Merlin’s Six-Part Seminar! The Next Phase: Creation!


This is Your Introductory Offer!!
You Will Receive:

  • Your Six-Part Seminar with Merlin: The Next Phase: Creation!
  • Your Free Audio Channeling of Expanded Consciousness: Multi-Topic Question & Answers
  • Your Free Audio Channeling of Merlin’s Chat: “Breaking the Chains that Bind You!”
  • 14 MP3 files in total

Immediately download all 14 audios in MP3 format!

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Merlin Teaches and Guides You through Experiential Journeys that are new…deep…and powerful!

  • Each of Your Six-Part Seminar has never been released before!
  • Merlin requested the opportunity to guide “those who are ready” into this Next Phase: Creation!
  • Your Seminar is sequential in nature. That is, Each Powerful Seminar Journey is developed upon the foundation of Your Previous Experience.
  • You can Experience Your Personal Seminar at Your Own Pace… which allows you to continue to participate with each Seminar Part until you know that you are ready to proceed to the next!

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Shipped CDs, Download Only (MP3 audio files)