Your Relationships Across Time Session

Have You Wondered???

  • I feel so close to my best friend, I wonder if we’ve had other lives together?
  • I wonder what my past-life histories are with my Mom?
  • I wonder that my past-life histories are with my Dad?
  • I wonder… did I know my husband in other lifetimes?
  • I wonder… did I know my partner in other lifetimes?
  • I feel as though I’ve known my son (or daughter) for centuries.
  • We must have had previous lives together?

This beautiful session parts the veil and focuses on the Soul History of Your Journey with Another Person!

Your revealed journey may include one or several lifetimes upon earth!

You may choose to ask for the Past-Life Soul Histories with you and a family member (husband, wife, child, parent, or other relative), or a friend, a work partner, or a lover, a neighbor… anyone!

This session often reveals particulars with regard to geographical location, names and the lifetime story.

Many have found assistance with difficult relationships when learning of past-life soul histories shared.

Please feel free to express any concerns or specific wonderings for this session.

For example, some have asked these questions:

  • I am having difficulties with my relationship with __________. Are there any past life histories that would be helpful for me to know?
  • I have met ________ and it feels like we have known each other for centuries. We have spoken about it and are wondering if we have past life experiences together.
  • Are there past life histories with my child _______that would be helpful to know at this time; in order to better our relationship?
  • What past life histories do I share with my grandmother?

Information necessary for this Session:

Please Send by Email:

  1. Your full name
  2. The full name of the “other” person (There is no need for birth information; however, please include the nature of your relationship; ie, child, parent, friend, etc.)
  3. Any specific questions concerning the history of your relationship with your chosen person for this session.

Please Note: Each session is designed to focus on your past-life relationship with one other person. Though you may have curiosities or wonderings about past-life relationships with many — for example, all of your children; or both of your parents — this session is designed to focus on one person. Feel free to request as many sessions as you would like.

Relationships Across Time Sessions are in Transcript Form!

This means that you receive approximately ten written pages overflowing with your Past Life Histories with Your Chosen Person!

You can choose to receive your session via Email in a document file, or receive printed pages through the US Mail to an address of your choice.

As always, I am honored to participate with you in this very special way,