March 2022 Daily Reflection with Pretty Flower

by Mar 2022

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“And when you weep for the knowing of the suffering of another, you are incarnating great compassion as the One.”

—Pretty Flower

Dear Friends,

Several years ago I was lucky to attend a Bob Dylan concert and during the second half, Bob spoke briefly as an introduction to his next song. He said something like, “I can’t believe I am singing this song again and it applies as it did when I first wrote it.” Then he launched into his famous Masters of War. It was the second time that I’d heard him perform that song. I wept realizing that he was right. Here we were again, another war.

So now here we are again, the wars are raging and I can’t believe I am once again sharing a speaking from Pretty Flower that I channeled in 2017 on how we can help the suffering.

Maybe one day all of these topics will be permanently archived… because they will no longer be needed.

With Much Love,

Channeled Speaking of Pretty Flower, 2017

We asked, “With all of the challenges, and disasters; and with all of the suffering upon earth, some we know of and others that we will never hear reported; we what can we do, spiritually, to help.”

Pretty Flower came forth with these words:

“Greetings! Greetings wondrous beings! It is most wondrous that we would have this opportunity to speak together once again in this manner. Yes, there have been several occurrences, as you call them, which have left many peoples suffering. Such occurrences assist all to remember that there is much more going on upon this planet. There are as you say, geographical occurrences, there are wars, there continues to be what is called genocide, and there is grave poverty. And bravo for the asking of what can be done, of what any being can do to assist those ones who are suffering. And though we have spoken in what is called the past concerning such topics, we will speak specifically upon this day concerning current events and how those who read or hear these words can assist.

“You are all most powerful beings and have within the fabric of your being, great ability to do whatever you choose to do. And that ability and choice is most certainly at the foundation of anything that you wish to do. As you say the words, how can I help those who are suffering from the recent occurrences? And we would say to you, what would you like to do? How would you like to help? Ask yourself this question… right in this moment. How would you like to help? Don’t allow your decision to be hampered by beliefs in limited abilities, limited finances, or any other limitation.

“For example, when you think of those ones who are buried beneath great rubble, what would you choose to do? Would it be, beloved being, that you would place yourself within an expanded consciousness or a meditative state or what you call a peaceful manner of being…and would you speak to those ones? Would you whisper words like “You are not alone. I am here now. I have called forth the light beings to come to you and be with you.” Would you whisper words like “Always are you resting in the arms of Divine Love”.

“Or another example, would you breathe a soft breath upon that suffering brow? Would you, in your peaceful state, close your eyes and breathe forth…literally gently breathe your breath forth to fill those ones who are gasping for breath? Would you breathe the peace which resides within your being into the hearts and minds of those who reside in panic? Would you send forth the love that you have received, allowing it to multiply, to fill the hearts of those who weep from great loss of family?

“Or another example, would you speak softly to those ones who are passing from physical? Would your words be, “Oh great Light Beings come forth and guide these ones Home.” As some have spoken in the past, would you say, “Go to the light, go toward your Home of homes.”

“And when you weep for the knowing of the suffering of another, you are incarnating great compassion as the One.

“Within all of these examples flows forth the knowing that you are most capable of doing that which you choose to do, assisting in ways that call to you.

“Another example, would you whisper into the heart and mind of that lost child wandering and looking for his or her parent, “Oh beloved one, you are not alone.” Then would you speak outward saying, “Oh Light Beings hear this child and guide him or her into loving arms.”

“In these ways and in many other manners of being, beloved ones, can you assist those who are suffering. Yet there is another way and that is one that you have heard many times before. It is to remember that you are and all beings are as One Being. When you find peace within your being, you are incarnating peace as the One. When you laugh and feel joy, you are incarnating laughter and joy as the One. And when you weep for the knowing of the suffering of another, you are incarnating great compassion as the One.

“Remember, dear beloved being, you are so very much more than you have imagined. Yet we know you and would know you anywhere in any realm. You are filled with Light, even when you feel as though you have lost your own way. You are filled with Love as you are the Love itself. Within your creativity resides the creative spark of all that has ever taken form and released form.

“Then we speak for you in this manner for the love of all that you are.

(continued below)

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There once was a child who was walking upon the pathway. And as that child was walking upon the pathway there came to be, coming from the other direction so to speak, another child. Both children saw each other and as they came closer and closer, the one girl child did say across the remaining expanse, “Hello! I am walking with my turtle friend. Have you met the turtle?”

“The boy child did see that indeed and in truth, the little girl was walking right beside a turtle. The boy said, “No, I have not met the turtle.”

“Oh,” said the little girl. Then she turned to her friend the turtle and said, “Turtle, I thought that you had met everyone on this pathway.”

“I have,” said the turtle.

“But this boy says…”

“I know,” interrupted the turtle. “He says that he hasn’t met me, but I have met him.”

“Oh,” said the little girl and she kept walking toward the boy. While she was walking, she was thinking and wondering. After a while she asked, “Turtle, how can that be? How can it be that you have met the boy, but he has not met you?”

The turtle smiled to himself. He knew the little girl would ask more questions. She always did. It was what he enjoyed the most about walking with her. “He was asleep,” answered the turtle. “He was asleep and I met him while he was sleeping.” He thought that did answer her question, yet he also did know that it was most likely she would ask another question and then another. He kept walking.

After a time the little girl asked, “Turtle, who did then introduce you to the boy who was sleeping?”

“No one,” he answered.

“But then, how did you meet?”

The turtle didn’t answer right away. And the turtle and the little girl reached the boy before he could answer her question.

“Hello!” said the boy as he looked to the little girl and then to the turtle. He stepped

closer to the turtle and said, “I believe we have not met. I am boy and you must be turtle.” The turtle smiled within the joy the boy was spreading about him. “I am pleased to meet you,” said the turtle. “Thank you for introducing yourself to me.”

The boy turned to the little girl and said, “I don’t believe we have met either. I am boy and you must be…”

“I am the turtle’s friend and I am a little girl,” the little girl said.

All three continued to walk together as the boy turned and walked with the two.

After a time, the little girl said to the boy, “Turtle says that he met you once before, but you were sleeping.”

“Yes,” said the boy, “I was sleeping and I dreamed that I saw turtle.”

The little girl stopped walking and turned her wide-open eyes toward the boy. “You dreamed that you saw the turtle!”

“Yes,” said the boy. “Don’t you dream?”

“Of course I do,” assured the little girl. “But… I don’t remember dreaming of turtle.” “You don’t,” said the turtle.

“But…” she began.

“You don’t need to,” said the turtle.

The boy began to whistle and the girl loved the sound of his tune. Still, she could not help but ask once more. “Why don’t I need to dream about you turtle?”

“This is the dream,” he said, “and in this dream, we are always together.

“Oh…” The little girl knew she would have to think about the turtle’s answer. But for the moment, the boy’s whistling called to her and she began to skip and dance in time with his melody. After a while, she did ask, “Boy, did have you dreamed of me before?”

“Yes,” he said and smiled a big smile.

“You have?” she asked, surprised at his answer.

“Yes,” the boy repeated. “I am dreaming of you right now.”

Before the little girl could ask another question, the turtle said, “It is a good dream.” “Yes,” said the boy, “I have had it many times and each time I introduce myself to you, turtle. I hope one day we both remember who we are.” He skipped a little step and added, “Turtle, can you have more than one friend?”

“I do have more than one friend,” answered the turtle.

“Good,” said the boy. He wasn’t one to ask many questions and he did enjoy this boy. Of course there was the little girl and her questions were enough to fill the dream. It was her way and how they journeyed together.

“Turtle…” she began.

The boy whistled, the little girl asked her questions, and the turtle allowed his heart to be filled. It was a good dream. Always was.

That is your story, beloved ones. Blessed be you and blessed be your wantings to assist the many. Remember too that you are loved and that such assistance comes forth for your benefit also. Never are you alone. Never are you without assistance. Always are we with you. Remember to receive, beloved ones, remember to receive.

Then we would seemingly be on our way. Blessed be all beings who flow forth as the One. Blessed be your breathing forth; blessed be your love; blessed be that which you desire and blessed be the fulfillment of all hopes and dreams. Blessed be your lovely dance and blessed be your tears for they cleanse your spirit of its wanting and allow your being to be known as whole. Blessed be the innocence of your being for within it resides the encodings and patterns of the All Knowing. Blessed are we in the knowing of you.

Beloved ones, know you that when you call the angels to come forth and assist the many, there is not one breath or one tiny second that exists between your calling forth and the presence of such angels where you ask them to reside. There are those angels and light beings who wait for your call. Hesitate not, for it is part of their fulfillment of being.

Bravo to you! Bravo to all that you choose to create…consciously. Then we would say au revoir until we speak again.”

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