November 2022 Daily Reflection with Divine Mother

by Nov 2022

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“I would like to speak with you about who you are to me, your Divine Mother.”

—The Divine Mother

“Greetings, I am the Divine Mother and I come forth to speak with you on this monthly reflection in the month that is called, in your vocabulary, the gratitude month. And I would like to speak with you about who you are to me, your Divine Mother.

“For, as you have been residing in your journey, you have come across, so to speak, others who are quite different than you. But yet they are human beings, they are people, and they are my children. And I wish to tell you, that in the focus of this month of gratitude, that I, your mother, and most thrilled, beyond gratitude, to recognize when you come to meet someone who is different, who believes differently, who dresses differently, who expresses themselves perhaps in a different language that you recognize, another being… I am so thrilled when you maintain your open heart, to be in the presence of another who is expressing themselves differently.

“I am most pleased when you smile upon your face, when you see the child who is different than your children, but you see the innocence of their child. And you cannot help but smile and feel the love in your being radiating outward toward that child.

“I am most grateful when I see that you hear of or are part of something horrific that is occurring upon the earth, and you weep because your heart is breaking for knowing that so many are suffering.

“All beings are my children. Of course you know this to be true. When I see compassion within your being, when I see love flowing from your being, and when I see you go to your home and sit quietly and send that love and the light of your expanded consciousness to those who are suffering, I am most proud of you.

“You see, my dear children, now is the time upon Earth when there are so many reasons to turn from truth. And the reasons are presented perhaps daily, perhaps every moment when there are those ones who determine that any being who is different should be treated harshly. Now is the time when there are different beliefs and some hold the false truth that their belief must be the belief for the many. But how can this be? How can one being or even a gathering of beings determine what it is that you my children believe?

“You see, belief is a manner through which truth journeys, through belief systems, through experiences, through causes and effects, and resides in the intellect. Now, there is nothing wrong, of course, with the intellect. Yet it is the consciousness that determines how you manage your journey. And in managing your journey, you have certain beliefs that form, yet the beliefs that form within you flow forth from the heart of your being. When your thinking mind tells you that there must be something done against certain gatherings, then there is also something that is occurring in your heart. And that which is occurring is a type of forgetting. You have in the moment when you are judging others, forgotten that all beings are one being. Even those who believe that they have the right to tell you how to believe, they are what could be called asleep to the truth that all beings breathe the same breath, that all beings reside in this moment.

“And this moment resides in the heart of my being, your Divine Mother, where no love is withheld. For, regardless of the journey upon Earth, regardless of the cause and effect upon Earth, and those who participate within it in one way or another, I do not withhold my love from any being. All beings are my children. There are those who journey upon Earth, who have turned from my love. That does not mean that I have turned from them. And my children, it is the same for you. It is for you to allow your love, within the heart of your being, to flow forth to all beings. When you allow your love to flow forth to all beings, then you are residing in the truth of one. The truth of one resides. The truth of one breathes itself forth to reside as you incarnate. The truth of one. One breath, one love, one frequency, expressing itself in a myriad of ways. Still, it is one frequency

“Then all the beings who you see and hear about and reside with, or perhaps even walk past in your journey, are all demonstrations of that one truth. For, when truth flowed forth to a myriad of ways, it did enter what is called sleep. The sleep state occurred when those who are residing in truth did discover that they could enter a type of not knowing and then awaken to knowing.

(continued below)

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“And it was joyful and wondrous. And they began to experiment. They began to explore what it would be like to forget more and more and then awaken. And that pattern continued when beings incarnated in physicality. Physicality’s density, then, supported that forgetting. Because physicality does give the illusion that all beings are totally separate from each other. And when that did occur, and those determined to forget while residing incarnate, they continued into a deeper forgetting, because why? Because they wanted to experience the great awakening from the depths of their not-knowing, until one day they did not awaken. And that sleep state is what is occurring upon Earth.

“And all of those beings who are residing in a way that propagates the sleep, that propagates separation, that propagates what is right against what is wrong, then those beings have forgotten. It does not mean that they are separate. It simply means that they reside in those histories, where beings determined that they would enter a sleep state in order to awaken, and density held them within the asleep state. And my dear children, that is what is occurring upon Earth now.

“So, then, when you go to your private place where you can be in undisturbed, and you place yourself in that meditative state, as you call it, or expanded consciousness, until your consciousness refuses to see separation, and resides in the truth of one. And when you reside in this manner, and you breathe deeply, and you recognize truth itself, as it flows forth as your awakened consciousness, then, when you breathe that forth to totality and into totality, you are celebrating the awakened state of being, you are celebrating that pathway that long ago beings enjoyed entering the sleep state and then awakening. That is a pathway for consciousness. And when you participate in this manner, and breathe forth the truth of one, allowing it to flow from your being, while you are in your expanded consciousness and you are celebrating the truth of one, when you breathe this forth, then you are assisting to establish once again that pathway to awakening and that is what is occurring upon earth. Now.

“You have experienced it yourself. All who received these words have experienced a manner of more expanded awakening, feeling peace, feeling love, and allowing those ones who are still asleep to be that way. That is their journey.

“Yet you are celebrating the pathway to awakening each and every time that you reside in your consciousness. When you sit quietly and expand your consciousness into the full knowing of one and when you reside in this manner, my dear children, am I so very pleased to radiate my love to you more and more and more. The celebration of the truth of one is one frequency that resides without anything that can disturb it. There is nothing that can destroy the truth of one, your consciousness.

“Remember The truth of one is who you really are.. totality, totality. At times, your thinking mind might want to try to figure this out, to reason it out. And that is all right. Yet the answer to understanding the truth of one does not reside in the intellect, it resides in your consciousness. And when you set everything aside, your thinking aside, your concerns aside, your judgments aside, and you find that place within your being called peace… and you allow that peace to expand, to assist you to reside in your expanded consciousness, then, you are truly experiencing the truth of who you are. The original purpose for residing incarnate. The very first beings, those very first ones of my children, who recognized physicality as a way of journeying through incarnate truth. When you reside in this manner, you are augmenting that pathway.

“Then, it is my great pleasure to be speaking with you, my children, my glorious wondrous beings who flow forth from the heart of my being to discover the truth of one incarnate in the awakened manner of being. I am your Divine Mother. And I breathe my breath upon you, to ease your journey into this discovery.

“Then together we speak the words so be it.

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