May 2022 Daily Reflection with Ancient One

by May 2022

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“Many of the truths say to you, this is what you could do, and that’s wonderful. But many times they don’t say exactly how you will do that. So then what’s missing is the bridge between the truth and the spiritual teachings, and the human nature’s ability to integrate those teachings into its journey. So then I, Ancient One, would like to get practical. I would like to speak about the hows, how you do these certain things.”

—Ancient One

Greetings, I am Ancient One, and I come forth to speak with you lovely beings who reside upon earth during these times of great change, great revolution, great awakenings, and difficulties. And here you are. And there have been many, many wonderful teachings that have flowed forth for you all to read, to study, and to experience. And I applaud all of those teachings because whatever the frequency is, within each teaching, will be a match to some frequency within you. And as you have discovered, sometimes you can read what has been given again, if you read it last year and you read it again this year, and guess what? It seems to tell you something different! And that’s the nature of truth. As your consciousness expands, your ability to merge with the total frequencies of truth increases, and you’ll begin to allow yourself to detach from previous and beliefs, perhaps previous dogmas, and you are more open to receive truth.

“Now, truth flows forth and it is a frequency even though it is spoken in words at times, truth is a frequency and it flows forth and resides within your beingness. And as it resides within your beingness, then your thinking mind wants to understand that teaching. And that’s perfect, that’s the nature of being incarnate in physicality in a human nature.

“So, then, once the truth the frequency of truth journeys through the belief systems, then there is a yearning within that merging for an understanding. Now, it is good to recognize that understanding means that the truth flows forth through already established frequencies. So, here then is your human nature, and it is trying very hard to understand this expanded truth. It is trying to fit the truth into its beliefs, into its already understandings. The consciousness of your human nature expands as well as you reside more incarnate and more incarnate, then your human nature’s consciousness begins to expand also. So, we can say, we can perhaps just as a given that the human nature’s consciousness has expanded and now here comes his truth, and it wants to understand it more, it wants to feel that feeling of expanded consciousness, and that is much to the credit of that human nature within which you reside, after all, you are the expanded truth itself.

“So, as you incarnate more and more, then your human nature is able to merge in consciousness and frequencies more and more. So, then as the human nature tries to understand these truths, there is what could be called a diminishing of the nature of the frequencies, because the frequencies of truth are now then entering into the belief systems. Now, the human nature might be quite open minded, and might understand or recognize that some of the truths are what you call butting up against some understandings that he or she already had. Now, some human natures will say, “I’m not going to listen to this, it doesn’t make sense to me.” And that’s all right. And other human natures might say, “Hmm, this doesn’t quite match what I understood before.” And then the human nature will make a change and what is the change? This is what’s most delightful. You have taught your human nature to pause, to bring him or herself to peace, and to allow their belief systems to take a back seat, so to speak. So that now the human nature can receive those truths, those understandings, and they are not compressed into the belief systems that have been working or not working. So, then the human nature is able to receive these frequencies in a more complete manner. And that is an uplifting to the nature of your vessels, the human nature and their persona.

“So, then, as this truth flows forth upon Earth, and you receive different truths and teachings, there are many ways to receive the truths. And one is to simply receive them. Now, many of the truths say to you, this is what you could do, and they say what you could do. And that’s wonderful. But many times they don’t say exactly how you will do that. So then what’s missing is the bridge between the truth and the spiritual teachings, and the human nature’s ability to integrate those teachings into its journey. And after all, that human nature is your vessel, you are journeying here upon Earth, through this human vessel and its personality, its persona.

“So then I, Ancient One, would like to get practical. I would like to speak about the hows, how you do these certain things. So then, let’s just take the first one. The first one is, perhaps the teaching says, maintain an expanded consciousness while you are cooking your food, or preparing your food, so that the wholeness of your being will be incorporated into that food and nourishment of being, and it will nourish the body physical, spiritual, mental more easily.

Well, that’s good. That sounds really good. How do you do that? How do you place your consciousness in that food in in that preparation, and here is how. Once you have decided what you’re going to prepare, then pause for a moment. You have the food before you, perhaps you’re going to cut up some vegetables, perhaps you’re going to prepare something with flour and eggs, and whatever your creation is. And you are just simply viewing those ingredients. It doesn’t take long. Now this process isn’t going to put you behind schedule of making a meal. But you are just looking at the ingredients. What are you doing? You are becoming fully conscious of what you are doing. You’re not thinking about something else while you’re preparing a meal. And that’s not a crime because you’re very busy on Earth. But this is something else, this is a different way.

“So then you are viewing your ingredients for your meal. And next, you are giving thanks for the ingredients for your meal. It doesn’t have to be long. All you’re saying is, “Thank you for this food.” Or you’re saying, “I am grateful for the ingredients for this meal.” And then you begin. How do you begin? Here’s another how. You bring your consciousness to an awareness that you are preparing a meal for a Holy Being. That changes things doesn’t it? You want it to be special. You want your consciousness to remain clear of other thoughts. You want to remain focused. So you decide to do this. And then you begin and as you are preparing your food, every time that your mind journeys forth into some other area, perhaps something you’re going to do the next day or something that you’re committed to do, or you’re going to write a letter to someone or you’re going to call someone stop, bring your focus back, bring your focus back to preparing this meal. Once again, look at the ingredients. Remember what you’re doing. You are preparing a meal for a Holy One and then continue.

“Now once you have all the ingredients prepared, perhaps it’s in a type of soup, or perhaps it’s cutting vegetables or you’re going to saute some vegetables, or perhaps you are baking a bread and you have the dough already prepared. You have the ingredients already mixed together. And then here’s the next step.

“Close your eyes for a moment, just a moment. Breathe deeply. Remember that you are a totality of being incarnate. And then breathing in through the top of your head through your crown energy center, breathing in all the way into your heart energy center. And then breathe out through your mouth. And what are you doing, you are breathing that Holy Breath on to the ingredients of the meal, you are in a very real sense, placing the holiness of your being into the ingredients of your meal. And then pause for a moment, and then continue bringing your consciousness back to exactly what you are doing, focusing on just what you are doing.

“And once your meal has been prepared, and you are ready to, for example, cut your bread, or place the ingredients of a meal in a plate or in a bowl, then the next thing is to take your finger. Now if it is bread, you can just take your finger above the bread, and you are making a circle in a clockwise manner. And you are just in creating within that bread through your intent, then, the incarnating of essence of holiness of being. Now how do you do that?

“Firstly, you decide, you take your finger, you place it above the bread, and you just make a few circles around and around in a clockwise motion. And you say, “I place, by my divine right, the holiness of being within this bread. So be it.” That’s all there is to it! If you have a pot of soup, then you are taking a spoon or a ladle and you are just moving it around inside that soup in a clockwise manner. And you’re saying the same thing, “By my divine right, I place holiness of being within this soup, within this food. So be it.” And the same if you have a certain vegetables, you are taking your spoon and just moving it around clockwise, and you’re saying the very same thing. And then you can serve your food, then you have prepared food for a holy one, who is the Holy One? Everyone. Everyone, anyone who sits at your table is a holy one. So then, that’s the how of how to prepare your food in a way that is the most nourishing for the totality of your being.

“Now, another practicality is this. Some of the teachings in many, many of the teachings say that if you want to nourish your being or replenish your being, go to nature. And that’s wonderful, that is a great truth. How does that work? Perhaps you are depleted in your frequencies. Or perhaps you are feeling quite wondrous, but you are going into nature to experience the nourishment of your spirit through nature. So then the first ingredient is to decide to do that. That you are not just going for a stroll haphazardly and thinking about the bills or thinking about what someone said to you. You are doing it differently. Firstly, you’re giving yourself what you call time. It is that that you wouldn’t do this particular participation in nature in five minutes or 10 minutes. This is something else this is called nourishment of spirit. So then, this is how you participate.

“First you give yourself an amount of time. And if you are fortunate enough, you can give yourself unlimited time. But perhaps you have to limit your time and maybe you can give yourself one hour, just enough real time. So then you are setting your time. Here you are determining that you are going to devote part of your journey to this experience.

“Then you’re going to choose the location. Now perhaps you can go in what you call your backyard and sit in nature in your backyard. There is nothing wrong with that, but this is something more that I am suggesting that you do. I’m suggesting that you choose a location away from the cities, away from your home, away from the talking of other beings that may be away from the presence of other beings. Some of you enjoy hiking, and perhaps you will determine a location where you would hike, to go to a location where you would be in nature in the privacy of your being. Now some of you might research and discover a park and through your research discover that part of the park has some areas where you can be in private. And that would be perfect also. So then that’s the next step is to choose a location with the knowing that you are doing this to nourish the spirit of your being.

“And then the next thing is to choose the time of day. Do you want to go in the morning, do you want to go in the afternoon or in the evening? What is the best time for you to be able to devote this experience to your own nourishment of being? And then it is to go there. Once you arrive in that location, then once again, you are reminding yourself that you are actually taking an action, you are participating in going forth, as many of the teachings have said, into nature to nourish your being, to nourish your spirit. So then you remember what you are doing. And you choose to set aside all of the thoughts, and all of the pressing appointments, all of the worries and concerns.

“Now how do you set that aside? By the way, it’s nice to say “set it aside” but how do you do that? In this way. You take some deep breaths, you bring yourself to peace. Just bring yourself to a peaceful feeling inside, just peaceful. If something is worrying you then say to that worry or that concern, “I will think about you later.” And continue to say to yourself, “The solutions to all of the issues will come to me once I am nourished in spirit.” And then you can say if you choose, “By my divine right, I set aside all worries and concerns so that I can experience the nourishment of the spirit of my being.” And then pause and allow those frequencies to be with you. You’re just allowing yourself to become peaceful. If a thought comes to you, again, you can let it go by. But if it seems to keep tapping on the shoulder, you can actually say, Not now. I will think about you later.” And once you do that for two or three times, that thought will most likely leave you alone, so to speak.

“So then once you have brought yourself to this peaceful manner of being and you have consciously set aside all of the thoughts and all of the concerns, all of the things on your schedules, happy, sad, good or bad, and you are just being, then go forth. You have brought with you some water of course, and you bring that small container with you and you go forth.

(continued below)

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Now you might walk on a pathway, you might begin to hike, but you are just going into nature. And we use this as an example, perhaps you have chosen a time where there are not many people present and you’ll begin to walk into this park and you are maintaining the consciousness that you are not thinking about anything because why? Because you are very present in the moment. How can you make yourself be very present in the moment? Pay attention to where you’re stepping, how your feet are stepping. Pay attention to your steppings and then next pause and look around. What do you actually see? Yes, you can say, “Oh there are trees and bushes. Oh yes this is nature.” But what do you actually see? What kind of bark is on that tree? Is it smooth? Is it rough? What kind of bark? What kind of bushes? Do the bushes have flowers or berries? Are they swaying in the wind? What is the scent? Does it smell like Earth? Does it smell like nature?

“All right, then continue, continue, again, paying attention to how you were stepping and looking around really looking at nature. And you continue in this manner, until you discover an area where you can sit quietly. And when you discover that area, you’ll know because it will be perfect. So, then you sit in this area and you simply be. Now how do you simply be?

“Firstly, you might require yourself to quiet your mind again. And you go through the process as we have described. And then to participate with nature, it is for you to bring your consciousness to nature. And how you do that is you are sitting quietly and you perhaps are viewing something that looks in insignificant, it’s a little bush right beside where you’re sitting. And what you do is you bow your head to that bush, you are bowing your head to the forming of nature, the frequencies of nature. And then you look further around you. Perhaps you see some pebbles or you see some stones and you really look at them, what color are the stones? Are they large or small? Really become interested in the stones from where you were sitting. And once you have become acquainted with the stones by viewing them, then nod your head again, honoring the presence of nature in the stones. And continue in this manner of viewing around you what is present. Are some of the branches broken or some of the branches new? What is occurring? Are there blossoms? What is in this nature, you are truly viewing it. Perhaps there is a trickling of water and there’s a little stream or brook that’s behind you or near you and you are closing your eyes and listening to the sound or the water. Just listening to the sound of the water. If there is a breeze, you are turning your face toward the breeze, to allow it to caress your face, to kiss you on your cheeks. And you are giving thanks to the breeze. And you are residing in this manner. Paying attention, keeping your consciousness present in the moment. And if you feel a tug to think about something important, just say the words, “Not now.” Come back to the moment. And the next… here is the delightful part. You close your eyes as if you are in meditation. And you allow the presence of nature to be with you. You have been with the presence of nature. So now you are sitting quietly, you have closed your eyes and you are just simply being the truth of who you are. And you are allowing nature to be with you.

“Pay attention. Perhaps there’ll be a soft whispering. Perhaps it will be rustling in the leaves. Perhaps it’ll be real silence. You’re not looking to have an experience, you are having an experience in the moment. And you are simply paying attention to what it is. Reside in this way for a time and when you feel it is correct, then open your eyes, and view that nature again… as a whole. You are viewing the trees and the stones and the bushes and the blossoms and the breeze and the rustling of the leaves. And you are saying, then, “Thank you.” And you can stay for a longer moment, or you can complete your visit. Before you get up and leave, then you say the words, “So be it.” When you say the words “so be it” what occurs? “So be it” then integrates the frequencies that have been expressed and experienced into the consciousness of your being. It’s the completeness of the experience.

“And then you can go forth, and you can return to your home or return to where you are going. Yet, if you have a moment, then perhaps you could put the date and write what your feelings were, what did you experience? Nothing monumental, just what were your experiences? How did you feel nourished? And then, perhaps another day, perhaps and next week or next month, you will decide to do the same. And if you find yourself distraught, or troubled, then you know you’re depleted, and then you know you can go to nature and become replenished. And it will give to you, nature will always give to you. Perhaps another time you will go to a body of water, a lake or the ocean or a river, and experience what’s there. Perhaps another day or another time, you may decide to go where there are birds. And you will be able to observe the birds. Just observing them not putting interpretations on what they’re doing. Not projecting a human persona onto the bird, just observing the bird.

“And in this way, you allow your spirit to be nourished, and how is this nourishment occurring? And why does it occur? Because everything is, as you know, everything is the All That Is. All frequencies are one frequency. And you are allowing this most precious manner or expression of totality to nourish you.

“What’s another truth that has been given? That is the most wondrous thing and you wonder how you can do it. How about bringing yourself to a healing frequency? How do you do that? And you might say, “Oh, I do that. I bring myself to a meditative state and I focus on whatever I need to and I place love there. And you know I’m helping myself heal.” And I say bravo to you. Let’s talk about that a little more.

“There is a part of your beingness that holds within it perfection of being and that perfection of being is located in an energy center. It’s actually located in all of your energy centers. But there is one that holds perfection of being and it is above the crown energy center. Now the crown energy center brings forth into your entire beingness and consciousness truth as it is able to integrate within physicality. The energy center above that crown energy center is called the auric energy center and it is the center for the auric field around your being. And then there is another right above that and that is called the etheric energy center. The etheric energy center holds the essence of purity of being, that of you, the essence of being flowing forth to take form, and it is in its most perfect manner of being. Now, if you incarnated in your most perfect manner of being, you would not remain here because there will not be a reason for your journey. Because you would be perfection and perfection does not reside in the physicality of the third dimension.

“So, this perfection of being flows forth, and it flows forth into that auric field. The auric field energy center holds the patterns of the forming of your beingness. So that perfection flows forth into that auric field energy center, so that it can form that which you are.

“Now, isn’t that interesting? What if you are able to go to, so to speak, your auric field energy center and cause an alignment to occur there, so that the perfection of being could more fully incarnate? How would you do that? Here’s how. Firstly, of course, you sit quietly, you bring yourself to peace, you set aside all of your concerns. And we’ve already talked about how you can do that. And then you recognize that around your being, surrounding your being is your auric field. And it is a field of frequencies that maintains the integrity of your beingness. And right above your crown energy center is the center for that auric field.

“So then you place your consciousness in that center. Now how do you do that? Some say make believe. Now you might say, “If I make believe, it’s not true.” But that’s really not true. What you’re doing is setting aside the need to bring your physicality and the consciousness of your human into this manner of being. So what you’re doing is recognizing that above your crown, there is the center of your auric field. And this is the trick of it. You simply say, “I placed my consciousness in the auric field energy center.” And then imagine that right above your crown energy center, there’s a center and it’s spinning. And you are closing your eyes and you’re imagining it. And when you imagine, guess what happens? Imagining tells the thinking mind that this really isn’t important because it’s make believe. And that’s what you want to do! You want to disengage the thinking mind. So then you imagine it’s a gift to be able to imagine, if you weren’t supposed to have it, you wouldn’t have it. So how do you use it and why? He is how and why. So then you are saying those words, you place your consciousness in your auric field energy center. And you imagine that right above you, there’s that center, and that auric field goes around your entire being. And as those frequencies flow around, it flows through that energy center. And in that energy center, you could imagine that it’s round, and it’s moving around and around. And in the very center of that center, there’s a tiny globe and inside that globe are frequencies. And those are the frequencies that maintain the manner in which you incarnate, everything about you.

“So then, you take a moment, you will imagine that you are in that little globe, you’re looking at that little globe. And you say, “By my divine right, I breathe fourth perfection of being and the capability of incarnating perfection of being.” And then in your imagination, now, you take a breath, and you breathe your breath right into that little globe, right into it. And you allow it to be. And you just wait and allow, just allow. And then when you’re ready, you say the words, “So be it.” And then you return back to your consciousness. And you recognize that you have begun to participate in assisting the physicality of the being and the manifesting of the vessels for your spirit to be in their best form possible. And yes, there are other methods of assisting healing, and they are all most wonderful. But I say to you, this is most powerful.

“All right now, what is one more practicality? What happens if you get a message, so to speak? What if you’re sitting quietly, or you’re just doing anything and and, as you have the phrase out of the blue, there comes a speaking, a message, and it says to you something about a friend. And it’s about a friend and something that they should do. And you think, “Oh, I better write this down. And I better call my friend or get this message to my friend because he or she is supposed to know this.” And that’s all right.

“But there’s another way. It’s a more expanded way. And it’s this. It takes courage. It takes courage because what does it do? It diminishes your ego. All humans have egos. And many spiritual beings believe that they must participate with other beings all of the time, telling them what are their messages, what they should do, what they should stop doing. And there comes that moment in that journey, where you begin to recognize that in being that way, you are actually placing yourself in a superior position. You haven’t decided to do that. You’re not saying I’m better than my friend, because I get this message and she or he doesn’t. You’re not saying that. But in a manner of speaking, it automatically occurs. Because why? Because you have a gift. You receive messages. But the truth is, my dears, hear these words, every being is capable of receiving their own messages, every being. So then, how do we go forth in this manner?

“We hear a message… and this is just one way you may choose to do it or not… but as I said, it takes courage because it asks you then to disengage in participating in the frequencies of another being. And this is what you can do. You receive the message, you recognize it’s for a certain being and then you say to the message, “You don’t need me. You don’t need me at all. Go directly to that person and give your message to that person.” Decide, declare. And then let it go. You don’t call your friend and say, “Did you get your message?” You don’t at all, you are simply removing yourself from the equation. You are removing yourself from the importance that you are the one receiving the message for someone else. And in this way, my dears, you step into a new frequency called freedom to be, freedom to be who you are. And I’m sure, so to speak, that your human nature will have some opinions about all of this. And those opinions will probably want to justify maintaining being the receiver of messages for others. Now this is different if this is your career, so to speak, that you have begun offering a way to give messages so to speak, teachings to others, and you have an agreement with them, this is a little different.

“This is in your daily living, out of the blue, so to speak, you receive a message for someone else. It’s for someone else actually. And somehow, because you have an open consciousness, it came to you like a magnet that comes to you. And you’re simply redirecting. Once again, you are simply saying, “You don’t need me, go directly to that person, I have no part in this,” and then let go. In this way, you are what you call becoming more mature in your own spirituality. Yes.

“So, then, those are some practical manners of being and I, Ancient One, am most pleased to come forward and speak with you in this way and many other ways. And yes, there will be a time when I will speak of truths, and I will not speak of how to participate with them, because they will be frequencies and they will participate with your consciousness. But for this speaking, for this little what has been called chat, I am most pleased to come forth and speak with you. Blessings upon you, blessings and blessings, holy beings that you are incarnate in physicality. Then until we speak again, I am Ancient One and I speak the words. So be it.

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