April 2020 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by Apr 2020

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“I’d like to speak with you about what you can be doing to assist what is occurring on the earth; yet I would also like to tell you more about who you are and why you are here. So, then let’s begin with the second part, shall we?”


“Greetings my dears! Greetings to each and every one who received these words. I’d like to speak with you about … well, I’d like to speak with you about what you can be doing to assist what is occurring on the earth; yet I would also like to tell you more about who you are and why you are here. So, then let’s begin with the second part, shall we? Here we go.

“Long long ago you decided to journey within physicality and to eventually choose to reside incarnate upon earth. And that was a major decision, my dears. You see, when you made that decision here was not actually what could be called a heaven upon earth. More so, it was a time of forming, a time of creation’s discovering how to best present Truth in a way that would easily integrate with the consciousness of those who were residing in a way that would lend them to a change, perhaps a drastic change.

“Some of those ones, you observed, were residing n difficult situations; yet when the breath of Truth was breathed forth, it was if a scent, a sweet scent flowed forth upon the earth and those ones stopped what they were doing and the scent called them to follow its biding. What was its biding? This.

“To dare to go forth and discover what residing incarnate was all about. You see, those ones had been simply living, as many did and still do. Nothing wrong with that. Yet those ones had a frequency residing within their being and it was that frequency that heard the call, felt the vibration of that sweet scent; it was a call of the Divine Mother to return to Home.

“Did that mean that they would leave their physical residing? No. The call to come Home was a call to release what they were doing and to focus upon something else and the something else was their relationship with the Divine Mother, the frequency that resided within their own beingness. And to that end, then, those ones did release their “just living” and began to traverse from the gatherings of people and to go forth into the mountains.

“And it was there in the mountains that they began to settle and to reside in a simple manner, while their frequencies and inner knowing began to merge and to become conscious. And that was when they began their journey Home. It was within their awakening consciousness that they began to know the holiness of the journey, the holiness of the inner knowing, and more so, the holiness of all that was created.

“When you, each of you, observed these beings, you saw what had occurred and you wanted what they had, so to speak. You wanted to reside incarnate, awake and knowing the inner holiness of your being and that of the Divine Mother who breathed you forth. When you decided to incarnate and reside in physicality, you found yourselves dispersed on the land and not residing together. You hunted for each other initially, and were unsuccessful in discovering where “the others” took form.

“You continued within your purpose of discovering the inner frequencies of that awakening that you observed and also you held to yourselves the purpose of finding each other. To that end, you resided in villages and at times cities, to hopefully come across the rest of those who observed together. You continued with your journey and after a while, you also began to just live, to find a way to be happy, to be fulfilled, to enjoy those about you, even if they were of a different vibrational frequency and were not exactly in the process of awakening.

“When you entered into that manner of being, that is, when you found yourself residing upon the journey of awakening and discovering the truth of who you really are; then you too began to find others who were in a similar manner, letting go of participating in ways that held your consciousness asleep. Instead of just living, you found that there were some gatherings that assisted beings to awaken further and you felt a thrill in residing in these gatherings.

(continued below)

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“There came that day, that moment, when you recognized that you had a purpose and it was not moving the cause and effect around, not moving physicality to form in such a way to give you fulfillment of being. Though none of those ways were incorrect, they no longer fit with your frequencies. And even though you at times felt lonely for the others, you continued with your journey. You continued with discovering Truth, the vibration within your very own inner being, and then holding to the integrity of that Truth. You began to trust that inner knowing and the manners that it called you to reside within. You began to feel a type of peace an a type of joy, as it began to grow within your being. What was occurring? You were journeying Home.

“And now, here you are, Home. You are awake and continuing to discover that this journey is one of continued awakening. You know the feeling of Truth and recognize that Truth is not a gathering of words but more so is a frequency that matches so very well with your inner beingness. What does all this mean?

“It means, my dears, that you are here to fulfill that purpose of breathing forth Truth. Why? So that the consciousness upon earth can catch that sweet scent and then that sweet scent will call them to the more of who they are, will call them from “just living” and lead them into the journey Home. And it is that breathing forth that I’d now like to speak with you about.

“My dears, now that you are able to reside within the frequency of Home… well, let’s speak of that for a moment. Does that mean that you no longer have difficulties? Does it mean that there are no challenges? Does it mean that you are totally fulfilled in every area of your living? No. It doesn’t mean that at all, my dears. This is physicality, it is earth, and you are here during a most challenging time. In fact, it is because it is a most challenging time that you are here. You see, you don’t need to breathe Truth into paradise, now, do you? Of course not, because paradise is Truth incarnate.

“All right now, let’s continue. Now that you are able to reside within the frequencies of Truth and you know that you are here to fulfill the purpose of simply breathing forth those frequencies so that the masses can be uplifted enough to breathe the sweet scent, what can you do? Some of you have been meditating and radiating forth peace and love. That is wonderful. Some of you have been singing songs of love and peace. That s wonderful. Some of you have been simply living in a way that resides in Truth. And that is also wonderful.

“Yet you can take a small action. It will continue to fulfill your purpose and it will assist to uplift humanity from the sleep state. You might say in slang words, you will be giving them a whiff of Truth and that whiff will be so very sweet that they will not be able to ignore it.

“Here’s how to proceed. Firstly, upon the eve of the full moon — and yes, you can participate at other times, but as the moon is waxing is a very good time to participate in anything that is vibrating with Truth. Remember, distortion cannot stand in the face of Truth. Then, near to the full moon, stand out of doors and bring yourself to a peaceful manner of being. Look to the sky and see the stars and the moon. Allow that wonder to fill you, for it reminds you of how vast the universe is and how fast are the frequencies of Truth

“Next, breathe deeply the intent to place Truth within the breath of your being. And then next, breathe outward the essence of Truth as it resides within the inner core of your being, that holiness called Home, the seat of the Divine Mother’s great Love and Compassion. Breathe it forth again and again in this manner, sending the frequencies to humanity itself. Breathing forth the sweet scent of Truth into the sleeping masses, the suffering masses, the downtrodden, to those who wonder if they can bear another breath incarnate. You are calling them to awaken and to return Home.

“You see, they, too, have Home within themselves, of course. And this sweet scent from the inner beingness of your Home of homes is a match with theirs. Why? Because, of course, you are all one being. The same. Then you might say that you are tapping yourself upon your own sleeping shoulder and saying, “Awaken. It’s time to come Home now.”

“Remember, you are not referring to releasing physicality. You are referring to a shift in the frequencies within each being, a shift that allows each being to hold that sweet scent in a way that nourishes their spirit and in that nourishment does there activate those frequencies lying dormant, just waiting for that activation. And it is the spark of creation within Truth that awakens that which is dormant. And it is a wonderful tapping upon the shoulder, my dears, a wonderful awakening, a wonderful spark of Truth.

“Now isn’t that easy? And the good news is that your thinking mind doesn’t have to agree with any of what I have said, doesn’t have to figure out if its beliefs match what I’ve said. When you reside within this little action, it becomes big, very big. It becomes the saving grace of the suffering masses. And that’s what you would be doing.

“The other piece of good news is that those observers will also be doing the very same thing; when you participate in this manner, all of the observers participate in this manner. And the participating will create a tone, a sound that will flow forth across all lands. What is the tone? It is the sound of Home opening its doors to the many. It is the sound of the Divine Mother’s breath calling all to return Home. It is the sound of Truth incarnate. It is the sound of you fulfilling our purpose. It is a wonderfully amazing sound. Perhaps, if you are still after you breathe forth in this manner, your inner being will feel and hear that sound, that tone. It will be most familiar, my dears. It is the pulse beat of eternity. Yes!

“All right now, my dears, I believe that is what I have come forth to speak with you about. Remember that you are loved and cared for, that you are surrounded by those spirit beings who will assist you with everything. Remember that the truth of who you are resides within the innermost of your being, where there are no words and only Oneness of Being resides. You are most amazing, my dears.

“Then until we speak again, I am Teacher!”

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