Pathways & Parables for a Changing World


Here we are! We know this is a powerful time; we have successfully birthed ourselves to be present during the grand awakening. We can feel it—the call to powerful living!

Here are Pretty Flower’s powerful teachings and intriguing stories, so familiar to many as she surrounded us all with her universal love. Beautifully illustrated!

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This channeled book is about practical solutions called pathways. Pretty Flower’s parables are all about effecting a shift in consciousness toward your spiritual awakening.

From the introduction: “Interwoven within your story, beloved ones, is the truth of who you are. Interwoven within the fabric of your being are the encodings that contain all knowing and the capability to venture forth in the fulfillment of your heart’s yearning. And within your heart’s yearning resides your beloved innocence, which holds the wisdom you seek while creating your story. Blessed are you.”
–Pretty Flower

— 300 pages, soft bound, full color cover, illustrated

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