Your personal channeled session!

Opening and Clearing the Pathway of Your Journey!

  • What is the primary challenge or issue that you are facing today?
  • What is really bothering you?
  • What is preventing you from your open pathway, your journey of fulfillment?
  • Learn the spiritual history and solution to your major issue or challenge!

Letting go of the old patterns and the attachment to the descriptions of any primary issue is the beginning of residing in the spiritual solution, a solution that opens the door to the joy and delight that is waiting to be experienced.

How to proceed:

  1. Order your session
  2. Email me (miriandra@miriandra.com) a description of your one primary, major issue or challenge.
  3. Receive an email confirming your request and an approximate date of channeling your session. Sessions are channeled in the order of receiving requests.
  4. Your session will be emailed to you in PDF transcript form – one that folks truly enjoy because they can re-read, underline, and study the information given.

Each session is usually approximately twelve written pages in length. Although I have never channeled this particular offering and who knows? The information might flow longer.

With Blessings,