March 2024 Daily Reflection with Divine Mother

by Mar 2024

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“I am your Divine Mother and I come forth for this brief speaking for several reasons. The primary reason is to remind you that you are loved and cared for.”

—Divine Mother

“Greetings! I am your Divine Mother and I come forth for this brief speaking for several reasons. The primary reason is to remind you that you are loved and cared for. Now you might be going through some difficult times and believe that you have been abandoned, yet I say to you, you live in the heart of my being. Remember this. Your journey upon earth is just that, a journey. Sometimes the journey brings difficulties and other times the journey brings some ease of living.

“In many instances, your journey allows you the pleasure of meeting someone, perhaps someone who seems to be a stranger, who is most familiar for some reason. The reason that being seems to be most familiar is that you both hold within the heart of your being my love for you. There is not one moment that I do not hold you within the love of my being. Take strength from my love.

“At times you may find yourself weeping at the loss of a dear one. Of course you are weeping for the loss. Yet I also say to you that one returns to me, to my Heart of hearts and dwells there until you are ready to also release your physicality, perhaps many many years later. When you are weeping, know that your tears are my tears; for, your sorrow is my sorrow, your aching heart is my aching heart, and your ability to continue onward in your own journey is the strength that I breathe forth for you, to you…because I care so very deeply for that which you are and are becoming.

“You see, this journey gives to each of my children an opportunity to discover something wondrous. It is that you are an amazing being. You might find those words to be unimportant, yet they hold truth. You have birthed, you are residing incarnate as a human-spirit-being, you have learned how to live upon earth during most challenging times, and each day you are becoming more and more aware of the truth of who you are… and the truth of who you are not. And this awareness is the fulfillment of your journey.

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The Divine Mother’s Messages of Truth

Transforming, Uplifting and Deeply Meaningful

Hello Friends,

Something wonderful has happened! It all began last spring when a soft voice came into my consciousness, a voice that I knew well. The Divine Mother said that she would like to speak a book. She wasn’t kidding!

I began channeling the Divine Mother’s book that spring. As her words flowed forth, I came to realize that this would be no ordinary book. The teachings were deep, meaningful and entered into unexpected topics like the DNA of the Time Stream, the Whys of War, Challenging Illusion, as well as guidance for personal deep inner journeys. In the end, there were thirty-two speakings!

I am excited to announce that The Divine Mother’s Messages of Truth is now available!

Here’s what this amazing book includes:

  • Thirty-Two deep and meaningful original teachings
  • Eleven never-before-released Mystical Gold Classes with the Divine Mother
  • Seven Reflections-Over-the Years with the Divine Mother

Friends, The Divine Mother’s Messages of Truth is an amazing volume of over 400 pages filled with your adventure into some of the most expanded truths you will ever find. This is your opportunity to enter into a spiritual evolution, a pathway into the deeper truth of who you really are and who we are together!

I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to offer this volume with love and best wishes for your continued fulfilling journey,

“Even when you have priorities, even when you have given to yourself a specific purpose, perhaps a grand purpose or a small purpose, still your awakening to the truth of who you are and are not is the primary reason for your residing incarnate. When you recognize that you are divinity incarnate, when you recognize that you are not the persona or even the human nature of your vessel, then you are beginning to ask the question, “Then if I am not these, what or who am I?” And this asking is the beginning of yet another journey. You have heard the words. It is the journey within, to go within your own being and discover the core of that which you are.

“I can tell you what the core of your being is, yet telling you will not be the same as your discovery of self, your discovery of the truth of who you are. That is my gift to you. You will discover, perhaps when you are young, perhaps when you are a parent, or perhaps when you are traversing upon the earth and in one moment, there is a flash of recognition, a clearing of the illusion and a recognizing of truth. In that moment, I have breathed a divine breath upon you. Yet it is not my breath alone that gives to you this awareness. It is your participation. What is your participation? It is this.

“When you take the time, when you take a few moments each day to reflect upon your journey, then you are daring to allow the truth to be made present within your consciousness. When you even begin to reflect upon who you are not, you are also then opening the door, so to speak, to truth and to the letting go of the falsities that you have been given about your very own beingness. You are so very much more than the human nature’s teachings of self. You are very much more than the beliefs that you are the personality that you have so diligently developed so that you could journey through this awakening in a way that might be familiar.

“Yet the journey is familiar to your spirit. You have been upon this journey since the beginning of time. Within each and every lifetime you have discovered the truth of who you are, forgotten, and then awakened once again. This lifetime is yours for the awakening. And it is for the awakening so that you can join with others who are also awakening, so that you an celebrate truth and release the untruth, so that you can remember…remember that all beings are one being and that you all reside within the heart of my being.

“I am with you always, even beyond the end of time. When you require strength, ask and I am with you in your consciousness. I am always with you, yet when you ask, I breathe my presence within your conscious knowing an d it is this knowing that can and will bring you relief, strength, peace and more so the truth of who you are.

“I am most pleased to be speaking these words with you in this moment. I am your Divine Mother. Until we speak again, I speak the words, so be it.

“So be it.”

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