The New Realm Manifesting on Earth

Below is the first of a 3-part series from Teacher on The New Realm.

Part One

“Greetings, my dears! I’ve decided to speak with you about the new realm that is manifesting upon earth. Now some of you have heard about it and have perhaps read different renditions or explanations on what this new realm is all about. And some of you have never heard about it. That’s all right if you haven’t. We are all on the same page with equal footing here as we begin.

“Now, what is the new realm and why is it manifesting here on earth? Let’s begin with the basics, shall we? As you have perhaps heard me say many times, everything is a frequency and it is the same with the new realm. What is the frequency about and what is its purpose? Now that’s a deeper question, isn’t it. Yes. Here we go.
“The new realm is part of a consciousness that flows forth from the All, from Eternity, to be made manifest for the sole purpose of providing a residing place for those who are awake or awakening, for those who have discovered that the spiritual path is the only path, and further, who have discovered that regardless of how a being might appear to be or the path that a being is residing upon, all paths are spiritual and in fact, all beings are One Being. Now don’t fret if you can’t seem to make yourself fit into any of those words. We are not here to try to fit into anything. We are actually here to be who we really are and to disregard who we have been trying hard to be.

“Now this realm isn’t something that is exclusive, isn’t like a religion that says only you are the right ones for this realm. More so, the frequency of the new realm is a calling, a calling to all beings to lift from survival’s grasp and to dare…to dare to breathe into themselves truth. Now truth isn’t a statement, isn’t a written code; more so, truth is also a frequency. And incarnate, truth is the closest we can come to purity of being. Now, purity of being has nothing to do with perfection.

“Perhaps we might need to become more clear about that so that we can all—all who are receiving these words—be able to relax into the rest of this information about the new realm. Perfect is a type of interpretation, an interpretation of what might be holiness itself. It’s not a crime that there are those teachings that try to cause its followers to be perfect according to those teachings or doctrines. Yet perfection is best left for those who can find such a perfection inside themselves. You see, we are not here to walk on eggshells, so to speak. We are not here to edit our own thoughts or actions for the reason of becoming who we already are. We are here to discover, to go forth as adventurers and to discover what this physicality is all about and also to discover within that journey who we really are…and are not.

“And here is the good news: this new realm, this frequency, is present to help us do just that. It is here to assist all beings to let go of trying so hard to follow the rules, the spiritual rules, so that each being can journey within him- or her-self and become more and more aware of the truth of who they are. Now I know I’ve been going on and on about this ‘discovering who you really are’, but isn’t that what this journey is all about? It is.

“Now why is this new realm here? What caused it to be here? Why now? Here’s the answer to those questions. You have been here—those of you who receive these words—and have released your grasp upon survival, upon trying to be the best, have the most and manifest manifest manifest. You discovered through your own experiences that all of those ways weren’t fulfilling. Oh they may have been in the beginning, but after a while the thrill of having seemed to fade away, especially when the “big stuff” seemed to be just out of reach. And there was a reason for that, of course. If you kept getting, you wouldn’t have a reason to stop trying to get, would you? And at the time, I’m sure you weren’t interested in accepting the fact that not-getting was a gift.

“So then, when you discovered that there had to be a different way, it seemed that a new adventure unfolded before you. You hesitantly stepped upon it and found that what folks were calling ‘the spiritual journey’ was actually a feeling of freedom, freedom to be. You found others who were on this spiritual journey and more opened for you. And you have been journeying ever since. And now here’s the great good news. Because you have been journeying upon this spiritual path of discovery, you have held a frequency, one of truth, and it is that frequency that has called forth this new realm.

“So there you have it. You are the reason, you and all of those who have dared to step into a new way of living, of residing in peace and truth, called forth this new realm. You might not have literally called it forth with your meditations, your beseechings, your prayers; but the frequencies that you have chosen to reside within and as, did call forth this new realm. It is here for you. Actually, as I began, this new realm is here for everyone.

“Now what is it about, this new realm? What does it offer us? The frequencies within the new realm are multi-layered; that is, it offers all beings a way of journeying into a new dimension of being, one that provides fulfillment yet continues to nourish the spirit. What does that mean? Well, my dears, let’s pretend a little. Pretend that you have entered a new land, one that is most beautiful where nature is beautiful and all creatures are friendly and the entire place is safe, but not only safe; more so, it is enhancing your journey to such a degree that you find that you are automatically stepping with a new-found joy and delight. That’s the beginning of entering this new realm. The beginning.

“Now your human nature might have a few questions about all of that. Your human nature is the survivor, remember? That human nature might want to know if anything will change, if he or she will lose anything that has been gained by hard work and diligence. And the answer to the human is this: Everything is made manifest for you. That is, this new realm is designed specially for you so that you can relax and rest while journeying into the real gift of being incarnate.

“You see, human, you have been struggling for long enough. Even when you have been on your spiritual path, you have continued to struggle in some way or another. That’s all right. It isn’t a crime. Struggling has simply been part of the journey in physicality and upon earth during times of great upheaval and despair. You couldn’t help but be affected by it all. Yet you continued onward, doing your very best. And to that I, Teacher, say Bravo!

“And now this new realm is here just for you, to give you the freedom from struggle. Oh I know you won’t want to dare to trust that simply because you believed it long ago and something fell through with that promise didn’t it. Yes. Oh it wasn’t your fault; you weren’t to blame that the struggle continued to stay with you while the words that you read said that the struggle was over. You were simply residing on your path, on your own journey, and as I have said, doing your best. And now, yes now, you have the opportunity to let go of the final phase of that struggle, the final phase of survival’s grasp. I say: it can’t have you any longer. This new realm is actually a severing of the ties to survival, severing the ties to a way of being that hasn’t worked to produce fulfillment, yet continued to magnetize you to it simply because there didn’t seem to be another way. Hear my words: that is all over now. It is complete as it is.

“Now I’ve gone on and on about what the new realm is about. I haven’t described the ins and outs of what’s inside of the new realm. And more importantly, I haven’t described how you can actually enter that realm. There is a portal and it’s not exclusive, of course. What is needed? Just a bit of aligning your frequencies to it. And I am going to help you do that. That’s why I am here, my dears, to assist you in any and every way that I can, to assure you that you get to have it all. By that I mean that I am here to assist you to reside in fulfillment, real fulfillment, from the inside out. But that’s another little talk, isn’t it. I want to be sure that you really get this. I want to be sure that you know that you don’t have to make yourself be smarter than you already are, more holy than you already are, or more sincere than every cell of your being already is. I want you to know deep inside that you are absolutely perfect as you are, even with what seems to be imperfections.

“So then, I’ll be speaking with you in several of these little talks, and the purpose will be to help you prepare for this new realm, help you to align your frequencies, and to assist you to enter the portal and discover the freedom that your own frequencies have called forth. Oh you are going to love this! But you don’t have to take my word for it. It’s all experiential, after all, and your experiences will give to you that certainty that will unbind you from that final phase of survival; and when that unbinding does occur, you will feel it, you will recognize it simply because the joy, the inside joy will bubble up and out. You might find yourself saying, ‘Finally!’ Or, you might weep. You might… well, I suppose you’ll find out for yourself, won’t you.

“Know that I am most fond of you and I am dedicated to your freedom, freedom to be and to reside in the truth of who you really are. I am Teacher.”

Part Two

“Hello, my dears. We are here today to continue our talk on the new realm that is manifesting upon earth. Now with our first speaking we discovered that the new realm was actually called forth by you, by those of you who have been able to reside on a path, a spiritual path, one that has been inviting you to let go of survival’s ways and dare to trust truth itself and all that truth unveils before you as you journey onward. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to be awakened and residing in bliss in order to be of benefit from the new realm and all of its frequencies. You are who you are, after all. And the new realm is here. So let’s continue with our talk and discover together more about this new realm, shall we?

“Where did it come from? That’s a good question, I believe. Now this might get a bit technical, but bear with me a little. Here we go. As the All is breathed forth, there are certain frequencies that flow forth to take form. The earth is one of those frequencies, complicated though that frequency might be. Another flowing forth is you and all beings. Now as frequencies flow forth, there is a natural gathering together of similar vibrations. Why? The gathering together of like frequencies is what is called taking form.

“So then, as like vibrational frequencies gather together, unite you might say, there is a certain forming. And with this uniting there has formed what we know today as physicality. Yes, all of physical; the result of creation itself. That doesn’t mean that all frequencies united and took form. Just those that were similar in vibrations. What happened to the “other” frequencies? They flowed about within the breathing outward of creation and then returned to nothing within the breathing in of the releasing of form. That is to say, they had no purpose or reason to unite with anything else. They simply were. Then what occurred? This.

“The frequencies that held beings within them changed. That is to say, the consciousness within the beings who formed upon earth began to change, entered the dark ages. Density began to form itself within physicality as a result of that sleeping consciousness. Yet within the darkness, there came different sparks of light and truth. Remember this my dears: illusion cannot stand in he face of Truth. That is to say, the illusion of separation from the whole parted itself when the light of Truth began to make itself know. And why did that light make itself known? Easy answer. The All is truth and the All formed itself as all beings.

“So then the frequencies upon earth and about the beings who resided upon earth began to change again. There were awakenings. Granted the awakenings occurred in little pockets of gatherings, hidden away from those who resided in the darkness and believed they must control…everything. Yet the gatherings grew and as they did, the consciousness and the frequencies flowing forth from the consciousness changed.

“In each layer of consciousness’s changing did there be an increased frequency, increasing itself to be more and more as it originally was, as it was created to be. Now you can perhaps see where I am going with this. Upon earth now, there are many beings who are residing in truth, who are residing in a way that allows them to be more in line with who they were always meant to be: loving, kind, embracing of all beings, embracing of similarities and differences, realizing that all is One, all is holy, all is divine, all is the original frequency created to be.

“And when this consciousness began to embrace the experience of that truth, there was as if a call that flowed forth. What as the call? Oh you are going to love this! It was just what had occurred in the very beginning when similar frequencies united together. It was a vibration that called forth a similar vibration, for what reason? For the reason of creation, of forming. And it was then that this new realm — as I have said previously, the new realm is a frequency — this new realm began to flow forth.

“Already formed, it was, from uniting with similar frequencies, it now felt the pull to unite with more of its own beingness. And that like frequency resided here upon earth, resided within you, within all beings who were awakening to truth, to love, to peace, to residing as one. And that new realm, as we have been calling it, flowed forth for one purpose: to unite with similar frequencies. And guess where those frequencies reside. Ah! You have it, of course: inside of your very own being. Now isn’t that just lovely?

“So then, we might say that the new realm is ready and waiting to unite with you, to merge with your frequencies simply because that is what creation does. Now this uniting, this merging is way beyond what any dictionary might interpret either of those ways to be. This uniting and merging is your invitation to experience the wholeness of who you are. And we’ll get into that more as we go along.

“This little talk was simply to help you to understand the why of the appearance of this new realm. You might want to read these words again. I’m sure the first time through was what you might call “a head-scratcher”. But now you know where the entire talk was leading and you can return to the beginning and really get what I have been giving to you. I so very much would like you to feel not only comfortable with what this new realm is about, but more so, to know that it is here for you, for your benefit, for your fulfillment, for your delight, for your freedom, real freedom, to simply be.

“Until we speak again, I am Teacher.”

Part Three

“Well, my dears, I am so very pleased that you have decided to continue to receive these words; they are delivered especially for you. Now let’s continue a bit about this new realm. You see, as many others have spoken about this new realm, one question remains. It’s this. How do we enter this new realm? How do we merge? And, perhaps, why do we want to? What will the experience be? What will we do with the possible fear that arises when even contemplating about it? So then, let’s see if we can answer those questions during this talk, shall we?

“I want to what you call “get right to it”. We can talk about it and talk about it, but one day—very soon—we would like to have the opportunity to actually merge with that new realm and find out for ourselves what it is all about. Yes, this is for those of you who feel that way; and it is also for those of you who hesitate, wondering what will happen, if you will like it, if it is safe, and if you will actually disappear from your usual living upon earth. Right now I can relieve you of that concern: you will not disappear. More so, you will be so very present you will wonder where the whole of you has been hiding! So then, let’s continue.

“Now remember the statements that like merges with like? That’s truly what this is all about. The vibrational frequency that is you, that forms as you, has called forth this new realm. It is the same frequency as the real you. It has to be if it is present to merge, to unite, to uplift you from the last vestiges of illusion and survival. Perhaps we need to speak a little about those last vestiges of illusion and survival so that you will easily be able to let go of what you thought was your next advancement in physicality.

“Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting advancement, nothing wrong with success, nothing wrong with abundance of monies, of fulfillment in physicality. Nothing wrong at all. That’s all part of this journey. This is something different. You see, the illusion tells us that we must continue to create something that will bring fulfillment. Nothing wrong with that either. Yet, when we continue to effort to create so that we can have more and more—again nothing wrong with having more—we place our frequencies in the illusion that says we are separate from the whole.

“You see, when we effort to create something, to cause physicality to deliver a certain fulfillment, we are then residing upon that old illusion of separation from the whole. Oh I know about physicality and its magnetic force that whispers to all beings that there is more to have, more fulfillment, more abundance. Again, I will repeat, there is nothing wrong with more; you and we all can cease from judging those who have more and allow them the right to have, to create, to effort. We all have that right simply because we are residing incarnate.

“Then what’s the difference between efforting to create and creating in a way that is a match to the frequencies of who we really are. Not much, not much difference at all. The difference resides in consciousness. Here’s the fact: when you are creating to have that carrot that has been dangled in front of you, you are residing in the illusion of separation from the whole and in what I have been calling survival. When you create for the joy of creating, you are residing in truth. Now you can be enjoying what you create and still be going for that carrot. That’s what I meant by there is not much difference within efforting and creating through flowing of truth. It is most subtle, the difference.

“Yet when you are creating to reach that carrot, you feel it inside. There is an anxiousness, an unsettled feeling that you haven’t reached a goal yet. Here’s the subtlety. You can have a goal, of course. You can begin to create to reach that goal. Nothing wrong with that. Yet, when you place your focus on that goal and it becomes a carrot within survival, you have forgotten who you are. And that’s at the crux of it all. When you remember that you are the One Being, that you are divine in nature; when you remember that you are holiness itself taking form, when you remember that you are here to fulfill a purpose, a wonderful grand purpose; then oh then, you can go forth within creating and rejoice at the same moment, within the same breath.

“Now I don’t want to be pointing my finger at you if you have been going after that carrot. All beings go after that carrot. All. It is part of the journey upon earth. Until one day you are tired of reaching for something that has always seemed to be a little out of reach, a little beyond what you can cause to occur. And in one moment or another, you begin to realize that perhaps you will never have that carrot. Now some of you became despaired within that realization. Yet, within that realization was a spiritual awakening. It took itself through your consciousness, gradually pushing the false beliefs aside until it made itself conscious. And that, my dears, is when you began to birth yourself anew, birth yourself within physicality and be-come. Yes you began to be who you really are and that journey has taken you to right now, to right now in this moment.

“So then, here we are, recognizing that this new realm is the same frequency as are you.

“Your next wondering or question might be: what will it be like, merging with this new realm? Well, my dears, that is why I am here with you, to guide you and to assist you to gradually merge your frequencies with the layers of this new realm.

“Some of you might be thinking that you would rather just march right into that realm, but that really isn’t the way this works. Why? Well, you are choosing to remain incarnate and when you merge with the frequencies of this new realm, you are actually merging with the truth of who you really are. And we do want to include your human nature with all of this, as it is your vessel while you are incarnate. So then we will take things gradually to allow the merging to be whole, to be…well, I’ll say the word…lovely. I would like your gradual merging to be one of joy and more so, natural…natural so that you are feeling the correctness, feeling that this is what you call “a good thing”…just for you.

“And to that end, I have created a course for just that. But I would like to give you the first experience. Oh, it’s powerful, I can assure you of that. But I would like you to experience the first vibrational introduction to this new realm, so that you can know for yourself that it is all that I have been saying. You see, as I’ve mentioned, all of this is experiential. That’s why I believe I’ve spoken enough words.

“Dare, why don’t you. Dare to give it a try. I’ll be with you to assist you to align and to enjoy the depth of this experience! I am Teacher.”

Below is Teacher’s Introduction to The New Realm course.
As always, this is best viewed when you can be undisturbed; sitting, instead of lying down is best to assure you will be able to remain awake. The experience is quite expanded and at times brings one to a level of consciousness that resides right before sleep. If you fall asleep or lose consciousness, that’s all right. You can simply continue to listen and enter into the experience, each time being able to remain awake longer. Best wishes on your continued journey.

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