September 2021 Daily Reflection with Ancient One

by Sep 2021

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!
“I am Ancient One and I come forth to speak with you upon a topic I believe you will find most interesting.”

—Ancient One

“Greetings! Greetings to you, light beings of truth and light and love! I am Ancient One and I come forth to speak with you upon a topic I believe you will find most interesting. You see, you know that this is a time of great change. You have been hearing those words for a very long time and perhaps some of you, if not all, have begun to notice that the changes are occurring. Even in the midst of great turmoil, there are those moments when peace fills you to the brim and overflowing and of course this is much to your credit, for you have chosen… chosen your manner of experiencing your journey.

“And now you are in the process of refusing to view anything or anyone in a negative manner; yes, this is at times challenging, yet you are proceeding! And this brings forth a change, a frequency is augmented, is anchored more fully in physicality, wherein you reside. The frequency is wholeness of being. Ah! Then I’d like to begin to speak about these current times, for there is much occurring as you are well aware.

“Firstly, know that many of those who reside upon earth are now more familiar with their heritage; that is, the heritage that flows forth from non-earthly residing beings. Initially, perhaps, you found this to be a challenge to accept and perhaps some of you denied its possibility. Yet now there is much more information coming forth, information that tells you of the DNA-sharing of many species on and off planet earth. And as your consciousness continues to expand and include more and more of the All flowing forth to take form in all manners, then there is more of an opportunity of not only an acceptance of the truth of who you are and are becoming, but also a curiosity of your heritage.

“Now there has been much counter truth occurring which tends to cause fear and revulsion of possibilities, yet know this to be true: there is nothing to fear with all that is being revealed in truth. Now the words in truth are important here. Why? Well, my dears, there are those beings who present what they believe is the truth and through perhaps no fault of their own, that which is presented is but an interpretation that flows through their beliefs and their own fears. Judge them not for they believe they are residing in truth. Yet I say to you, your make-up within your DNA is vast and inclusive. Just as you know that the spirit of that which you are is the All and in fact and in truth comprises all beings.

“Now you might be wondering where I am going with all of this. Good, if you are wondering, it means that you are paying attention. For this is all about you and what portends to flow forth for your experience and expression of being.

“You see, my dears, you are lovely lovely beings. You have every intention of residing in love, in peace and in truth. That intention determines your journey, as you know. And yes, at times you are pulled off course with your own residue of separation from the whole, with your own residue of fears, and perhaps with our own residue of judgments. Yet you are able to feel the difference within your being of those frequencies of negativity and once you recognize them, you are quick to change, to refuse to reside further within those frequencies. Now that is a huge change upon earth. Huge.

“Then hear these words. During the upcoming times there will be many opportunities to choose wherein you will place your consciousness. There are those upon earth who are ruled by those who are in control of the power that is demonstrated across the lands with countries battling neighbors and distant countries. Those who are in power have one goal and that is to continue to cause separation from the whole, to continue to pit one force against another. This is nothing new and has been occurring in the histories of earth.

“Yet there is now a factor that is flowing forth to assist earth and its peoples to change, to refuse those invitations to judge and to battle. Because of this change, there will be more battles. All of this is designed to continue the control that those ones have enjoyed. Yet again I say, there are those from other star systems who have determined that they will assist earth to enter into a more expanded frequency, a more expanded consciousness. They will not interfere, yet they can, without breaking the code of no interference, augment the positive, augment those manners of manifesting fulfillment of being, of joy and delight, and of peace within the heart of your being.

“You can join with them simply by asking for assistance in our own daily journey, asking for assistance to reside in peace, in joy, in love and in acceptance of truth. Your mind doesn’t have to determine what is truth and what is not; more so, your frequencies attract that which is truth, the truth that you are most capable of integrating within your own system, within your own consciousness.

“The more that you ask and accept this assistance, the more that you are capable of receiving. You see? Everything is designed to assist you in the most careful, gentle way, yet expanding nonetheless. Take time for yourself, my dears. Take time to rest, to feel peace, to set aside your concerns for the cause and effect. And while you may have many challenges in the cause and the effect of things, the truth remains that the more that you allow this peace and love to fill you, to flow forth from your own heart of hearts, the more that your difficulties and challenges lessen. They must, you see. For those challenges and difficulties are resting upon the illusion of separation from the whole, are resting upon negativity, and are resting upon the effects of those who believe they have control of your consciousness, of your being. Yet they do not. They do not.

“You are a free being. You have a spirit that is divine. Nothing can control the divine. And that is the truth. Then within your being resides the totality of the All, the totality of the divine and while you choose and continue to choose peace and wholeness of being, then the more that you are able to integrate into physicality those frequencies of totality. And those frequencies hold within them fulfillment of being. Nothing can be withheld simply because totality is just that, totality.

(continued below)

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“Now as the frequencies upon earth begin to shift and change more and more, there will flow forth those invitations, as I have been speaking of, those invitations to either play and be joyful… or to be negative and place yourself as a victim of your own journey. Yet you are not a victim. That manner of viewing your journey is simply an old pattern that begs to be released, an old pattern that allows the control to reside within your sleep state. But you are no longer asleep, my dears. You are very much awake! And you are daring to refuse that victimhood. You are daring to let go of the old patterns of hatred, of judgment, of ridicule of others lest you be ridiculed first. You see? You are in the process, a successful process, of letting go of what has been called the old playground competition where to be on top of the pile is the goal.

“There are many in spirit form who have been cheering you when you have refused to place that goal before you, when you have assisted others to do what they would like to do, when you have decided to play instead of being a slave to your list of things to do, when you have laughed, when you have cried at beauty, when you have mourned the loss of a loved one and also known that loved one is in spirit form… always.

“There are many in spirit form who come about you to assuage your fears, to assist you to believe once again that you are cared for and holy. There are those inspirit form who have cleared the way for you to go forth in new and brave ways, ways that call to you and perhaps have always called to you, yet now you are paying more attention to that calling. Perhaps the calling is to venture forth to see a friend that you have not see in a long time. Perhaps the calling is to walk in the forest once again, when you remember that you used to enjoy walking in the forest when you were less busy in your daily cause and effect. Perhaps the calling is to reflect upon what hopes and dreams you have been holding, those ones that no longer actually fit your picture of fulfillment. Perhaps the calling is to dare to dance, one step and then another. Perhaps the calling is to remember to love those ones who are unlovable. Perhaps the calling is to dare to rest when a schedule refuses rest. Perhaps your calling is to listen to your heart, more than once, more than twice, perhaps always. For your heart will guide you, will give to you the seeming unknown of who you are.

“There once was a being who ventured forth upon the lands and discovered that there were so many beings upon the land that he could not remain and then did journey to the mountains to find some peace. Yet in the mountains, he found that his thoughts would not give him peace. He then journeyed to the sea and it was there that the creatures of the sea did breathe a breath upon the being, a breath that reminded him of who he was.

“There once was a woman who danced a dance and in the dance she remembered that once long ago she was a man who journeyed to the sea and discovered there the sense of who he really was and found peace in the waters and the beings of the sea.

“In her memories, she danced until the sea formed at her feet and then nourished her spirit. The creatures of the sea spoke to her and she wrote down there words and spoke them to the children of all of the villages of earth.

“The children laughed and sighed and cried and loved the words. The words that spoke to the deep inner knowing that they were most amazing beings in the bodies of children. And in this knowing, the purpose of the man and the woman were fulfilled in one breath, in one heart, in one mind, in one spirit. The All celebrating the truth of its own fulfillment of being.

“Perhaps you will breathe these words and know of who you a re and are not, for in such knowing do you discover more than written truth can deliver to your consciousness. Remember, my dear ones, you are so much more than you have been led to believe. And the so much more has little to do with physicality, yet it is within physicality that your awakening beckons you. This journey you have lived again and again. It is the gift to your own beingness to remember, to love, to live, to breathe deeply the more of that which you are. The more of that which you are is not held in words, but is the vibrational frequency of Oneness of Being.

“Then until we speak again, I am Ancient One. I am most joyful and pleased to have this opportunity to speak with you again, my dear ones. You are most precious in the entire universe. Most precious.

“Then I speak the words: so be it.”

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