May 2020 Daily Reflection with Teacher

by May 2020

This post is part of a monthly series of complimentary channelings from Miriandra Rota. Each month you will find a new channeled guidance, sometimes from Expanded Consciousness, Merlin, The Divine Mother, The Seven Teachers, and many surprise “guests”!

“Your human has developed a persona, the ‘me’…and I’d like to talk about that vehicle through which your human nature journeys in this lifetime…”


“Greetings! Greetings to you, wonderful beings! Yes, you are going through a challenging time, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are who you are. So let’s talk about that a little, shall we? Oh, I don’t mean let’s talk about the challenging times. I believe there is enough talking about all of that, not to diminish the difficulties or tragedies. I’d like to talk about who you are. And no, this isn’t the same-old-same-old talk about you are a divine being. Of course you are, but I’d like to chat a little differently. So, let’s do that.

“I’d like to talk about the vehicle through which your human nature journeys in this lifetime. There you are, the divine essence sitting, residing inside that human nature, inside that body-physcial and yes, you are breathing forth your wondrous essence to assist the journey to be as fulfilling as it can be.

“Yet, the human has developed a persona, the “me” that the human identifies with. And that’s natural. It’s what everyone does from the very beginning. That is, we develop our human persona. And as we get older and become more awake, we begin to recognize old ways and perhaps old beliefs that don’t seem to fit any more and we begin to search or explore what other beliefs others have been residing within. Why? Because your human and its persona want to be part of something. Now what is that?

“Well, the persona wants to be part of the whole, yet it wants to be individualized as something special. And again, that isn’t a crime. It’s part of residing in that human vessel. So then, as the human searches for new ways to be, for a better way of relating to the journey, there comes forth in one form or another, a teacher, someone who can point to a way that might just be fulfilling. And this begins a new journey for that persona, for that human. What occurs?

“The human begins to change its persona. That is, you, your human nature, began to change the way he or she presented him– her-self, changed the way you experienced who you were and who you were becoming. And during this change, you found a certain peace that seemed to reside inside when you focused in a new way, perhaps a way that could be called spiritual or perhaps non-spiritual. And the reason I include non-spiritual is that many had been trying very hard to be a certain way, to follow spiritual practices, to follow ways that others had followed, hoping that the results would be fulfilling… fulfilling inside as well as externally. And there just came that moment when you concluded that you had been pretending to be that someone else and you also decided to what you call “chuck it all out” and just be.

“So then, during this time what occurred? Something wonderful. You began the journey of discovery, the discovery of who you really are. You began to question what you thought you enjoyed, you began to question your choice of friends and perhaps even partners, you began to question your priorities, and you began to clear away the learned  ways of making yourself hold your mouth right and speak the right words. You began to become more real to your own self,; that is, you began to become more authentic to your own self.

“Then something else occurred. You cam across a teaching that told you that the thing mind wasn’t the boss of your journey. That became a bit of a puzzle simply because you had been studying and exploring different teachings and your mind was so very accustomed to deciding what was right and what wasn’t. And that’s all right because that thinking mind does very well with thinking about everything. Yet.

“Yes, the yet is that the thinking mind has a tendency to think ahead about what the experience might be and then upon that projection, it decides if the experience will be good for you, beneficial for you, or if it is something that you just don’t want to enter into. And as some of you have heard me say, the truth is that the mind’s conclusions are based upon nothing. Why? You might say that you’ve had experiences in the past and your mind’s choices and decisions are based upon those experiences. Yet I ask you, haven’t you changed since those previous experiences? Perhaps even your persona has changed and you are experiencing yourself differently?

“Then I say again the choices that they mind makes by projecting a possibility and then thinking about what that might be like… those conclusions are based upon illusion, based upon nothing. You just haven’t had that experience yet. Once you’ve had the experience, the mind can have an interpretation of the experience. But until you have that experience, the mind is just dancing atop the cloud of illusion.

“For example, what if you are invited to a new kind of meditation. Perhaps it’s called dynamic meditation. And you’ve never heard of it before. Even if the friend who has invited you describes what it might be like, still you don’t know. And your mind might project you into that description and decide that it’s just too much of the unknown.

“Perhaps your friend describes placing a blindfold on his or her eyes so that no one is tempted to look and see how everyone else is doing. Perhaps your mind doesn’t like that; you’ve never done that before. Perhaps your friend describes moving around to music with the blindfold on and how wonderful it is that no one actually bumps into anyone. And perhaps your mind really doesn’t like that challenge. So, your human might tell your friend that you’ll think about it. Ah! You see? You’ll think about it. But would be thinking about the unknown. Isn’t that just interesting?

“What if you said to your friend, I have no idea if I’ll like this or not because I’ve never done it. I’m hesitant because it’s the unknown, but I’m going to accept your invitation and give it a try. What if you said that? Perhaps you have. Perhaps you have begun this type of participation. What is it? This participation is disengaging your thinking mind and having your experience first.

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“As I’ve said many times, you can actually talk to your thinking mind to help it disengage by saying that you want to have the experience first and then you will really want to think about it, but until then, you won’t want to think about it. That tends to give a parameter to the thinking mind. You see, it’s been quite accustomed to taking care of you, accustomed to taking care of everything. But if you “think about it” – a bit of humor there — you can discern that continuing the pattern of thinking and thinking about what to do hasn’t always brought positive results, fulfilling results. Perhaps this thinking and thinking has brought you more of that same-old-same-old. What is that?

“Well, it’s a bit of the comfort zone that can leave you residing in that sleep state. You know, the sleep state. It’s where you are not that fulfilled, you are always trying to figure out what to do next to be more fulfilled, to have a better job, to have more money, to have the right partner, to live in the right place. The sleep state brings no inner peace, even though much of the sleep state resides in a certain comfort zone, one that is called not daring to change. And in defense of that residing, I can say that of course your human nature has had enough of challenges, and your human nature just wants to be happy, to be relieved of the struggle, to be able to play instead of effort all the time.

“And of course, you inner knowing, that beautiful essence of that which you are, recognizes that the fulfillment the human nature wants flows forth from within to without, and of course the thinking mind of that human nature can’t quite figure out how that can be true. Of course it can’t.

“Yet, there you are in the midst of a dynamic meditation group. Everyone is laughing and feeling happy to be together. Perhaps they are welcoming you and learning that you have never done it before and there is one person who helps you get ready. Perhaps the location is in a hall where there is padding on the floor, something like a tai chi hall; so you take your shoes off, you are helped with a bandanna to tie over your eyes and are guided to the center of the floor, where everyone else is standing. There is the voice of one person who describes the fist movement. Perhaps it is putting your arms up it the air and jumping, and at the same time saying “Hoo!” And you do it because everyone else sounds like they are doing it.

“And as the music continues and the actions continue, you begin to lose the sense of your persona and you begin to become part of the whole. Perhaps then the music changes and the person says it is time to just move around as the music calls you. And initially you don’t know what to do, but then you allow the music to move your body and you begin to twirl around slowly and you can hear others moving around, but you are part of the movement and you just begin to let go even more and more.

“Now not all dynamic meditation is like this, my dears, but this is just a description of a possibility. You won’t know unless you try it, which I truly suggest. Yet know this to be true.

“The process of exploring something that you know nothing about is one of daring. It is one in which your human nature and it’s persona wants to feel comfortable. Yet remember that comfort zone? The sleep state? When you dare to try something new, you are daring to dip your toe into the awakening that is this new phase of your journey. Yes, it’s daring. Yes, you are volunteering to let go of the parameters around your persona. Yes, you are daring to perhaps discover what it is like to trust your inner beingness. And yes, you are daring to enter into an avenue of fulfillment from within to without.

“Now yes, I will say that not everything is for you. You will know it right away if you have an invitation to something that is harmful to you. Yet if the invitation is for something new and perhaps delightful, perhaps an invitation from a trusted friend then the decision, the choice might just be to try it.

“Now I know that what is occurring upon earth now doesn’t allow for gatherings of beings, not even for dynamic meditation — if that is your choice — yet there will be a type of invitation for you. Perhaps it will be in the future and you will remember this little chat. Perhaps you will dare. Perhaps you will today, in this day, dare to try a different kind of mediation, one that guides you into an inner awareness? Perhaps you will walk in nature — by yourself — and discover that you don’t quite know what to do with yourself when you are alone. If that occurs, then I am proud of you! Why? Because you are daring to recognize that there is something more to you, something more than how you relate to the outer world and all that occurs there. The something more is who you really are. Imagine that. Yes, imagine that… and then go and discover what that might be.

“Oh you have a lovely amazing journey that lays itself out for you to place your spirit upon, one that whispers to you truths, love and lovely poems. A journey that softens your need to struggle and strengthens your muscle of allowing, one that puts a pause on extreme efforting and lets that sigh come from deep within, that sigh that says, “In this moment, I am.”

“Well, my dears, I believe that is a good chat for today! I am with you and assist you with everything. Dare to ask, dare to listen, and dare to be fulfilled in this moment. You know, that fulfillment that has nothing to do with the external world? That fulfillment. Right here. Right now.

“Then until we speak again, I am Teacher. So be it.”

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