Would you like to?

Understand your past awakenings?

Avoid learning the same lessons over and over?

Be freed from your recurring beliefs?

Enjoy the life you are meant to have?

Discover fulfillment, joy, delight, and inner peace?

Now You Can!

For the First Time Ever!


Live your best life now!

Dear friend,

During a recent meditation, I was given a way to stop relearning the same lessons over and over and I feel compelled to share this powerful channeled session with you so you can live your best possible life.

As you know, our soul histories contain lessons already learned and more: the accompanying spiritual awakenings.

Why should you want to know about your past-life lessons, your past-life awakenings?

  • Each and every awakening is a process of letting go of previous preconceived ideas and beliefs.
  • Your beliefs and ideas act as a filter that lessens your experience of the amazing manner in which life is supposed to be lived.
  • Each and every awakening dissolves that filter and clears the way for you to live the life you have always been meant to live.

This is a way to know those past awakenings so that you can avoid learning the same lessons over and over again, and be freed of your recurring, limiting beliefs.

Your Personal Awakening Session will reveal

In what past life did I most focus on my spiritual journey?

You will receive an in-depth description of the primary lifetime where with purpose, you deliberately focused on your spiritual growth.

What were the lessons or awakenings?

This channeled session reveals circumstances that led to powerful lessons learned and includes a description of your spiritual awakenings.

How does this life directly affect my present life?

Channeled guidance correlates lessons learned in your past life with your current life, its spiritual focus, reasons for soul-purpose priorities, and reveals facts about the direct connection or influence from the past to the present.

How can I best go forth with this information?

Channeled guidance brings together the two lifetimes, past and present, revealing possible new direction, suggestions for inner alignment with the past, and revealing an open pathway for your spiritual fulfilment.

What is the message from “the me of that life” to “the me of this life”?

Many have found this message touched their deep inner being with light, guidance, and heart-felt love.

I Want My Awakenings Session

“A gift given to me long ago, I have channeled and accessed the Akashic Soul Histories for thousands of people. It is my sincere wish to assist you in your spiritual unfoldment.”


How will you change your tomorrow if you don’t act today?

  • What better way to answer the question, “I feel locked in place, on hold. Why?”
  • What better way to understand choices that didn’t seem to make sense?
  • What better way to feel that deep connection with where you have been and where you are heading now?
  • What better way to understand your challenges and joys than knowing your most powerful past-life awakening and how it is directly affecting your current life?
  • What better way to say “yes” to receiving direct guidance about your spiritual journey and its histories?

Your Awakenings!
A brand-new Channeled Session!

You will receive your soul histories of this powerful lifetime along with channeled guidance in 8-10 transcript pages (PDF) sent by email or printed and sent by postal mail.

Special Introductory Offer for this Brand-New Session!

While I normally charge $350 or more for a personalized session I’m offering Your Awakenings Session for a limited time for only $295.

Because these are intense, personalized, and time-consuming, I will channel a very limited number of Awakenings Sessions. If you want to learn how to live the life you deserve sign up today as my schedule usually fills quickly (and I expect this session to be very popular)!

In gratitude for all that we are together,

PS: This session might be just what you are looking for! We will be accessing that soul journey where you experienced an opening to the next vibrational frequency that holds within it your freedom to live without past prohibiting patterns.

PPS: I love you and trust that you will know if this powerful session is just for you!