The Next Phase: Creation!

“Daring? Yes, it’s Daring! Yes, it’s Powerful! It’s the Life Force we’re talking about!”

– Merlin

Greetings Everyone! After over a year’s work and channeling…we are now ready to release this Amazing Six-Part Seminar with Merlin: How to Participate Directly with Creation…and Enhance Your Life!

In his introduction, Merlin says, “This is experiential, my dears. If it was just for the mind, you would have figured it out long ago!”

Learn How to:

  • Become aware of and Participate with the Initiating of Your Life Force!
  • Restore Your Light Body!
  • Journey into your Personal Core of Creation!
  • Remove the Magnetic Pathway to Distortion!
  • Participate Directly with Creation!

“You have the capability to provide for yourself that forming that will give to you what is called Perfect Health!”

– Excerpt from Seminar

This Seminar… is about the creative process itself and how you can enhance your life by consciously participating with it!

– Merlin

Merlin Teaches and Guides You through Experiential Journeys that are new… deep… and powerful!

  • Each of Your Six-Part Seminar has never been released before!
  • Merlin requested the opportunity to guide “those who are ready” into this Next Phase: Creation!
  • Your Seminar is sequential in nature. That is, Each Powerful Seminar Journey is developed upon the foundation of Your Previous Experience.
  • You can Experience Your Personal Seminar at Your Own Pace… which allows you to continue to participate with each Seminar Part until you know that you are ready to proceed to the next!

I believe this is the most powerful channeling I have ever been gifted to receive!

– Miriandra

You Will Receive

The Journey of a Lifetime! The Next Phase: Creation! Your Six-Part Channeled Seminar with Merlin: 6 Powerfully Experiential Audios delivered as MP3 files to download your Seminar immediately (no CD will be shipped).

Plus! For a Limited Time Only! Order now and you will receive FREE:

A Live Recording: Multi-Topic Question & Answer Session with Expanded Consciousness!

  • Why the Auric field of the earth can now allow observers to come forth! – Current Events!
  • World Finances exposed!
  • About Responsibility, should we assist others or should we leave them alone?
  • The most powerful magnetic pull of the separation from the whole!
  • Indigo children
  • Are the beings who come to help ETs?
  • What about giving to charities?
  • Explanation of physical deformities
  • Will there be 2 earths as some channelings say?
  • And Much More!!
Never-before Released!

The First in a Brand-New Series:
Merlin’s Chat: “Breaking the Chains that Bind You!”

  • How to get out of survival’s grasp!
  • What are the chains that hold you to the past?
  • The portal to “the more”… The entirety of Life Itself!
  • And Much More!!

Expanded Consciousness & Merlin’s Chat!  – A $30.00 Value for Free!

Downloadable Audio files (no CD will be shipped)

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“If you are receiving these words, my dears, you are ready!”   

– Merlin