September 2023 Daily Reflection with Light Beings

by Sep 2023

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

We are the Light Beings and we come forth to speak with you, for we hold you in the highest esteem.

—Light Beings

We are the Light Beings and we come forth to speak with you, for we hold you in the highest esteem. You are amazing beings residing in a human vessel. This means that you are perfect beings residing in an imperfect vessel. We would like to speak with you about this, to assist you to reside in a way that gives relief to your striving for perfection and also to assist you to declare for yourselves the freedom from the distortion, freedom that is yours to have. Then we will begin.

“It has been your journey to strive for perfection in many ways. This is neither correct nor incorrect. Yet within your journey to be more of that which you already are, because your spirit is that perfection, you began to forget that you are a divine spirit being incarnate. Again, that is not incorrect. Yet now, with the great transformations that are occurring upon earth, the transformations from the sleep state to the awake state of being, there comes that moment when you can consciously determine to remember, to remember who you already are.

“We, the Light Beings, have been upon earth for a very long time, yet we are in non- physical form so that we can continue to hold the integrity of Light. Within the integrity of Light there is the balancing of all that is. The balancing of all that is gives forth the frequencies of freedom to be in a way that is not yet understood upon planet earth. Freedom to be is truly a manner in which you are holding to yourself an inner peace, an inner peace that allows you to be just as you are, however you are. This means that you are no longer trying to be something for someone, or to be a certain way to prove yourself. This inner peace is the home of your consciousness when it is fulfilling its purpose.

“Long ago you resided within this peace as it emanated from you into the essence that resided upon earth. And it was your inner peace that began to create automatically. For, it is to be understood that physicality is a location where manifestation of creation occurs. And your inner peace flowing forth, then, began to manifest or take form as fulfillment, fulfillment in all manners. And because you were conscious of that which you already were, you did not have what is called need. You simply resided and reveled in the fulfillment that continued to be made manifest for you. Your physicality began to be what has been called in histories, paradise.

“Paradise resided. And you, with your inner peace fulfilled, resided within paradise. You have been given many stories of why this paradise shifted and changed and became a struggle, became unfulfilling, and led you to believe that you must strive very hard to be better, to be more, and to call to yourself those manifestations that would give you fulfillment. As you can perhaps become aware by these words, this created the distortion that now resides upon earth.

(continued below)

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Yet we, the Light Beings, are here to bring to your awareness that the paradise that you so long for or miss, still resides. It is always present. It is the distortion that resides floating upon paradise, the reality of being. And the avenue to begin to experience your paradise again resides in the bringing of your consciousness to peace, to inner peace. This means that you are allowing every being to be as they are. It means that you decide to let go of participation in judgment of others, which is of course the foundation of the illusion of separation from the whole.

“To reside within this peace, that reveals to you your paradise, is a simple dedicating of some time during your day in which you set aside your human nature’s need to follow the illusionary principle that it must be better and more perfect. You are the divine essence and it is your participation with your human vessel that gives to your entire incarnating the stepping, one step and then another, into your paradise.

“In assisting your human nature, there is then, as we have spoken, the action, the decision of refusing to judge another, but to recognize that when there is something that is occurring that is horrific, there is also the inner knowing that those beings or that being is residing in the illusion of separation from the whole, the distortion that floats above the paradise. It is not their fault that they are asleep to truth, just as it is not your fault that you did reside in sleep to truth until you awoke.

“When you determine to let go of seeing others as separate from you, then your spirit and the spirit of the wholeness of being celebrates. This is all part of your paradise. The frequencies in paradise are of wholeness of being, are of the knowing that all beings are one being, that all breath is one breath, that all love is love of all, and that peace is the celebration of union, the celebration of totality, the celebration of the end of battle and the embracing of the one step and then another within the reality of paradise. All beings, then, have the right to be who they are, and in doing so, there is no battle. When there is no battle, then there is peace within and without.

“Yet the first step in all of this transformation is to set aside differences, to remain within your inner being as peace. Find peace within yourself and you will be amazed at the transformation of your own steppings, the transformation of your journey, and the transformation of your own fulfillment of being. Paradise then reveals itself to you. Remember, all is a frequency which takes form within the divine breath of your being.

“We are most pleased to be speaking with you in this moment. Then we are the Light Beings and declare that this speaking is complete. So be it.

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