that all beings and in fact everything is all one, that all frequencies are comprised within the whole.

“Now what does that say about those memoires that we try to get rid of, those emotional entanglements that we want to be free of? Well, my dears, it says that they are all part of the illusion. Now I am not suggesting that the feelings are not real. They are very real while you are experiencing them. Even if you are re-experiencing them. The emotional frequencies reside and take hold within not only the thinking mind but also in the fabric of the body-physical.

“For example, you could be right in the midst of a physical activity, perhaps playing within a sport, or doing work, or riding a bicycle, or swimming, or reading a book to someone…and right in the middle of all of that there is a frequency that begins to emerge. What is the frequency? It is one of embracing that oneness. Now that might seem to be a contradiction, but hear me out on this.

“All pain and suffering is a direct result of an experience of wholeness of being that has been interrupted by the illusion of separation from the whole. For example, perhaps a relationship, love, friend, or other, had been enjoyed and is now interrupted. Perhaps the interruption was caused by a misunderstanding, by a shift in beliefs, by a moment of betrayal. Yet before that occurred, there was wholeness of being. And I say this again, it is the journey within the sleep state that causes this interruption… simply because all that occurs has an interpretation that resides within what is called victimhood. When something or someone interrupts that wholeness experience, there is a tendency or pattern that leads the being, perhaps you, to view that experience, that interruption as an attack and then a resultant victim.

(continued below)

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So then, we are dealing with expressions and interpretations that cause us to be a victim… in the interpretation. But we are never a victim in the wholeness of being. Now don’t get me wrong here. I do recognize that there have been some painful experiences within physicality’s journey. That cannot be denied. Yet now we are speaking of the memories and within the memories are those interpretations of the experience and within those interpretations there resides at the core, the untruth of separation from that wholeness of being. Nothing, I say, nothing can cause separation from the whole simply because all is one. So then the interpretation and the resultant emotional experience of being a victim is what is held in those memories.

“What do we do about that? Well firstly we recognize that we are going to have to mature. That is to say, we are going to have to mature into the truth that the manner of interpreting the past has a fault within it and if we continue to view ourselves and experience ourselves as victims, then we are the ones who are causing our own pain and suffering. Now this isn’t something that is blameful upon us. It simply says that it is time for us to mature into the truth that we now have a choice.

“What is the choice? It is to recognize that we are awake. That we have a different manner of being. How do we do that? Here’s how. Firstly, call forth a memory, just for this practice. Call forth a memory that tends to reappear and plague you when you actually want to reside in peace and have chosen to reside in the conscious experience of totality of one. If you have several of those memories, just allow one to come forward. You don’t’ have to delve into it, you can simply call it by “when this or that happened” and keep your emotions at bay, so to speak by not going into the actual experience.

“All right now, you have the topic of the memory. And in the memory there are reasons for your pain and suffering. Remember, you are not delving into them. You are simply recognizing that there are reasons for that past suffering, past being a key concept here. But there is a distortion in that concept, in that past. The distortion rests upon the moment of separation. Remember, physicality allows us to experience individuality and the illusion that we are all separate from each other. Yet we know within the truth that we have been given over and over again, that all beings are not only connected, but are one being comprised by the many.“

“So then now in that moment of distortion, in that past occurrence, you can breathe your holy breath . What do I mean by that? This. Take a moment. Bring yourself to peace. Remember who you are, a divine being residing consciously incarnate. Take another deep breath. Feel peace within your being. Just allow yourself to become peaceful. And next, my dears, take a deep breath and breathe it right into that memory…but here’s the clue! You are not breathing your divine peace into what occurred that was wrong. You are simply breathing your peaceful breath into that memory, knowing that it is complete as it is. Why as it is? Because, my dears, physicality is never staid. It is continuing to shift and change. What was the past changes by the cause and effect of the present. You actually do not know what the past experience holds now because it has changed.

“Oh yes, I know that there is the saying that you cannot change the past, but here you are doing just that by breathing your divine peaceful breath into that past memory. You are, in effect, blessing that memory. Now if you hold with your thoughts a blame for either yourself or another, you are actually saying to that memory that you want it to hang around and disturb you. But that’s not what we are doing together. We are deactivating the old patterns by breathing a breath of peace into the illusion of separation from the whole.

Perhaps we would speak those words again! You are breathing peace into the past illusion of separation from the whole. That means that you are declaring the illusion, the distortion, to be released from the totality of your own experience of who you are and your journey. You are awake. You are a mature spiritual being. And you can, if you choose, let go of the concept that you are a victim to the present, to the past, or even to the memory of the past.

“And you might be wondering, “Well, does that mean that memory will not come up for me again? Not necessarily. But here’s the grand clue and prize to all of this, my dears. When a memory comes to you , any memory from the past, there is a tiny secret. The secret is that somewhere in that memory there is wholeness of being. And when you let go of any interpretation of blame or fault or victimhood, and you simply allow that memory to float by and not attach to it, then there is a hidden gift. The moment of wholeness of being demonstrates itself to you. And THAT, my dears, is what you remember.

“Now my words won’t make up what you call a hill of beans unless you give this a try. So then let’s be clear about what you are trying.

“Firstly, you are recognizing a memory of the past that has bothered you. Secondly, you are choosing to remember who you are. You are bringing yourself to a peace state of being. Then thirdly, you are breathing your peace, the truth of who you are, into that past memory, knowing… and here’s the key factor… that within that memory there is always wholeness of being. So then you are breathing your peace into that memory and that peace will always unite with wholeness of being. You don’t have to make it happen, it naturally occurs. Next… allow. Now here’s the challenge. When the memory flows forth and tells you that you are a victim or to blame and invites you back into it, you are in the moment of truth. You are in the moment of your choice, your mature awakened beingness. You might say that you have grown up, so to speak. You recognize that all of this invitation into pain and emotional suffering is all part of survival’s grasp and you have had enough of that. What do you do? Again, you pause, step back from the invitation and breathe deeply. Remember who you are, and then breathe your breath into that invitation, your holy breath of peace. You can do this, my dears. You can do it. And once you participate in this way even one time, you will begin to feel the relief. It is a blessed relief. It is the relief that you feel when you know that you have chosen and the choice is more powerful that the invitation.

“You receive many invitations in your journey upon earth. And each and every one gives you the opportunity to firstly remember who you are and secondly to bring yourself to peace. Then, there is the moment to recognize through your awakened consciousness what the invitation is actually about. Then you can say “yes” or “no” to the invitation… all the while knowing that you will breathe your breath of peace into the invitation, regardless of what it is.

“When you breathe your breath of peace into any invitation, whether it is one from the past as we have been speaking about or whether it is in the present, you are declaring the truth of one and that tends to what is called “set the frequencies” so that all that occurs rests upon the truth, the truth that nothing can cause you to be separate from the whole. Nothing. Then the choice of yes or no rests upon peace… and not upon fear or the reaction to possibilities. You are wholeness itself. You are the holiness itself. You are the fulfillment of your own journey. You are the joy and delight that reside within you as the frequencies of truth itself. And, my dears, you are amazing awake beings. Yes you are.

“I am Teacher and I am most pleased to be speaking with you in this manner! Go forth! Go forth and dance and laugh and play and remember that this journey is yours and your choices are yours. You are loved beyond the word of love. Yes. And so much more.

“Then we will speak the words together: so be it.

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