October 2021 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Oct 2021

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!
“What I am wondering is what have you been harvesting within your journey upon earth as you emerge from survival’s grasp and enjoy the uplifting frequencies of truth. You see, my dears, harvesting is a receiving of what has been given.”


“Greetings, Greetings! I am Teacher and I come forth to have a little chat with my dear ones. You know, those dear ones — you — who have dedicated yourselves to a spiritual path, to a deeper understanding of truth and to know more and more of who you really are. Yes, my dear ones all.

“Here we are in the middle of October and I am wondering if there is a harvesting in your geographical location. And then I am wondering about something else and I’m going to ask you a question or two before we are complete with our chat.

“What I’m wondering about is what is harvesting and more so, what have you been harvesting within your journey upon earth as you emerge from survival’s grasp and enjoy the uplifting frequencies of truth. You see, my dears, harvesting is a receiving of what has been given. Yes, the gardener plants and tends the plants, the orchard harvester has tended his trees, and the florist gathers long stems from plants that have been tended quite well. Yet there is also a recognition that although we can do as much as we can, still it is nature that delivers to us the bounties.

“And in the cause an effect, the very same thing occurs. Now I am not going to go into the truths and teachings that you all know so well, those that speak of fulfillment flowing forth from your consciousness. I’m speaking of something else. It’s this.

“Now here comes your first real question. What have you been harvesting from the cause and effect of physicality as it manifests upon earth? While it is quite natural to read the news and to recognize the horrors, the difficulties, the attempts to hold all beings separate form the whole; still there is something else to harvest. Instead of harvesting those frequencies of untruth, those frequencies of difficulties, I wonder again if you would consider harvesting the most glorious news ever. And what is that news?

“That you are alive, that you are residing in a time upon earth that holds within it the choices to emerge from those difficulties, and more so even beyond life itself is the harvesting of your fulfillment of purpose.

“Yes, you all have purpose that you have perhaps declared before entering this lifetime and you have heard me say more than once — I admit that — that your real purpose is to incarnate consciously truth itself, the truth of Oneness of Being. And what this means is that the more that you let go of those harvestings of separation from the whole, letting go of which side is right or wrong, which idea fits with your beliefs; then the more that you emerge from the illusion, that illusion of separation from the whole. And, this is the great good news! The more that you emerge from that illusion, the more that your fulfillment rolls forth to present itself to you. How can that be? Here’s how.

“The truth remains that all fulfillment flows forth for the betterment of your being. Now again I am not speaking of lessons learned; that when you have a hard time you are learning a lesson. That statement might be true, but it is not designed to hold you in the truth of who you are or in the truth of wholeness of being, wherein there resides the embracing of the loveliness of who you are and because of that embracing does there flow forth those frequencies that take form just for you, for the benefit of your journey.

“You see, my dears, it is now time to harvest something different. It is now time for you to recognize it is your thinking or harvesting of old thoughts that hold on to that old illusion of separation from the whole. Perhaps you have been caught up in the politics, in the scientific scenarios, the world news, or even the neighborhood news or the gossip of what is happening with whom. That is not a crime, of course it isn’t. Yet. Yes, the yet is that when you enter into those manners of thinking or even those manners of arguments, you are harvesting the results. What are the results?

“Well, my dears, remember this. All forms of separation from the whole, all manners of holding beings as individuals and not part of the whole are actually forms of survival. And within survival, there cannot be lasting fulfillment of the spirit, of the spiritual journey. Why? Because, my dears, truth resides and survival is a distortion of that truth.

“What do I mean by those words?

“Well, it’s a little like trying to view a beautiful scene with glasses or binoculars that have smudges on the lenses. You can’t quite make out the reality of what is before you, even if you squint your eyes! And when you let go of supporting the illusion, the battle to be the best, to have the most, to be the right-est; then you are cleaning those lenses. You are then choosing to harvest something different. And the harvesting of truth begets that tiny glimmer of sweetness.

(continued below)

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“Yes, it is true that some emergence comes in little glimmers. You know those synchronistic events that bring a smile to your face and to your spirit. And the more that you recognize those glimmers as more than incidental, then the more that they continue to occur. You see, the more that you clear that lens from the debris of past handling, past harvesting, the more that you can emerge from the blurriness of the untruth.

“Now with regard to the untruth, let’s be clear a little more. All beings reside in physicality. That is true. And yes, it is true that there is a lot occurring in physicality that is not very beautiful, and more so, that is horrific and challenging to even the most expanded consciousness. Many simply cannot believe that what is occurring is actually occurring. Why the battles, you might be thinking. Why the untruth? Why? Why? Why?? And the answer is one that we have discussed in the past, so to speak.

“There is a struggle occurring for the consciousness of beings, to hold all beings in a type of slavery to the untruth. Now wait a minute before you go into thinking how horrible that is. You see, my dears, this has been occurring for a very very long time. And now the good news is that the consciousness of humanity has shifted. There are many who are dedicating themselves to remembering… remembering what? Oh you are gong to love this! They are dedicated to remember those beginnings when all beings were as one being, when the first beings resided in that near-physical manner and their spirits were joined as one. There are many who are dedicated to not only remembering but also to choosing to hold those frequencies within their beingness. Who are these beings? Why my dears, they are you.

“You might bethinking that you haven’t done that type of holding, you haven’t done that type of remembering. But you have. You have each and every time you think that there is a better way, each and every time that you turn from the manipulative news and read spiritual truths, each and every time you journey within nature and allow her beauty and frequencies to join with yours so that you can be who you really are… those beginning beings.

“Just because physicality has become so very dense doesn’t mean that you must be so very dense in your consciousness. In a manner of speaking, if you are receiving these words, it is nearly impossible for you to reside in the deep density of consciousness.

“Once you have emerged from survival’s grasp, then you have emerged. I simply cannot imagine any of you choosing to dive back into that density because it is so lovely. No. You are choosing each and every day to harvest the fruits of your journey within truth, within love, within light, within the joy of knowing that there are many others who are doing the same and even if you are not in their physical presence, you are all together in spirit… as one being. One breath. One Love… One Truth. That’s you.

“So then. Why not do something special for all beings as one being? Why not take this moment, just pause for a moment and take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and think of something beautiful. Perhaps it is a flower, perhaps it is a child’s smile, perhaps it is the look of love from your grandmother’s face, or perhaps it is the feeling you have within your being that tells you that you are the most beautiful being untied with all beings. Just pause for a moment and allow your thoughts to rest upon something beautiful, something lovely and gentle and kind.

“Now take your time and do this and I will participate with you…simply because I can and enjoy so very much participating with you.

“And now, imagine that loveliness is a frequency that surrounds your being and because you choose, it then radiates outward to all beings… without exception. Just radiating outward that loveliness, that beauty, that peace, that wholeness of being to all beings as one being.

“You see, my dears, this is what you do when you have a harvest that is so very full and overflowing. You share it with others. You give and in giving do you receive… all in the same moment. It cannot be any other way in the Truth of One, in the Breath of One, in the Love of One. All One Being. Yes. Truth itself… consciously incarnate. Fulfillment of purpose. Harvesting what has always been given: fulfillment in all manners.

“Your radiance is so very bright! Yes, that’s who you are, my dears. And I am so very thrilled to have these opportunities to speak with you.

“Now once you breathe and radiate all the loveliness outward, remember to pause and breathe it right back in… remember that’s the pulse beat. You’ve got it now. Yes you do!

“I am Teacher and until we speak again, I speak the words so be it. So be it.”

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