October 2022 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Oct 2022

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“I would like you to consider these words. You are a holy being. You have come to Earth to reside in peace, to incarnate the truth that everything is all one frequency…”


“Greetings! Greetings, my dear ones. This is teacher and I come forth to speak with you as we have our usual little chats. I’d like to speak with you a little about what you can do. I recognize that you have within your awareness what is called the news. And for some reason, it seems that much of the news or perhaps the majority of the news is all very difficult, horrific perhaps. And you must, it seems, when you are becoming aware of what is occurring across the earth, have a deep sigh within your heart and perhaps a wondering and the words “will this ever end?”

“It’s natural for you to feel that way, perhaps even to feel a little discouraged. But then, if it is not in your immediate vicinity, you take a deep breath and continue onward. Of course you do. Yet I say to you that heaviness in your heart tends to remain there. And I would like to assist you with not only that heaviness in your heart, but also what you can do to assist the shifting and changing of what is occurring upon Earth. So now let’s begin.

“First of all, I invite you to take a nice deep breath because we’ve talked about it long enough. Now we are going to enter into doing something about it. So now just take a moment. This won’t take long and perhaps you are in the middle of your day when you receive this chat. So then just take a nice deep breath and bring yourself to a peaceful manner of being regardless of what is occurring in the cause and effect. Just set it all aside just for this moment and reside in peace. Just bringing yourself to peace and set aside all that might cause you stress or concern or a heavy heart.

“And now I would like you to consider these words. You are a holy being. You have come to Earth to reside in peace, to incarnate the truth that everything is all one frequency, all the same vibration, and it is your experience and your consciousness that determines how much of that vibration you actually are aware of, that you actually experience. So then how can you experience more of the totality? Because that’s what this frequency is, the totality, and we’ve spoken the words together many times that all beings are one being, that all breath is one breath, that all pulse beat is the same pulse beat, taking form and releasing form.

“So then, when you set aside your thinking mind and when you set aside those urgings to judge, to naturally feel that what is occurring is so very wrong, that goes against wholeness of being, that is true. It’s all part of who you are. And more so why you were here. For in this cause and effect there are many opportunities to enter into the sleep state, to enter into a way that causes you to experience very little as a totality. And that is not a crime so to speak. It is simply a way of residing upon Earth. Physicality naturally leads each being to discern differences. You discern the differences in trees and in plants and in creatures. And yes, in humans. So then, it takes an extraordinary being, like you, to remember that within all of that physicality, there is that one frequency and that one frequency is who you are.

“So, then, when you begin to recognize that the cause and effect is distorted, then of course, you have that awareness that what is occurring is not really part of wholeness of being. It is the illusion of separation from the whole. So then the next awareness would be, even though what is participated within physicality leads to the illusion of separation from the whole, the truth remains that all is one. So that you can recognizing that yes you are determining that what is occurring is seemingly just not correct. It’s part of the sleep state, part of the illusion.

“And then the next that you would do as a holy being is recognize that those who are taking these actions, they have forgotten who they are, they have forgotten that they and you breathe the same breath, that they and you take form and release form in the same moment. They have forgotten totality of being. And that is what the journey upon Earth is all about: awakening.

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“So it is to remember within your being, that it is not a crime that they have forgotten. That is the journey. And yes, that which occurs in the cause and effect that is horrific, is horrific. So then you’re able to discern the difference within your consciousness, so that you are not entering into that illusion of separation, but you that you are holding the truth within your being, within your consciousness of totality.

“So that you are then in that moment, letting go of needing to be so very separate from everything. And that is the challenge, isn’t it my ideas to let go of the illusion that you are separate from all that is occurring. So then, once you recognize that truth, then can you begin to enter into the next phase of what I’d like to speak with you about and that is what can you do about all of this?

“This is what you can do. It’s very easy. It’s actually who you are and why you were here. You would just take a moment, even if you are in the middle of walking down a street, so to speak, going to work, or working in nature, doing the dishes. Whatever you’re doing, you can pause for a moment. Take a nice deep breath, bring yourself to peace. And remember that you are totality incarnate. That is the life force that resides within your vessel. Your body says that you are that life force, you are the breath, You are the oneness of being.

“And then recognizing that your entire being is filled with truth and divine essence called Light of lights. And then the next moment, you can radiate that light outward, simply by determining to do so. You can say the words: I am the light of lights. And in this moment, I consciously radiate that light outward, that is filled with truth. That it is filled with love. That it is filled with compassion, that it is filled with oneness of being, the wholeness that resides in this moment. And then say the words so be it. And you have participated consciously in fulfilling your purpose. It is, my dears, as simple as that.

“And then when you go on in your day, if you find yourself in reacting, your human nature reacting, to what is and difficult to recognize exists in the cause and effect, then once again, turn from your focus upon that. And again, participate in this very simple and easy way. What are you doing? You are actually bringing yourself to reside in truth. The more that each being resides in truth, the less the illusion and distortion can be. And that is what is occurring upon Earth. Many join you. Many, many participate in this way. And there are many spirit beings who will accompany you and who will radiate outward also in the same manner.

“Yes, my dear. Yes. I am most pleased to speak with you in this very brief chat that is filled with the truth of who you are. Remember, you are the holiness itself. You are the truth itself. You are the love itself. You are the Light of lights radiating outward. I am most pleased to speak with you. Until we speak again, I am Teacher and I speak the words, So be it.”

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